Knowing some astrology gives you a great advantage when it comes to understanding your various relationships and can be used to discover the romantic potential when you meet someone interesting. Astrologers use these techniques all the time, and here I will give you some easy tips from which you can make some useful predictions and deductions about any relationship you may be wondering about.

Chart Comparison

The logical starting point in analyzing any relationship is with the Sun. The Sun rules the ego and the way in which two egos mesh is a strong factor in determining whether a relationship will even get off the ground. Whether it is a love relationship you are inquiring about, or one involving a child, parent, or boss, the house position of another person’s Sun in your horoscope reveals your innate response to the association. In turn, you can find out about the other person’s response to you by considering the house position of your Sun in their chart.

An advantage with this method is that complete birth data for the person in question is not essential for completing the first step. The birthday alone suffices.

Understanding the type of relationship that you find personally fulfilling is helpful before making this analysis. This is found through your rising sign, and the house which naturally corresponds to that sign will be descriptive of the type of relationships you seek.

If you don’t know your rising sign, you can look it up.

If you have Libra rising, the one on one relationships represented by the seventh house are of great importance to you. This is because Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh. In any kind of relationship, you will prefer a somewhat intimate interaction, where the two of you share equally in the dynamics. If your Ascendant (same thing as the rising sign) is Cancer, the familiar relationships of a fourth house nature are those you respond well to. You enjoy those relationships in which you are able to relax and feel at home. While this does not mean that Libra’s or Cancer’s are necessarily those that appeal to you, it may indicate that those people whose Sun falls in your seventh or fourth house will be.

By comparing the dynamics of one chart to the other, you can get a more well rounded indication of where the relationship might lead. For instance, the other person’s Sun may fall in your sixth house, indicating that you feel a need to be of service to them in some respect. If your Sun falls in their fifth house, they regard you as fun and entertaining. Together, the other person allows you to be yourself and acts as an appreciative audience to your creativity. In turn, you provide support or lend your services when needed. So both of you get something positive from the association.

This comparison also explains why, in some cases, one individual becomes much more involved than the other, or why one may fall in love without having that love reciprocated. In some cases those good vibes are all one sided. These general indications are also helpful in determining why a good friendship might be destroyed by trying to turn it into a romantic relationship. For instance, a twelfth house Sun position might indicate a strong karmic link that leads to a close friendship, but it would be rather unnatural for a sexual relationship.

In considering the signs, we generally tend to respond well to people whose Sun sign is ruled by a planet that is well aspected in our own chart. If your Sun is in good aspect, you respond well to Leo’s, for example. The same rules can be applied to the houses. If the ruler of your tenth house is an afflicted planet, there may be conflicts with someone whose Sun falls in your tenth house, representing an authority figure. The sign associated with this afflicted planet may also be among those people you can do without. For example, if Uranus is the afflicted ruler of your tenth house, not only do you experience a feeling of rebellion toward many of these authority figures, you may also find that relationships with the Aquarian‘s of the zodiac don’t usually work out so well. They may come to a sudden end after a conflict.

We tend to respond well to those people whose Sun falls in the sign which corresponds to the house position of our own Sun. For example, if your Sun is in your second house, you probably get along well with Taurus since it corresponds to the second house. Or, if your Sun is in your eighth, you especially like Scorpio’s, and so on. We tend to either love or hate the person whose Sun is just opposite our own, and this is similar to our response to anyone whose Sun falls on our seventh house cusp.

Following is a more detailed look at the houses and our general responses to others based on the house position of their Sun in our chart.

Note: In cases where the time of birth for the other person isn’t known, a Solar chart can be set up, with their Sun at the first house cusp position of their chart. Insert your Sun into the appropriate house of their chart to get some general ideas of how they feel about you.

First House Sun

If someone’s Sun falls in your first house there is an element of competition, associated with Aries. These people will always get your attention, and because the first is the house of self, they cause you to look at yourself in comparison to them. There is a mirror effect, and when you look at them you see yourself. You will probably have the peculiar feeling that you must maintain your image, and that you can never completely let your guard down around this person. This feeling was probably apparent upon your first meeting. You may assume that the other person would use any negative information to your detriment and to their advantage.

There is a good chance that your actual meeting of this person was in some competitive capacity, which is one of the healthiest relationships for this position. Most other types of relationships would feel this strain of competition in an uncomfortable manner. Even if there are easier indications from the position of your own Sun in the other person’s chart, it will not be easy for you to overcome this element of competition between the two of you. Both you and the other person may be vying for the attention of the same person, such as the boss, for example. In work relationships, a lot can be accomplished by the two of you, but this will be mainly due to each of you trying to out do the other.

In other types of relationships, the competition may be over material possessions, or just about anything you can think of. Friendly competition is likely between family members.

Here’s an example using only Solar charts. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were born just a couple of days apart, so each of them have the Sun of one conjunct the Solar Ascendant of the other. This shows a very competitive spirit between the two, with each of them striving for the attention of the public by performing at their highest level. As long as each are making comparative progress, a friendship between them may thrive. But if one or the other makes a significant jump ahead of the other, the friendship may dwindle or end. In any case, they would both feel a need to maintain face in the company of the other.

Second House Sun

Having the Sun of another person fall in your second house is usually a fortunate position for a warm relationship. This person genuinely cares for you and will always give you any amount of support that you need. For some reason you are of value to them and they do not want to lose you. You have opened up opportunities which they would have otherwise missed out on. They do not judge you in any way and as far as they are concerned you can do no wrong, although they usually do not give this much thought.

In some cases the support you receive is in the form of financial or monetary support. Even so, in some instances or for a short time period, they may appear to be draining your resources. In the long run, they will do more to increase rather than decrease your resources. To them, your talents and values are obvious and should be to everyone else as well. They want you to be paid for your real worth.

In less profound relationships with a second house influence, these people may simply have a way of putting your mind on your own finances or resources; practical matters are important, associated with Taurus. There may be concern over increasing or protecting what you already have.

Third House Sun

If another person’s Sun falls in your third house, you are mutually intellectually stimulating to one another, and there is much to discuss. There is an ease and comfort in each others’ presence as you tend to view life from the same perspective. This person is a natural comrade, such as a brother or sister would be.

This position suggests that the two of you came together in the first place due to living in the same vicinity, or through a mutual relationship with a third person. The third house usually does not indicate the type of deep connection as in some of the other houses. These relationships tend to shift and change as you go through life, some fading away as others take their place.

This house relates to brothers, sisters, relatives, and neighbors with whom you are thrown into close contact with on a daily basis by location, or through familial connections. This can include many with whom you’d come into contact with while shopping, running errands, etc., and the relationship has a Gemini influence. Daily communication is the focal link between the two of you. Your interchange with these people is off hand or nonchalant. There’s no need to expend lot of attention on maintaining these relationships since they are natural.

Fourth House Sun

Another’s Sun in your fourth house indicates a relationship borne from a domestic link. This position is common in strong family ties, especially to one or both of the parents and the influence of Cancer is noted. This is a parental authority house and if a person who has this position is not a parent, you will still have the feeling that you are dealing with a parent type. You do have a sense of security from knowing and associating with this person, which can be nice as long as you understand that you must take the subordinate or child role in the relationship. A certain amount of respect is demanded of you, if you are to have a smooth relationship with this person. You tend to take more from these people than you would from others, and it is not unusual for a younger person to have this effect on an older one, explaining many otherwise unexplainable relationships.

In these relationships where there are no obvious family ties, you will find that you are still very comfortable around these people as if they could easily be a family member. Pleasures that the two of you share are usually centered around the home. At times you will find yourself asking for their advice, as a child would ask a mother. There is a bond between you in this way. The only pitfall with this relationship is that it could eventually cause you to feel pinned down. You might end up resenting the way this person tries to run your life even though it may come from the heart.

Many times these relationships come about from some connection the two of you have in a related domestic interest, such as real estate, restaurant work, or similar.

Fifth House Sun

This is one of the best positions for friendships, and is usually a happy relationship. Another person’s Sun in your fifth house awakens your creative adrenaline and there is an element of playfulness. It is a Leo connection, providing great vitality. The two of you probably have some mutual interest that you especially enjoy together. You get great pleasure from such an association, and may have been brought together through an entertainment function. There is a youthful vibrancy in these relationships and it is the natural house associated with romance.

You tend to forget about the more serious aspects of life, and responsibilities take a back burner when the two of you get together. This is fine, and a very healthy relationship to indulge in, but if it is to be more than occasional, there needs to be some grounding from some other area of the chart. Otherwise, you could spend your life in joyful bliss, without accomplishing much in a concrete way. A pair of friends who each have this connection into the other chart would be especially prone to enjoy their friendship at the expense of responsibilities, but the relationship would undoubtedly last through thick and thin.

Other connections that could bring the two of you together are pleasurable activities, sports, parties, etc. Many times, the person with this Sun position is younger, and you may feel as if they are your very own child; you may find yourself treating them in this respect, although it will always be a very lighthearted relationship.

Sixth House Sun

If another person’s Sun falls into your sixth house, you will feel the necessity of exchanging services, or that one of you has a duty to perform for the other. This connection relates to Virgo. In most cases, this appears to be an obligation you owe them, for some long ago favor or service they did for you. You have the distinct feeling of expectation on their part. The underlying purpose for the two of you coming together in the first place is for this repayment of service. If you accept help from this person, you will be expected to repay them eventually, but the form of payment is something that only you will understand. In the meantime you will have their encouragement to follow your desires and dreams.

As in the case of the third house, this one tends not to always be as profound or long-lasting in it’s effects and these people tend to come and go, with new ones replacing the old as you go through life. On occasion, a mother, child or some other important person will have this Sun position. You will find yourself being of service to them on a sporadic, but long term basis. An example of one of these relationships is found in the relationship between Madonna and her daughter. Madonna’s Sun falls in the sixth house of her daughter’s chart. While Maria will be loved and well served by her mother she will, for whatever reason, feel a necessity to repay her mother for these services. Madonna has Virgo rising and a Leo Sun. Her daughter is a Libra with Pisces rising. View Madonna’s chart.

Seventh House Sun

The seventh is the natural house of partnership. When someone’s Sun falls here, you often hit it off well enough to become partners because this house position is linked to Libra, the harmonizing sign. This position has the opposite effect of the 1st house, where you feel you must maintain face. Here, you have nothing to hide. You want to give of yourself totally, as it seems the most natural thing to do is to form some kind of allegiance. You have great admiration for this person, and roll models are often found to have this Sun position in your chart. Marriages often have the Sun of one in the 7th house of the other, and this would be an advantage for any serious partnership.

The pitfalls of this house is that the 7th also rules enemies, and the relationship must go one of two ways. There’s an element of opposition and if they don’t attract, they’ll still come face to face. There’s a risk of becoming enemies. Occasionally one meets the enemy type. An extreme example; Michael Smith’s mother’s Sun fell in his 7th house, and she became a deadly enemy.

For the most part these relationships work out well. On the positive side, John Lennon’s Sun fell in the 7th house of Ringo Starr’s chart, showing partnership potential. John F. Kennedy’s Sun fell in Jackie’s 7th.

There is one interesting peculiarity that stands out about the 7th house. If the other person is of the opposite sex, you’ll tend more often toward the feeling of partnership. Those of the same sex will be more likely to fall into the role of a natural enemy.

Eighth House Sun

If another person’s Sun falls in your eighth house, associated with Scorpio, you will go through many deep and profound changes as a result of any close relationship with them. This can be revealing and uplifting or it can be painful and disastrous. This depends on how you deal with changes of a psychological nature, and on exactly what kind of changes this person has in mind. Many of these relationships come about in the first place because of a feeling on your part that a change is overdue. At those times, you attract just those people who can bring it about. At best, this person will be able to rekindle something that you had given up. Be careful, though, that your present vulnerability doesn’t lead you into associations with those who would take advantage.

There is an underlying aura of mystery surrounding these people that appeals to you, and though you may not be aware of it in the beginning, sexual allure. An intimate relationship with the eighth house type has the potential of becoming extremely sensual and erotic.

This house also rules loans, taxes, insurance, wills, etc. Some relationships with this influence are likely to be found with bankers or agents who deal with these. It is a good idea to keep in mind that any close relationship of an eighth house nature that does not work out has the potential for fireworks over property shared by the two of you.

Ninth House Sun

If someone’s Sun falls in your ninth house, it indicates similar minds and an interest in areas of philosophy, travel, or religion; all attributed to Sagittarius. The two of you spend time exploring theories and beliefs which can be quite stimulating. This house is another creative house, similar to the fifth. It gets your adrenaline flowing. You enjoy yourself immensely with this person, and the two of you center your discussions on the broader issues of life. Discussions are on a level of the abstract, and you may spend time sharing your long term visions. This relationship is not so good for everyday mundane affairs and responsibilities, similar again to a 5th house relationship. In fact the magic may be lost if forced into any serious arrangement.

Because these people can identify with you and your beliefs, they are in a position to promote you to others. They can be of great help to you as they will spread the word of your many abilities and wonderful talents to others. Because of the goodwill extended toward you, you find it easy to let this person become your teacher. In fact, these connections often come about through a college, or university. In any case you will find that you can learn a great deal through the association.

Tenth House Sun

In a relationship with someone who’s Sun falls in your tenth house, you will notice an authority influence. Associated with Capricorn, sometimes this is a parent, a boss, or some other authority figure. If a boss, this person may have the influence to make or break you in regard to your career and professional standing. They have the ability to promote you to a top position and make you look good, if they so desire. Generally, they are out to help, but you must always be willing to give them the leading position. On the other hand, some of these people will prefer holding you in a subordinate position so that they can maintain their authority over you. This very challenge may stimulate you to put forth your best efforts and rise to the top but you may have to sacrifice this relationship to do so.

Sometimes a relationship with this influence just happens to be one that is very much in the public eye. You are brought before the public through your association with this person and other considerations will tell if this is fortunate.

In relationships with this position where the person is not any type of an obvious authority, you will still find that you do regard them as an authority in some area, and will ask for their opinion on their area of expertise. Even if the other person is many years younger, you will still regard them with the highest respect. It is interesting that in relationships where both persons have the Sun in the tenth of the other, mutual respect and admiration is indicated. An obvious advantage would be to form a professional partnership, but there is some danger that the relationship would erupt because neither would be willing to take less than the most authoritative role.

As an example of a tenth house relationship, Ringo Starr’s Sun fell in John Lennon’s tenth house, indicating that John would regard Ringo as an authority on the subject of music, perhaps drums in particular.

Eleventh House Sun

If another person’s Sun falls in your eleventh house, the two of you will probably share many hopes and dreams in common. These common interests will be the basis for developing a bond of friendship, and for a time you may feel that you can only truly enjoy yourself while in the company of your friend. These associations usually come about at a time when there is a need for sympathetic encouragement, and the relationship is full of warmth.

There is much to discuss and the two of you share many similar standards and goals. You will allow this person to know more about your inner motivations than with most others, since the relationship encourages such an openness between you. Your creative ideas seem to flow in the presence of this person and you enjoy the opportunity to voice the real you. Many friends and acquaintances have this position, and in most cases you would have met these people through some group activity or through another friend. In some cases, the friends that fall into this house are on more of a casual level, and may be mere acquaintances.

The eleventh is a humanitarian house and these relationships correspond with Aquarius. You share a sense of brotherhood with these eleventh house individuals or a sense of shared goals on a broad basis, rather than true intimacy. The people you come into contact with through organizations or clubs you both belong to may have this Sun position in your chart. Because of your common ground and interests, you would both tend to be supportive of the other.

Twelfth House Sun

Another person who has their Sun falling in your twelfth house appears to know more about you and your motivations than anything discussed between you. This is said to be the house of karma, and you may have an uncanny feeling of having met before. Associated with the sign of Pisces and the mysterious Neptune, they seem to see beyond any superficial image you might project, and they are aware of your secret fears and weaknesses. You may get the feeling that the reason this person knows so much about your inner vulnerabilities is because they have been there themselves at some time and understand the pain.

This person feels the same way about successfully reaching his personal ambitions as you feel about yours, and this creates a sympathetic bond. A certain closeness or rapport exists from the start that can be comforting in some cases, and just as discomforting in others. Contacts between you are liable to leave you occasionally feeling upset in some way. You are often reminded of things you’d rather not think about, although this person can be of assistance to you in times of trouble. To fully appreciate them, you may have to be going through some type of personal crisis, which is when they are the most helpful.

This house is similar to the sixth, in that a service is performed. In this case the service is usually provided for you and is of a psychological nature, whether or not it is felt to be needed or welcomed. These people may be met through an institutional connection, such as a stay in a hospital or clinic.


In summary, the most cataclysmic relationships originate from a connection with the angular houses; one, four, seven and ten. The nearer the angle, the more intense the relationship will be. These people will exert more influence over your affairs and where you are going in life. The second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh are houses of stability and resource. These may be among those associations of long standing and these people may have some influence over your personal gains or losses signified by the house position. Personal property and finance are shown by the second, creative risks by the fifth, loans and other sources of gain shown by the eighth, and organizational resources shown by the eleventh. The service and communicational houses are the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth, and these will tend to have the least amount of influence over actions you will take, since they are so automatic.

Probably one of the best combinations for love and marriage would be the Sun of one in the fifth of the other, plus the Sun of the other partner in the seventh of the first. This would show a romantic partnership, and you wind up with the best of both worlds. A five/eight relationship might be primarily sexual between two people of the opposite sex, and may not function very well in a marriage relationship. On the other hand if the Sun of one is in the seventh, but near the cusp of the eighth and the other Sun is in the fifth, it might be a wonderful partnership with the added benefit of sensuality that does not wane over time.

Planetary Combinations

The way another person’s planets are configured with yours are also important compatibility factors. For example, in the charts of married couples, one of the most often found aspects is the Sun of one conjunct the Moon of the other. Or, the Ascendant of one is conjunct the Midheaven of the other. Mars and Venus should be in good relationship for general harmony and sexual compatibility.

My book, Predicting Events with Astrology, details the compatibility/incompatibility factors at work in a number of different type relationships.

This article was featured in American Astrology, August 1997, entitled “Getting Along with Others” © American Astrology, all rights reserved.