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Moon Valley is a nice little community in northern Phoenix, "the Valley of the Sun." I think I've found my perfect niche in this valley within a valley and what a "coincidence" that the names of both are so friendly with my astrology. I didn't realize I was living in Moon Valley until after the fact. Moon Valley is surrounded by three mountain preserves, Moon Mountain, Lookout Mountain and North Mountain.

On one side of Moon Valley lies North Mountain where a 20 minute hike up the mountain is rewarded with a view for miles in every direction. It's one of my favorite places and I always get a little euphoric up there. Just driving through the area lifts my spirits and I've concluded that it may contain a natural vortex, similar to the vortices in Sedona, Arizona. I don't think it's "just me..."

A Natural Energy Vortex

A vortex is the funnel shape created by whirling fluid or by the motion of spiraling energy. An energy vortex is the intersection of multiple ley lines, creating a powerful spiraling of energy coming up out of the earth that leaves a measurable magnetic residue. Quite intense, the effects can be felt within a half mile of one of these energy centers. People come from all over the world to visit the four major Sedona vortices and to perform spiritual rituals. At any time, you can hike up Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona and find the remains of meditation circles fashioned from stones. A balancing element at the center of a vortex is imparted to visitors, strengthening the inner being and results can be felt for days afterward....


A week or so after writing this introduction, I happened to read Sylvia Browne's book, The Other Side and Back. She discusses "Imprinting", a sort of holding zone for the accumulation of powerful vibrations, positive or negative, resulting in an energy center similar to a vortex. By the time I was through reading the paragraph, I decided she'd just explained my experience of North Mountain perfectly. It has especially positive imprinting! Be sure to visit the park if you come to Phoenix or hike the trail just north of the park. If you live here, let me know if you've experienced similar vibrations on North Mountain. And, before you go, in keeping with the site name, below are some useful notes about the Moon and its phases.

Monday's Moon

Each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven visible planets. Starting at sunrise on Monday until sunrise on Tuesday, the Moon has rule. Certain kinds of activities are especially favored on Monday, provided that the Moon is in good condition by aspect. If the Moon is not in good condition, it is not so good for undertaking certain Moon ruled activities as there are liabilities.

If the Moon is in good condition, this is a good day for making changes, for attending to matters under development; real estate, building, domestic affairs, cooking, cleaning, laundering, home and family matters, for dealing with the public, for starting school, for legal matters, for meeting or dealing with women. It is a good day to deal with secrets, the sick or needy, to represent an employer, the head of household or a parent. If the Moon is increasing in light, there will be a gain in power and increased publicity. To avoid publicity the Moon should be decreasing in light.

If the Moon is NOT in good condition, it is a bad day to take on responsibilities that do not belong to the Moon and for making changes against her judgment; for starting a business where massive changes in fashions or fads are problematic, for lending money or personal possessions, for starting medications, for buying animals, to begin building anything, to move, to ask for help or favors, or to leave on a journey.

Monday, March 23, 2015 the Moon in Taurus brings material security uppermost on our minds. Emotionally drawn to material comforts and possessions, a Taurus Moon is focused on the practical. An early trine to Pluto favors making needed changes. This is followed by a sextile to Mercury when it is easy to make decisions and confer with others. But, the Moon goes Void of Course at 10:25 AM EDT, remaining void the remainder of the day. Take care of business matters beforehand and utilize the rest of the day for relaxing activities. Delays and confusion can be expected when the Moon is VOC...

Tuesday may be beset with procrastination or by an irregular flow of plans, causing a flustered state of mind. Be cautious driving and with transactions. Wednesday brings potential for mental irritations; restlessness or worry may interfere in decision-making. Thursday it would be easy to jump to conclusions. Watch exaggeration too. Thursday and Friday calls for spending restraint as self-indulgence due to some hurt or upset could break the budget big time. Curtail excess. Patience and steady efforts lead to success this weekend.

Link to Lunations for more. Find an informative article on the Day Rulers in the Shop.

The New Moon

The New Moon or "low ebb" of the Moon signals preparation for a new cycle. From there is followed an increase of energy. People in general are more receptive to new ideas and it's a good time to initiate new projects or to replace old negative habits with new healthy habits with less pain. The New Moon is very positive in nature.

From the New Moon to the Full Moon, the Moon is "increasing" in light. Our bodies tend to absorb and retain water as it nears and responds to the hot and dry influence of the First Quarter Moon. This is known as the waxing Moon. It is easier to gain weight during the waxing phase. Everything taken into the body is more effective now, including the absorption of vitamins. This goes for the good things and the bad and the closer it gets to Full Moon, the greater our capacity to absorb. This is the "taking in" and gathering phase of the Moon. Gather your strength. Gather your supplies. Gather information and make plans. You may notice that you sleep more soundly the closer it gets to the Full Moon and this is all to the good!

The current Moon phase is shown in the right column, with the date of the next New or Full Moon. The day of the New Moon is the day to write a short list of what you hope to achieve or manifest in your life. Clarify this in your own mind and put it out there in the universe! You can link to Lunations anytime to follow updates on the lunar phases and read the latest U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report.

If the New Moon falls on a planet in your horoscope, especially if an eclipse, you'll experience a sense of rejuvenation and renewed spirit relating to the nature of the planet. The affairs of the house in your horoscope where the New Moon occurs absorbs your attention; there are new beginnings and exciting new possibilities. You are revitalized! An eclipse falling on a planet magnifies the planet potential and sensitizes it to transits. See more about Eclipses in Your Chart. Get my 2015 Moon Phases for $2.95 in the Shop to see at a glance when a New Moon stimulates a planet in your chart! Get it FREE when you purchase my article, Forecasting Personal Events Using the Moon Phases.

The Full Moon

At the "high tide" of the Full Moon, things set in motion at the New Moon tend to come to a completion or maturation. Important decisions are made now as one sees a situation in full light. We tend to be more self-absorbed from now until the next New Moon as we're intent on tying up loose ends. We feel prompted to action. It is time to reap the harvests.

From now until the New Moon, the Moon is decreasing in light. The body tends to lose a couple of pounds as it nears and responds to the cool, moist influence of the Third Quarter Moon. This is the waning Moon. It is a good time to start a diet to see encouraging results right away. We are in the "putting out" phase. It is also a good time for detoxifying the body. This is the best time to get rid of clutter or to do major cleaning for the best results. We expend more energy from Full Moon to New Moon. Our expenditure of energy increases the closer we get to the next New Moon.

The waning Moon is also the best phase of the Moon for an elected surgery. There is less bleeding and less scar tissue. Just be sure the Moon is not in the sign that corresponds to the body part to be operated on. As Hippocrates said, "Do not touch with iron those parts of the body that are governed by the sign through which the Moon is passing." (One must also steer clear of a Void of Course Moon, Retrograde Mercury and Retrograde Mars for an elected surgery.) Other than that the more good things you can do for the body part governed by the sign the Moon is passing through, the better! See related article: Living in Harmony with the Lunar Cycles.

The current Moon phase is shown in the right column, with the date of the next Full or New Moon. You can link to Lunations anytime to follow updates on the lunar phases and read the latest U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report.

If the Full Moon falls on a planet in your horoscope, especially if an eclipse, you may notice a slight separating trend in regard to the people or affairs ruled by the planet. The same may be noted in regard to the opposing houses in your horoscope occupied by the Sun and Moon. There is finalization. An eclipse falling on a planet magnifies the planet potential and sensitizes it to transits. See Eclipses in Your Chart for more. Get my 2015 Moon Phases for $2.95 in the Shop to see at a glance when a Full Moon stimulates a planet in your chart! Get it FREE when you purchase my article, Forecasting Personal Events Using the Moon Phases.

Now don't laugh, but if you want your hair to grow faster, healthier and fuller, get your trim just prior to the Full Moon. At least try it before you laugh. (Hair Stylists, forgive me :)

The Blue Moon

Everyone's heard the expression "once in a blue moon", but what is a "blue" Moon anyway? Well, it is on the rare side and happens only when there are four full moons in a season instead of the usual three. The third in the series is determined to be a Blue Moon so as not to confuse the natural order of moons in a season; the early season moon, the mid season moon, and the late season moon. This is called the Seasonal Blue Moon. The last of these fell on August 21, 2013.

Many of us have also heard that a Blue Moon occurs when there are two full moons falling in the same calendar month. The second one is called the Blue Moon to distinguish it from the first. This is called a Calendar Blue Moon. The last Calendar Blue Moon occurred August 31, 2012. The next Calendar Blue Moon occurs July 31, 2015.

Apparently, the Calendar Blue Moon came about because of a misinterpretation of the Farmer’s Almanac many moons ago. You can read about this mix up and about the two distinctive kinds of blue moons at Wikipedia's page on blue moons.

While both types of Blue Moons are rare, technically, it is the extra moon in a season that was originally referred to as the “Blue Moon”. After the Blue Moon of August 21, 2013 the next Seasonal Blue Moon doesn't occur until May 21, 2016. The Blue Moon functions similar to a Full Moon.

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