Crystals & Visions

As much as I love working with the crystals, it has been several years since I posted any eBay auctions. From the end of 2005 my focus and time all went into the writing and publication of three new astrology books, which came out in 2006, 2008 and 2009. Doing the auctions was fun; posting descriptions and pictures, getting to hear from so many people. Spending my Saturdays packing the crystals to send to their new keepers was a joy too, but I realized I’d have to free up some time somewhere in order to complete the books. Since I still hear from many of you who read these pages I wanted to preserve the content on the new site. I still get requests for particular stones, or for “silky” crystal balls, and I do still attend the Tucson gem and mineral shows every year! It’s become a traditional day out for a group of us girls. As things settle out with the new site and I get my bearings, I do have a couple ideas to add some fun items to these pages. In the meantime, enjoy your visit.

Use of Crystals

Crystals provide a link between the all-loving universal spirit energy and earthly manifestations. They are but a tool, similar to a lit candle, for receiving spiritual guidance and for contacting the inner spiritual being. One person might desire the use of these tools while another does not. Even for the person who does, chances are that actual crystal work is done sporadically, with changing circumstances or with a changing self.

As it began with astrology, until about 1997 I had been basing my own opinions about the use of crystals on what I’d heard growing up and I’d never heard anything good. In fact, it was so bad that you weren’t even supposed to acknowledge the existence of such practices. If it hadn’t been for a series of coincidences, I’d have gone on believing that. Now I find it strange that I’d never made the connection between the stones in jewelry and more elaborate uses of crystals. Precious gems were first precious for their properties and elements. Diamonds are the “king of crystals”. A book I’ve found most helpful is called Love is in the Earth, a Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody. Click to preview.

Quite accidentally, I stumbled onto something about crystal ball gazing and faced the first contradiction between what I was reading and what I’d thought. It said something about “learning” to do crystal gazing. Immediately the image popped into my head of fortune tellers. Something however, held my attention and I read that in ancient times crystals were used to facilitate reception of spiritual guidance and was done as a private activity. They were simply used to “focus” on a particular problem, thus inner guidance was easier to receive. This sounded like a spiritual use of crystals, something I’d never heard of. But it opened the door to look into it all a little more closely. I’ve found that some of the nicest and most deeply spiritual people are those who work with crystals. Go to Meditations to learn more about crystal ball gazing and check out the book, Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls by Ted Andrews for a wealth of information.

Crystal Basics

Crystal sensitivities increase the more one works with them and the more one works with a specific crystal, the more deeply absorbed is its essence. The unique elements of a crystal give each a “personality” and the caretaker within has a natural desire to produce the greatest good possible. When used with purity of intention, a crystal naturally channels divine energy to and through the user.

Crystals have the capacity to retain memories, thus picking up vibrations from anyone handling them. They may be cleansed with pure water or soap and water to remove unwanted residual vibrations.

Quartz Crystals may also be soaked to cleanse in Sea Salt water. This regular maintenance cleansing may be followed with “charging” crystals by letting them sit in the Sun/Moonlight for 24 to 48 hours during the phase of the Full Moon. Note: The crystals I share on eBay have been cleansed and charged before arriving to their new keepers.

Crystal Preparation & Programming

To awaken and tune into a crystal, hold it near your Heart chakra and flow love to it for a few minutes. Then, establish a two-way flow of energies with the crystal, using visualization combined with rhythmic breathing.

To program a crystal, direct your intended use of the crystal into it through conscious will. Visualize penetrating light that carries your personal intention into the “heart” of the crystal. A physical sensation in one of the chakras (most often at the third) indicates reception, usually within a few moments.

Learning about specific crystals and for what they’ve been used for successfully by others helps in their programming.

Recommended Meditation: Sit in a circle of crystals with points facing in.

Elixirs: Most smooth crystals can be placed in distilled water in a glass container for a few days to impart unique elements into the water, which is then drank. This is inappropriate with some crystals.

Recommended references: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals from Melody’s Love is in the Earth series and Healing With Gemstones & Crystals by Diane Stein. Other references may be found in the Library.

Crystals & The Chakra System

Crystals are used extensively with the Chakras. The chakras are energy centers in the body; connection points between physical and spiritual energies. The chakras embody the sum result of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual experience.

Health and happiness result when the chakras are in balance, whereas various problems arise due to energy loss through imbalances in the chakra system. Unpleasant physical symptoms are usually the first sign of a chakra imbalance, generally stemming from an experience that is causing an upset at a higher (spiritual) frequency. For example, at the seventh chakra center, pure light energy is always pouring in, but if faith is replaced by fear, the light is extinguished according to the strength of the fear. The condition of the chakra system is reflected in the aura. Ideally, the aura is of a healthy shape/color and provides a shield of protection. (A stone called Petalite may facilitate the ability to see the physical manifestation of the aura.)

A crystal may be related to a chakra by color or by its elemental properties. Crystals, excellent mediums for drawing upon divine energies, can be use to attract additional units of healing energy for the repair, clearing and strengthening of one or more of the chakras. According to Caroline Myss, PhD., energy loss nearly always begins in a chakra below the waist and her two-part video, Energetics of Healing is very highly recommended. Certainly many health and financial issues are associated with these lower chakras. Find more of her books, cassettes and videos in the Library.

For more about the Chakras, link to the Seven Chakra Centers.