Chiron – The Wounded Healer

ChironFrequently referred to as the wounded healer, the mythology surrounding Chiron present him as a wise man, a great astrologer, a teacher and sacred warrior; one who initiates healers. The very day of Chiron’s discovery, November 1st, 1977, is revealing of its nature. November 1st is Hallow Mass in the Celtic calendar, the day when the veil between the worlds is lifted. Of course Chiron had been orbiting between Saturn and Uranus before its discovery; bringing out healing skills and mystical powers of the selected few. Now, it is we who experience Chiron’s transits with full knowledge of his manner of teaching who can benefit to the fullest.

Chiron, who spends longer in some signs than others, due to an elliptical orbit, was discovered at a time when alternative healing, channeling, ESP and similar teachings were causing a sensation. Chiron rules such things as divination, crystals and healing of the body/mind. In fact, Chiron is about healing the split between body and spirit. Associated with various forms of awakening, whether Reiki, Kundalini or the decent of the spirit of God, for its small size, Chiron packs a punch as powerful as Pluto, but with Chiron it’s about consciousness expanding and it feels like an initiation because some of the things you become conscious of will at first stop you in your tracks. Confronting painful issues is necessarily part of the Chirotic process.

Because Chiron is reflective of the wound we’re here to heal, it also shows how we choose to avoid dealing with our pain. The sign and house position of Chiron tells where and with whom our wounding centers, while the aspects add to that and show how we cover up the wound or push it out of sight. The pain associated with Chiron can take many forms; from living with a wounded parent to a traumatic separation. Chiron’s placement also shows our greatest gift to share, where we can bring the most healing to others. This gift may lie dormant until we confront our own wound. Like other outer planets, Chiron’s natal prominence and configurations reflect an individual’s sensitivity to transits. The most powerful aspects of Chiron is the transiting square, opposition and conjunction to its natal position. (More about aspects in the tutorial).

How will you know if you’re having a Chiron transit? You’ll be having pangs in your stomach at the same time you’re realizing there’s not one thing “out there” that can take them away. Not you’re favorite comfort food or your most appealing addiction. Chiron transits may coincide with a series of painful events where we must go inwardly and through intense pain to get to the other side. Recognition of sudden truths can bring deep anguish but through that doorway is divine knowledge.

Chiron asks that we accept here and now as all there is. This is it. Where once we believed that to attain spiritual enlightenment we should be mindfully focused “out there” or “up there” somewhere, we find with Chiron that we must be grounded and centered in the here and now to become an effective channel for personal enlightenment.

Chiron is deep; there are many dimensions to his teachings and when he becomes active, your dreams may take on new dimensions, becoming particularly symbolic, particularly lucid, and often futuristic. That’s because his communications are saturated with meaning; it takes a form of super communication to capture the essence.

Please see my full length article on Chiron, available as a PDF to purchase, in the Training & Services section. Best, Celeste Teal