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Crystal Bowersox – American Idol Contestant

Crystal Bowersox astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Crystal Bowersox

A couple of regular website visitors have written to comment on American Idol contestant, Crystal Bowersox, the hippieish girl with dreadlocks, born August 4, 1985 near Toledo, OH. With no time of birth available, a Solar chart is shown here. (Click the image for a full view, then use your back button.)

Notice there is a lot of fixedness in her chart, with five planets (six counting Pluto) plus her lunar nodes in fixed signs. Her Sun is in Leo, the sign of the stage while her North Node is in Taurus, the sign of music and singing. She is a solid, almost tough, calm and collected individual for her twenty-four years. The Grand Cross involving her Sun, Jupiter and nodes reminds us of how squares provide creative tension that leads to accomplishment, although involving much sweat and sometimes many tears.

The judges are very impressed with her performances, reminiscent of Janis Joplin, but they keep asking Crystal to let go and open up to the audience more. Some of her stiffness is reflected in her fixed Grand Cross while her Sun in square to her North Node indicates some blockages to her self-expression.

But, some of what is most descriptive of this very unique contestant is summed up in my book, Lunar Nodes, on page 115, based on her conjunction of Saturn and South Node:

“…They are bound to the old methods and mindsets … When the aspect can be favorably accessed, drawing on the Saturn discipline, responsibility, organization and respect for boundaries, it gives the opportunity to do work of such remarkable mastery, precision and expertise that they are in a class by themselves, when the competition simply cannot touch them. They are inimitable. When doing individualized work requiring painstaking methods, they are uninfluenced by outer elements and are able to see it through to the bitter end. The major influence of this combination is a life of hard work and handling restrictions that are imposed upon them. One of the greatest assets of this combination is that these people have more coping abilities than most. Breakthroughs or rewards often don’t materialize until the final hour. When such challenges are met, the individual is greatly rewarded.”

Simon Cowell actually used similar words to describe Crystal’s performance of Me and Bobby McGee on March 23, 2010, remarking that her performance was in a whole different class than the rest. It will be interesting to see what happens for Bowersox in the weeks and months ahead. Transiting Mars is traveling through Leo, nearing her Mars, and will conjoin her Sun at the end of April, so she may be on a roll as this boosts her ambitions and increases her competitiveness. Link to Mars Transits for more. See more about Lunar Nodes. All the best! Celeste Teal – 3-30-2010

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