About Celeste Teal & Moon Valley Astrologer

I’ve been an astrologer since 1975 and when I first opened a book on the subject, it was to prove to a friend that astrology was not a subject to be taken seriously. Instead, this proved to be a turning point for me and astrology became my passion.

During the years I studied and passed my exams, I did personal astrology reports for just about everyone I knew. My “real” job furnished lots of clients and I charged $10 for a chart reading that took hours to complete. It was good practice though and twenty years later, whenever I run into one of these old friends, they usually still have the original hand-written natal report.

Having found that I loved to write, I decided to take it a step further and try my hand at writing an article for an astrology magazine. In those days, I breathed, slept and consumed astrology, and so with great ritual, I drew up my first serious Horary chart to ask the question “Can I be a successful writer?” I still have that chart in an old notebook as a memento. An emphatic “Yes!” That was in April ’86 and three months later my first submission was purchased by American Astrology. I’ve continued to write for the popular magazines, including Dell Horoscope, Astrology Your Daily Horoscope, & Astrology Today.

Horary expert, Anthony Louis reads my old Horary chart.

My first book, Predicting Events with Astrology, was written with the intention to write the kind of book I’d liked to have found early in my own studies; all of the essentials in a concise reference and easy to grasp. Feedback and reviews have been encouraging, with many intermediates grasping the forecasting techniques for the first time. This book shows how to find the operating or active aspects in the progressions and how to determine the impact of transits by proper prioritizing. Check out the revised and expanded new edition! Click the book title above to go to Amazon and read reviews, or you can see some excerpts and read published reviews here.

My second book, Identifying Planetary Triggers, is a companion volume to the first, with focus on planetary returns, with a chapter devoted to each return; Moon through Saturn. The Diurnal or personal daily return is introduced. Three sections of the book cover progressions, returns and transits with a special section on transits by Dr. J. Heber Smith, astrology teacher to famed Evangeline Adams. His work, which was written a century ago, is unedited and in his original voice. A rival of Ms Adams paid $150 for a copy of this material early in the twentieth century. Throughout the book, there’s an emphasis to accurately timing events. See published reviews here.

Maybe it’s the skeptic in me but I’ve always particularly loved astrological research; especially getting to the nitty gritty of prediction. I guess my specialty is in the area of progressions, transits and returns. I’ve found them to be the most consistently reliable for tracing upcoming trends and have spent years using and testing them together. I share all of the best techniques and secrets I’ve learned about forecasting in my books.

My third book, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation is positively exciting! Learn about the secret life and the hidden power of an eclipse. Click here for more about the book and to read some published reviews, or click on the book title to order it from Amazon. Don’t be left in the dark!

My latest book, Lunar Nodes, Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission is a comprehensive reference on the lunar nodes – a book that astrologers have been eagerly waiting for. It focuses on the individual and the personal relevance of the lunar nodes in the natal and subsequent charts; like nodal aspects in the natal chart, transits to or from the lunar nodes, how to read the lunar nodes in Solar Returns, progressed aspects of the nodes, the nodes in relationships, and more. As one reviewer says, Finally one book has it all! It is easy for beginners and makes an excellent practical reference for professional astrologers. I use it a lot when doing readings and wonder what I did without it. You can see some published reviews here.

If you’re brand new to astrology, you’ll need some beginner books to go along with mine. Although easy to understand and follow, you still need to know the basics. I’ve listed lots of good books to preview or order in the Library, or you can learn some basics at Astrology Novice. In fact, you might want to go to the Tutorial.

Celeste Teal is the pen name I created due to my long and difficult last name. People can neither spell nor pronounce it, a pretty good indicator for the decision. The name is a spin off of “celestial” that came to me at just the right moment. Of course I made note of the time Celeste became a working entity as I do of any important event. Celeste has a very interesting horoscope and in corroboration, we plan to write an essay on the Life of a Pseudonym later on. Her horoscope shows Aquarius rising and a 12th house chart ruler. Is that astrology at work or what?!

Something too amusing not to share and something you’d appreciate even more if you knew my husband is the story of a group of us going to a psychic fair a few months after Celeste arrived on the scene. Just beforehand, his sister had been teasing him that he would soon be known as Mr. Teal. Well, one of the psychics at the show told him that she saw he was involved with two women. Laughing about it at the time and assuming she’d somehow gotten her wires crossed, we later figured out that Celeste was the other woman. I think I can handle that.

Well, I guess that about sums up a self-introduction, other than my love of spiritual and meditative work, creative visualization, crystal collecting and now Feng Shui. In one web site, I hope to cater to all the wonderful friends I’ve met in both astrology and metaphysics. So for you who’ve made it this far, your next stop will most likely be Astrology Novice, Crystals & Visions or Predictive Astrology. I hope you’ll find the site a good value.

While my interest in astrology goes far beyond Sun Signs, I was once persuaded by a friend to do an article on my Sun Sign for his website. It was among the first articles I wrote for the World Wide Web and the only full length article I’ve ever written on a specific Sun Sign. You might especially enjoy it if you have a Sagittarius Sun or Rising Sign, or have a Sagittarius friend or family member. Click here to read The Scoop on Sagittarius.

You can email me at CelestTeal@aol.com.