Crystal Talk

This page comes from files I’ve saved of letters, meditations and bits of information on various crystals and their properties. I’ll add to it as I have the opportunity to compile the information I think you’ll find most helpful.

The Wand Crystal Letters

Dear Celeste,

This is just too much! I had to tell you about my experience with the Singing Laser Wand I won in the auction. I’ve been having quite a problem with my neck. After playing with the wand the evening I got it, it feels so much better. I had even thought about pointing in the direction of the pain, but didn’t; just examined it and got acquainted. I noticed that the wand is self-healed. Were all of them? That could explain the amazing energy that they have. Anyway, thanks so much and keep in touch. B.G.

Hi B,

Wonderful! Your experience with the wand sounds similar to one that my sister-in-law had. She’d stopped by and was asking me about the stones and crystals… She’s not really “into” crystals, but “open” nevertheless and she happened to pick up a large singing laser wand.

I explained about how they clear the chakras, etc. I showed her the wand, showed her how it sings, and told her to hold it in front of her with the point up and to envision it creating a protective shield around her body. I told her that she should be able to feel her aura expanding. She does understand auras. She closed her eyes got quiet. I saw a change come over her face, the coloring, a sort of serenity, and her head began to tilt upward. After awhile I asked softly, “Feeling anything?” She couldn’t speak at first. Finally, she rubbed her neck and told me that she’d had such a terrific pressure headache all day long that she’d actually had a huge knot in the back of her neck. She said that with the wand, she’d initially felt some pressure and heaviness in her eyes but that the knot and headache were both completely gone! She was pretty much in disbelief and kept feeling her neck afterward. She also said that she had felt an expansion of her aura and could see the colors in her aura. Anyway, I’m so glad you like the wand. Chat soon, Celeste

Dear Celeste,

Well, here’s another story for you. The wand really is wonderful. I don’t really do anything with any of my crystals, except carry them with me when I feel a need. Last week a woman at work was having really bad pain from whiplash (rear ended). I had the wand with me and handed it to her to play with while I performed Reiki on her neck and shoulders. She felt relief within seconds – hadn’t thought much about it until now but the wand probably intensified the Reiki energy. I was standing behind her and she said, “You’re touching me, aren’t you?” Well, I wasn’t and she could hardly believe it. You have to take into account that I have worked on her before and she does feel the energy more than most folks. Take care, BG.

Dear B,

One of my most amazing experiences with a wand was with a small Tibetan Singing Wand that I’d recently won on auction and programmed. I was driving in fairly heavy traffic and trying not to bat an eyelash. I looked over at a car approaching on my right from a side street and all of a sudden time just simply stood still. I saw myself from above, as part of a big motionless picture. In the scheme of all, the rushing looked so silly, even wasteful. There was a sense of the past, present and future all in a moment that seemed to go on forever. There was a residual effect for a few minutes afterward before I felt certain that “time” was moving forward again. I immediately remembered reading about this in connection with the wand before I programmed it. I had “intended” to absorb and make use of those properties. Similarly, they can be used to become invisible and unnoticed, and who knows, maybe no one could see me in that instant. :) Soon, Celeste

Watch for my eBay auctions. I’m so attracted by the wands, especially the singers, that I’m always on the lookout for them to share in the auctions.

Wand Meditation for Protection

Use of a Quartz Crystal Wand may enhance but is not required with this meditation. It is held point up just in front of you. Other stones may be combined and positioned around you, depending on your exact intent for the protection you are creating. If it is protection against psychic attack, for example, use Carnelian, Star Ruby and Serefinite.

Visualize yourself with a large bubble of brilliant white light surrounding you. If you’d also like the protection to extend outward to include other people or activities, visualize the bubble encompassing all. See the bubble with a resilient outer wall. Energy or people outside the circle of positive intent are identified by an aura of white light and are attracted in to enhance the strength of positive energy around you. Those with negative intentions are identified by black clouds and are unable to enter your circle of light. They are never harmed themselves, but may experience a slight repelling force if they try to penetrate the bubble encompassing you.

Crystal combinations for specific uses may be found in Melody’s A Kaleidoscope of Crystals. Click to preview.

Healing Bath Meditation

For this, up to three laser wands and a large double terminator crystal can be used. It is especially beneficial for neck pain or back aches but can also be used for stress. Make this bath a pampering ritual by lighting candles, incense and combining several drops of essential oils in the bath. Place the wands in the tub, points facing inward at the sides and back of the tub. If only one wand is used, place it at your back. Place the Double in the front. Get in and relax for several minutes.

Making sure that the wands are still facing you at your sides and back, pick up the Double Terminator and hold it with one tip pointing towards yourself and the other tip pointing toward the front of the tub. Now, resting your head with eyes closed, “see” white light coming in through the top of your head and filling your body. See the energy of the wands as light coming in at your sides and back. As the light energies mix and begin circling, you see them lift the pain from its location and carry it through and out of you into the tip of the DT. From there, you see the pain as it exits the farthest tip of the crystal to a pocket in space where it is completely neutralized. Relax for a few more minutes as you see the healing light energies circling through your body and filling the place where the pain was.

One of the nice things about working with crystals is that there are really no strict rules about how to use them. It is your intention that flows through and a lot of times, the crystal itself will attract and guide your imagination on how to use it. Keep an eye on my eBay auctions.

Essential Oils

I’ve just begun to learn about essential oils and have several of the basic oils. The healing qualities of the herbs for the oils were used proficiently by Nicholas Culpepper, one of the greatest intuitive healers of all time. Essential oils are especially an aid in counteracting anti-oxidants. My favorite so far is Sandalwood. It’s really versatile and works well for spiritual work, enhancing the meditative qualities.

Besides their metaphysical uses, rubbing them onto crystals, etc., there are essential oil treatments for just about anything you can think of. For example,

For long healthy nails: In between weekly manicures, massage pure essential Lemon oil (called “neat” when undiluted) in and around cuticles. Then just give it a couple hours before continuing with polish.

Cellulite treatment: Mix Lavendar oil with a base oil such as Almond or Grapeseed. Massage into effected areas and wait two minutes before stepping into the bath. (bath, not shower :)

The Complete Book of Essential Oils by Valerie Woodward is an excellent reference. Click to preview.

Dream Work

My favorite crystals for a dream pouch are Moldavite, Celestite, Danburite and a Herkimer. These are the standard ones but sometimes I experiment or choose something to add for specific properties.

The Celestite is so heavenly and Danburite stimulates lucid dreaming. Moldavite not only combines well, it also synergizes as it adds a new dimension of its own. It transcends boundaries and one is simply in touch with a higher vibration, a guide of purity and special intent. Another good stone would be Azeztulite, but it is a little harder to find. (However, do keep an eye on my auctions for these and other rare synergy stones.)

First, take a few minutes to program the crystals. To do this, read about the properties they hold in Melody’s book, A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, also available in the library. Concentrate on the properties you most want to use it for and flow that intention into the crystal while holding it in your closed palm, eyes closed. Visualizing this as a stream of light helps. You should feel a sensation in the pit of your stomach, the Solar Plexus or third chakra to let you know when the crystal receives your intent. A few moments is usually sufficient.

The crystals may be kept in a pouch or just slid under the pillow at bedtime.

Note: The Celestite will lose its shine after extended mingling with other crystals, but that won’t interfere with the dream properties.

Once in bed, spend a few moments in visualization. “See” the crystals drawing a white light into them from above and coming through you. Take a moment to concentrate on your intention; to remember the dreams that come to you, knowing that the crystals are helping get messages to you.

It’s best to get plenty of sleep. The last dreams just before arising are usually the most important ones but without sufficient sleep, dream content remains scrambled simply because you’re still working on daily problems. Its also best to wake up without the artificial stimulation of an alarm clock if possible. I usually set my “inner alarm” at the same time I set my intention for dream recall. After the visualization send the intention; “when I wake up at 6:50 in the morning, I’ll remember my dreams.” (picture the clock.)

Instead of bouncing out of bed in the morning, try to remain in the drowsy state for a few minutes. This allows the dream content to slide into the conscious mind. As soon as possible afterwards, write up some notes about the dream. It’s highly advisable to keep a journal. For one thing, they’re easy to forget. More importantly, this procedure sends the message that you are open to receiving messages through your dreams. You’ll be rewarded with more. If you don’t show an appreciation for this new contact, it will fade.

Note: Drugs and alcohol interfere with the circuit established. Even vitamin or other supplements for enhancing sleep, such as vitamin B1 or Melatonin will reduce the ability to recall dreams. Try a drop of Lavendar oil on your pillow.

Some people get good results from a different method of recalling the night’s dreams. Drink half a small glass of water just before going to bed, with the command that when the last half is drunk, the dreams will flow into the conscious mind. The last half is drank upon arising, of course.

Check the book listings in the library for a couple of good books on dream interpretation. One I found most helpful is Creative Dream Analysis. After a bit of work with it, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to understand your dream messages.

Here’s something I just read in Ronnie Grishman’s letter from the editor in Dell Horoscope magazine:

To find the answer to a question through a dream, visualize yourself writing the question on a chalkboard before you fall asleep.

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