In my book, Identifying Planetary Triggers I included material on the Diurnal chart along with chapters on each planetary return. A Diurnal is a figure of the transits for a particular day but since it is based on the natal birth time, it can be used as a personal daily horoscope and is rather like a daily return. This daily figure shows the natal potential that is brought to the foreground for this one day.

To calculate the Diurnal, use exactly the same data as for the birth chart, except change the date to the date in question. An easy way to see if the chart has been calculated correctly is to check the position of the Sun. It should remain in the same house position as birth and the number of degrees between the Midheaven and the Sun will remain fairly constant.

If living in a new location from birth, the Diurnal could be calculated for the new location. In that case the birth time must be adjusted to the time zone of the new residence by adding or subtracting from the hour of birth. If moving from East to West, subtract the appropriate number of hours. If moving from West to East, add the appropriate number of hours to the birth time to reflect the time it would have been if born in that time zone. Minutes remain the same. In these calculations the Sun will have a greater variance of house position from that at birth.

Having worked with these charts and made comparisons for a number of years now, I find that the Diurnal provides the greatest accuracy as a predictor of current events when left unaltered from the original birth place, even if you have moved!

The Diurnal chart can be used to pinpoint eventful days, but because the chart is so temporal in nature, only exact aspects (within one degree) can be counted on to reflect events. Keeping that and a few specific guidelines in mind, the Diurnal can be interpreted similar to return charts.

Using features in Matrix WinStar, a year’s worth of Diurnal charts can be calculated at once and then viewed instantly for any date. Definitely a must have for astrologers if you want to watch these day by day!

Basic Guidelines

The Diurnal chart must be based upon the natal chart and progressions such as secondary progressions. The natal planets and points as well as the most prominent figures from the progressed chart can be inserted upon the Diurnal for the most accurate interpretation.

If using WinStar or software with similar capabilities, you could run a tri-wheel chart with the Daily chart in the inner wheel, the natal chart in the middle and the current secondary progressions in the outer wheel to see all the connections easily. But, you can get lots of information from the Diurnal alone.

The Diurnal rising sign and its ruler are the prime indicators. The same planet will rule the Diurnal for a period of weeks and the daily aspects formed by the ruler of the chart are quite important. Unless there are significant issues to surface for the day, there may be no exact aspects to this ruler. The natal house that is brought onto the Diurnal Ascendant is an area of special attention for a few weeks.

The bodies lying exactly upon an angle of the Diurnal, whether the natal or daily planets, are of exceptional significance, along with the exact aspects they form.

Aspects formed by the daily transiting planets to natal planets may go by unnoticed unless either of the planets happens to be the ruler of the Diurnal, or one of the planets involved is angular in the Diurnal, or in exact aspect to a Diurnal angle. So, if Venus is the daily ruler with transiting Venus making no aspects, an aspect received by natal Venus from any other planet is still notable for the day. In some instances a planet that is not angular itself will still form an exact aspect to an angle, also noteworthy.

The bodies crossing the angles, either daily or natal reveal the most important issues. The presence of a traditional malefic on one of these angles is sometimes indicative of a disturbance, especially if in stressful aspect to transiting or natal planets. If the daily Sun, Moon or Mercury lies on one of these angles in afflicted aspect, it is likewise a sign of disturbance. This is also true of the radical Sun, Moon or Mercury if afflicted in the natal chart and falling upon an angle of the Diurnal.

These exact contacts to the angles by Jupiter or Venus reflect advantages unless they are afflicted. Likewise, the Sun, Moon or Mercury produce benefits when falling on these angles if there are no afflictions to them. Benefits are also produced from the natal Sun, Moon and Mercury upon one of these angles unless afflicted in the birth chart. See more on each of the planets at Planetary Keywords.

The daily aspects of the Moon must be considered in regard to the house(s) occupied by the planets in aspect. For example, a conjunction of Moon to Mars in the second house may indicate impulsive spending.

In summary, the major effects are shown in the movement of planets across the angles of the diurnal. Next, the conjunctions that are formed to the daily Sun, then the mutual aspects and conjunctions of the planets, and lastly to the aspects formed by the daily Moon to the other daily planets. The Moon in aspect to the diurnal ruler within one degree is quite significant and shows the mood or tone for the day. Planets in the Diurnal are quite sensitive to house position changes, whether a natal planet or a daily planet.

Reading a Diurnal Chart

The Part of Fortune seems to play quite a dynamic role for interpreting the Diurnal and I’ve found it to furnish essential information time and again. Because the Diurnal is so transitory, unique focus is furnished from a quick moving indicator like the daily Pars Fortuna. The following chart illustrates the Diurnal basics at work, including a wealth of information when contacts involving the various Parts of Fortune are considered.

Diurnal Tri-Wheel by Celeste Teal

Diurnal Tri-Wheel

In this chart, a Diurnal for the day of an announced promotion for the individual, we see the nodes on the angles in close orb to Uranus, ruler of the Diurnal chart. These two, along with the Ascendant degree are forming a grand trine involving both the natal and the progressed Part of Fortune.

While those links would be in force for about a two or three-day period, we see that the Daily Part of Fortune is in trine to the progressed Ascendant, a tie that is exact only for this one day. The Daily Part of Fortune is also conjunct the natal Moon, which in the nativity lies in the sixth house of job responsibilities. In the sign of Capricorn, fortunate circumstances may come from associations with authorities.

Agreement of benefits forthcoming are revealed in the Diurnal Sun, which is conjunct progressed Jupiter on the progressed Midheaven.

The daily Moon is semi-sextile daily Jupiter, with Jupiter in the second house. Aries, the sign of new beginnings rules the second house of resources in the Diurnal chart.

These are just a few of the most notable contacts, and many of the interpretation techniques for the Solar and Lunar Returns that are detailed in my books, Predicting Events with Astrology, and Identifying Planetary Triggers, are in evidence.

For example, Pluto in the tenth house suggests a change of status; Jupiter is the next natal planet to rise to the Diurnal Ascendant, indicating honor and benefits – it is often active when a title is bestowed. Venus highlights benefits surrounding the job and daily work routine by its position in the sixth house. Finally, the daily North Node is conjunct the natal Ascendant, always an important indicator, suggesting the timely capacity to ride the mainstream through qualities of good leadership. It is also aligned with the daily Descendant, suggesting benefits from others. More on the Moon’s Nodes.

Incidentally, the individual in whose chart these links are found is involved in the publishing industry and astrology in particular so the Aquarius/Uranus theme and the prominence of Jupiter refines the chart reading with special input.

Saturn in the Diurnal

The next set of charts comes from GC, who just started keeping tabs on his Diurnals and passed along the following:

“When my natal and then progressed Saturn came to the Diurnal Ascendant, it was a generally frustrating few days when I slightly strained my lower back doing a weight-training exercise incorrectly; had to cancel a few appointments and then got a call from a friend to come pick him up from the city jail for driving on a suspended license (unpaid traffic tickets, not DWI).

Scorpio is currently on my Diurnal Ascendant and when Mars, the lord of the Ascendant (I prefer the old rulers), came to the square of my natal Moon and opposite my natal Jupiter, I got a flu shot which left my arm red, puffy, sore and itchy…something I’ve never gotten from a flu shot before.”

Saturn Diurnal by Celeste Teal

Saturn Diurnal

The Mars/Moon square noted above is often in evidence when there is a temporary health flare up and combined with the prominent Saturn, associated with colds and flu, is quite descriptive.

The Moon in the seventh house of “others” reflects changes and fluctuations. It forms several aspects for the day including a conjunction to Saturn and trine to Venus in the eleventh house of friends. Saturn’s trine to Venus, a technically beneficial aspect, still shows possible sobering effects involving a friend. Saturn’s benefits often come in the form of negative gain; in this case a restriction is lifted.

The angular Sun, ruling males in general, in perfect square to the daily Neptune also suggests the temporary confinement of his friend. The daily Part of Fortune is square Uranus, reflecting a need to be flexible. Many other ties are notable and shows how aspects in the Diurnal often point to events surrounding the people we’re close to as well ourselves.

Following are some testimonials on the planets, collected from various individuals, as they reflected daily activity by their prominence in the Diurnal.

Mercury’s Variables

“On a day when Virgo was on the Diurnal Ascendant and Mercury ruled the chart, my own Mercury squared each of the angles from the fourth house cusp. Daily Mercury squared the daily Moon. I realized later that I had spent that whole day tediously organizing files in my den!” V.F.

“On the day that natal Mercury crossed the Diurnal Ascendant, it was squared by the daily Sun. Neptune squared the chart ruler and natal Saturn fell on the Midheaven. News came that my husband’s elderly aunt had passed away.” C.H.

The Beauty of Venus

“I work for myself and on the day my natal Venus crossed the Midheaven of the Diurnal, lots of payments came in the mail. Jupiter was ruling the Diurnal and it formed a sextile to daily Venus.” D.S.

“I will have natal Venus on my Diurnal Ascendant and daily Venus trine my Neptune and then conjunct my Mars when my boyfriend comes home for a visit, the first visit in awhile. It seems to me the Diurnal chart is the chart that tells all.” P.P.

Mars Madness

“On the day that Mars, ruling the Diurnal, formed a square to my own Mars while both were angular, an incident occurred that left me steaming mad clear into the next day. As the aspect passed, I realized I’d made much of nothing and felt no need to stay angry.” R.D.

See more about Mars Transits.

Jupiter’s Benefits

“On the day that Jupiter was conjunct the diurnal Descendant, I had a very pleasant first date with someone I had recently been introduced to.” G.C.

“When natal Jupiter crossed my Diurnal Ascendant, it was an exceptionally good day, with several benefits produced; news, contacts, etc. Several open agreements were completed, all to my delight.” A.S.

Uranus Breakthroughs

“For the entire 22 days that Uranus was my Diurnal ruler the theme was one of unexpected connections and unusual coincidences. Several individuals I met seemed to have a specific and timely purpose for entering my life just when they did. It was an exciting few weeks in general. Many of my routines were uprooted but in a way that was a refreshing change. While daily Uranus was making a trine to my natal Neptune the whole time, natal Uranus was receiving a sextile from Jupiter when the two most unusual connections were made.” P.C.

Clouds of Neptune

“When natal Neptune passed over the Diurnal Midheaven, I had a doctor’s appointment. Blood work was done and it was a couple days before I got the results. ” T.K.

“On the day that my Neptune was conjunct the Diurnal Ascendant, the chart ruler Venus was square daily Mars and I got a little tipsy at a party.” B.B.

Pluto Changes

“A few weeks ago when daily Pluto was conjunct my diurnal Asc., I was curious as to what it might bring, if anything out of the ordinary. I got thru almost the entire day with nothing plutonian occurring……until…I had to pick 2 friends up at the airport in the evening and on the way home on the highway I got a big blowout in one of my tires! Fortunately one of my friends had his cell-phone with him, so it was no big deal to call AAA and get it changed. I was thankful that it didn’t happen on the way TO the airport…plus, even though it was a nuisance, I took a secret delight in seeing the manifestation of Pluto for the day. :)” G.C.

“Just looked ahead and on the day that we had hoped to move, Mercury is the Diurnal ruler with Gemini rising and natal Pluto lies exactly on the fourth house cusp. Perfect for a move. Then, daily Venus comes to the fourth house cusp and lingers there for several days; exactly the days I’d anticipated decorating the new place! I’m impressed. Seems the Diurnal can help with planning.” R.S.

As in any other kind of chart, for an actual event, it will be suggested several times in the chart. Separate aspects will suggest a similar theme. If you have a story to report on a recent Diurnal configuration, please email me. My book, Identifying Planetary Triggers includes material on the Diurnal chart as well as planetary returns; Moon through Saturn.

Using features in Matrix WinStar Version 4, a year’s worth of Diurnal charts can be calculated at once. The tech staff is great and can walk you through the steps if you need help. The Diurnal can then be viewed quickly and easily for any date with the natal chart in the background to see the changing house cusp degrees and both the daily and the natal planets movement through the Diurnal. Click above to demo WinStar.