Fame & Popularity

I did a study of the charts of 150 famous people from all walks of life to determine what similarities their charts held. The findings were significant and I enjoyed the project immensely. Even if your goal is only to elicit a favorable response from others, you should find some interesting things about yourself based on your Moon.

Fame, Popularity and Lunar Aspects

Does your personal calling require you to have the support and admiration of the public? Maybe you want to be a smashing success in the entertainment world, be the author of a bestseller, or go into politics. Even without a desire for fame, it is always nice to be well liked and to have the support of those who can help us reach personal goals.

To determine the odds for fame, popularity and public appeal, an analysis of the Lunar aspects are extremely revealing. As the second most important feature in the horoscope, the Moon reveals our basic personality traits. The amount of popularity we enjoy and the general response others have to us is shown in the condition of the natal Moon, therefore it is an ideal indicator of potential fame. If the Moon in your natal chart is prominent by a position on an angle of the chart or by several aspects to other planets, you could be on your way. These show a natural potential for appealing to the masses.

A prominent Moon indicates a frequent desire for change. Even well aspected, there may be restlessness, and mobility is a must for these individuals. In some cases these tendencies may carry over to the style in dress, indicating a faddist. Those individuals who are somewhat faddists even in their diets most likely have a notable Moon. A love of travel also accompanies a prominent Moon, and there is usually an inclination to move frequently. Such individuals adapt fairly easily to new surroundings. They accomplish this, in part, by adding some touches of home wherever they go. This love for movement has its advantages by putting one more easily into the appropriate environment to forward the personal calling, and in contact with those who can be of assistance. If these restless tendencies are carried to an extreme, individuals constantly change directions and find it difficult to produce lasting results along a single purpose line.

Highly sensitive and variable, the Moon is greatly influenced by any planet it contacts. Each contact signifies certain individual talents and qualities, and describes fine points regarding the opinions and responses of others to us. Easy contacts suggest that relationships run smoothly for the most part, and these individuals rarely need give much thought to their public status. On the other hand, there may be squares or oppositions suggesting some slight quirks in the personality. These personality quirks are often reflected in fluctuations or reversals in popularity and status. These very peculiarities are, frequently, the very source of individual success, but the reflective aspect suggests a certain amount of stress and possible setbacks unless properly directed. Some of the most famous achievers had stressful Moon aspects to overcome, and as you’ll see shortly, it is better to have difficult contacts than no contacts at all. For fame and popularity, the more aspects to the Moon, the better!

It is common to have both easy flowing and hard aspects to the Moon. This shows that the individual has both talents and weaknesses for cultivating popularity and for maintaining the support of the public. While some relationships run smoothly, there may be difficulties with certain people, or there may be a flaw in the image one presents which attracts peculiar problems. The Moon and its aspects are especially revealing about our relationships with women, our mother and wife included, and the kind of support or lack of it that we can expect from them. The aspect descriptions given further on may be helpful in making these judgments.

Famous Moons

In order to investigate the importance of the Moon’s influence as it relates to popularity and public appeal, the author, using the charts of 150 famous people conducted a research project. The list included actors/actresses, artists, writers, musicians, politicians, sportsmen, and sundry others. Guidelines were kept simple, but because of the rapid speed of the Moon, only those charts were included which had an accurate time of birth. The findings are enlightening!

The first item noted was the zodiac signs of the famous Moons and this appears to be only slightly influential. Out of the 150 charts surveyed, Aquarius topped the list by a small margin. Since the sign is associated with the world at large and group affiliations, the Moon in this sign shows sensitivity to the needs of humanity. Followers come easily when they feel that their own interests are at heart. Individuals with this Moon sign are easily identified with as an essential participant in the group whose support they require. Having the ability to do this means the battle is half won already. This Moon placement also suggest individuals who are able to remain objective. Their emotions are cool and stable.

The remaining signs were fairly evenly divided with two exceptions. The signs Aries and Scorpio held fewer of these Moons than the other signs, by a significant number. One of two things might explain this. Had another 50 or 100 charts been included in the study, the number of Aries and Scorpio Moons might have increased to even out with the remaining signs. Another explanation, which substantiates the earlier Aquarius pattern, is that individuals with these Mars ruled Moons frequently make quick decisions based on their emotions, and follow through with immediate action. While this is an outstanding virtue, even a requirement in some professions, it may not always be appropriate when appealing to the masses. It is difficult to please all of the people all of the time, more especially so when the emotions are involved, and these individuals are emotionally passionate and intense about everything they do.

The house placements of these famous Moons were also fairly evenly divided in the study. Although the angular houses held their fair share of the famous Moons, they did not top the list as one might expect. The most occupied house was the eleventh, the natural home of the sign Aquarius.

The dominant feature revealed in this study was the significant number of aspects made by the Moons in the natal horoscopes. The widest allowable orb was used to determine the aspects; 10 degrees for the conjunction, square, trine and opposition, and 6 degrees for the sextile.

The average number of Moon aspects was 3.5. Only major aspects were considered, so this figure would have been considerably higher if the minor aspects were taken. Less than 5% of the charts had only one aspect to the Moon, and in these there were other outstanding features in the charts. These Moons were usually angular, so it appears that an angular Moon can make up for a lack of aspects and adds to its overall prominence. 10% of the charts had six or more aspects to the Moon.

To illustrate a sampling of charts within the current world of entertainment, Walt Disney’s Moon was both angular and involved in seven major aspects! Of these, four were squares. The square to Neptune, suggesting a tendency to live in a world of fantasy, was turned to his advantage when he followed up on the appearance of Mickey Mouse in one of his dreams. John Travolta, whose popularity is still soaring, has five Moon aspects of which four are stressful contacts. The square to Mars indicates that he has had some difficulties to overcome in gaining a strong public image, while the sextile to Saturn enabled him to press on in a responsible manner until he succeeded. Madonna’s first house Moon makes only three contacts, but of these, there is a square to Saturn. Her chart shows an opposite theme to Travolta’s, with a trine to Mars and square to Saturn. While it was easy for her to gain a strong public image, she had lessons to learn about being self-seeking in her ambitions. Click to view charts.

John Travolta astrological chart by Celeste Teal

John Travolta

Madonna astrological chart by Celeste Teal


Walt Disney astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Walt Disney

The nature of the aspects were fairly equally divided overall, but there were some interesting results from the planets most frequently aspected. Jupiter, the “greater fortune” was in aspect to the Moon in 50% of the charts! Of these, only a little over half were in easy aspect to the Moon. Coming in just under Jupiter were aspects to the Sun, Venus, and Mars. These three showed similar figures, and were each found in roughly 42% of the charts. Of course, the Sun and Venus are benefics, bringing honor and fortune. Mars is closely associated with the public image one is able to maintain, but again there were an equal number of easy and hard aspects of the Moon to Mars. The four outer planets were equally divided in the number of aspects received by the Moon and each was found in approximately 36% of the charts. Mercury was the planet least aspected by the Moon, but was still found making a contact in nearly 30% of the charts.

The Aspects

Obvious from the preceding study is that the type of aspect made by the Moon is secondary in importance. The requirement for vast public appeal is to have substantial links to the Moon. An enormous amount of potential is found in each contact of the Moon. In fact, each of them tells a story. Even a stressful aspect can be directed toward the positive results found in the easier aspect with awareness. Often, the stressful aspects are highly motivational and always quite dynamic. As individuals, we each have exactly what we need to succeed and this is reflected in the natal horoscope.

In considering the links to the Moon, assistance comes from a third planet that offsets a poor aspect between the Moon and another planet. For example, if the Moon is in opposition to the Sun and a third planet sextiles one while in trine to the other, that opposition will work dynamically but more smoothly. As always, the Moon potential must be considered along with the overall chart patterns.

Moon/Sun Aspects

If the Sun is in good aspect to the Moon in your natal chart, this shows some wonderful advantages and a head start in the game of life. The aspect signifies an inner balance resulting from your early environment with parents who got along well. This foundation provides you with a realistic view of the role of the sexes and allows you to have harmonious relationships of your own. You grant your partners an equal role while remaining aware of your own virtues and strengths. This enables your relationships to thrive. The face you show the outside world is in tune with your inner being. This aspect greatly helps in all kinds of relationships and you have no particular problems relating to either of the sexes. You can just as easily work for a man as a woman and vice-versa. The opposite sex is of assistance to you in pursuing your goals, and you can rely on them to be of great benefit to you. You have the favor of those who are in a position to be supportive of your goals.

Stressful aspects between the Lights show conflicts related to the preceding theme. There are more or less disturbing inner tensions and conflicts, usually as a result of parental discord in your early environment. Gratification of the ego often seems to be at the expense of the emotions and vice versa. You will need to get in touch with your feelings of conflict and remain aware of the message you are sending in your communications and attitudes. The aspect greatly reduces the amount of help you can expect from the opposite sex, and in some cases, they may work against your efforts. The conjunction of these two can show some early health problems to overcome. An opposition of the two can show tension that sometimes verges on frenzy. However, the tension reflected in the hard contacts often act as a catalyst to early outstanding achievement.

Moon/Mercury Aspects

If the Moon is in harmonious aspect to Mercury, your intellect is superb. There is good communication between the mind and the senses bringing fluency in speech and writing. You find it easy to concentrate and have a sharp memory. You are able to keep your emotions separate from your thought processes, and so you are able to remain objective. Such an aspect signifies that your mother was bright and intelligent, thus you were nurtured along intellectual lines from the start. The other women in your life also possess a keen mentality.

If the Moon and Mercury form a hard aspect, you will need to remain highly aware in all your communications. You might be guilty of meaningless chitchat or be inconsiderate to the feelings of your audience. Difficulties in communications can range from confused thinking to forgetfulness, or paying too little attention at crucial times. Work on developing your knowledge to perfection on a few subjects rather than a superficial knowledge of many topics. At certain times, the women in your life may be sarcastic or harsh in their responses to you.

Moon/Venus Aspects

With the Moon and Venus in good aspect, you are affectionate and loveable. Others enjoy your company because you are considerate and have a pleasing personality. You give the impression that you are more concerned about the other person than yourself, so of course, you are well received. Sensitive to the feelings of others, you are tactful, and quite the diplomat. You have a love of beauty and for a harmonious environment. Quite conscious of your appearance, you may have a gift for fashion design or in the arts. Your mother was affectionate, and the women in your life are kind and helpful.

If these two were in hard aspect, you may have to overcome some emotional wounds. Others may be inconsiderate of your feelings, or use you for their own gains. You can easily be taken advantage of by a play on your feelings. Be careful that you aren’t accused of these same traits in your treatment of others. At worst, this aspect signifies that you are overly detached or care little about the feelings of others. You may be self-indulgent, and should take care in the physical image you present. The women in your life may be indifferent or withhold their affections.

Moon/Mars Aspects

If the Moon is in fortunate aspect to Mars, you have a dynamic personality and easily present a strong public image. You are admired for your sense of competition and a zestful personal nature. You have the ability to become passionately involved and aggressive when you need to, or to remain detached if that is the best policy. Your mother was energetic and of a determined mind. Other women in your life are positive in their outlook and can be a strong support to you.

If these two were making a stressful contact, you automatically become passionate and fired up about everything you do. For you, it is all or nothing. There is no in between, and circumstances will usually force you into feeling heated. There may be some difficulties and upsets on the home front to work around. The important women in your life may be quarrelsome or they frequently tend to be more of a hindrance than help. In pursuing your goals, you get off to a powerful start but you may need to put some effort into sticking with a project long enough to realize success. Be mindful that you do not base your actions solely on your emotions. Sports is not likely to be your natural forte’ since this aspect suggests some coordination difficulties. You could be prone to accidents or there may be problems with your health from time to time.

Note: The conjunction of the Moon and Mars may act as either an easy or a difficult aspect, depending on the sign and aspects to the pair.

Moon/Jupiter Aspects

When the Moon makes a good aspect to Jupiter, you had an ethical and moral upbringing. This is reflected in an image of personal dignity. The term “noble” may well describe your motivations and efforts. Friendly and cordial to others, you are both generous and prudent at the same time. Other people naturally have a great amount of confidence in you, and want you to lead them. The women in your life are a good influence and very fortunate for you.

These two in poor aspect suggest that you tend to go overboard on many of the above qualities. Your personality may be excessive, overly expansive, or too showy. You may tend to become extremely friendly with those you barely know, making promises, and appearing as too good to be true. This is probably an accurate appraisal when it comes to some of the things you say and do. You may be too generous for own good, and ignore ways to save money even when you need to. In this regard, you may have been strongly influenced by your mother, who was likely to have been impractical, herself. The other women in your life may put you into debt or have impossible expectations of you. They may be boringly snooty, extravagant, or wild in their ways.

Note: The poor aspects involving Jupiter are probably the easiest to direct, and you still have many of the positive qualities of the more fortunate aspects.

Moon/Saturn Aspects

If the Moon is in fortunate aspect to Saturn, you impress others with your sense of responsibility. Although serious and sober, you are loyal to those you make a commitment to. You have a businesslike manner and are unlikely to make promises you cannot keep. Conservative in handling your money and in your approach to life, you expect a fair return from all your efforts and expenditures. You may even need to work on loosening your purse strings from time to time. Many of these qualities came from a stable mother who encouraged you to be sensible and to follow a strict code of ethics. She and the other women in your life give you practical and sound advice.

These two in hard aspect suggests that you are aloof and maintain a cool distance from others. It is easier for you to concentrate on the more serious aspects of life, and for this reason, you sometimes become depressed. These qualities can make it difficult for others to enjoy your company and to open up around you. You may need to work on avoiding an image of being stingy in general and self-centered in your ambitions. You probably have dental problems and get the flu more often than most, so you will need to allow for these inconveniences. Your mother was probably strict and possibly a hindrance to you in your ambitions. You will have to take care of the women in your life, who tend to be self-seeking. The hard aspects often indicate trials early in life, followed by great advancements later on.

Note: These contacts have been found to be most significantly reflective of extreme elevations of professional success, higher status, and achievement. The conjunction of the Moon with Saturn sometimes works well together and sometimes with difficulty. This depends on the sign they occupy and the aspects made to the pair.

Moon/Uranus Aspects

When the Moon is in positive aspect to Uranus, you have a magnetic personality, and others are drawn to you. You provide a quality of animation that gives others a sense of liveliness, which naturally attracts. Others easily accept your unconventional attitudes and they would like to be as adventurous and original as you are. You have natural rhythm and are probably talented in music and electronic fields. Your mother might have been musically inclined herself or she was unusual in some way. The women in your life tend to be organized and sometimes brilliant.

These two in hard aspect suggests that while you are an independent thinker, you may be out of tune in your relationships and in your responses to others. You may sometimes become too boisterous or noisy which can repel others. Or, you may be temperamental and rebellious, and others are afraid to go along with you because you always seem to choose the abandoned or lost cause to support. It is part of your nature to feel “differently” than others, and you must expect unusual repercussions in order to maintain your independence of thought. Your reputation may be prone to sudden reversals, both good and bad. Your mother was probably eccentric in some way or chose to discipline you in ways that were unpredictable. The women in your life may be unstable or so changeable that they are unable to contribute to your ambitions or reputation.

Moon/Neptune Aspects

With Neptune in favorable aspect to your Moon, you are charming and have an air of mystery about you. Quite intuitive, it is easy for you to become emotionally inspired in pursuing your goals. Others are drawn to your stories of the ideal, and would like to believe that the way you see the world is the way it is or could be. Your mother probably had much to do with inspiring you to have the highest of ideals and to follow your dreams. The other women in your life are also uplifting and idealistic.

With these two in unfavorable aspect, you can be easily confused and are somewhat impractical in your goals. You may spend time day dreaming about your accomplishments, but spend considerably less time taking the steps to realize such dreams. While you have a great need to be inspired on an emotional level, you find it difficult to determine which of your visions are really leading you on to higher planes. These aspects sometimes incline to the use of drugs or alcohol as a route to tranquility or an escape from reality. You morals may be under developed, and you could easily be led astray. Your mother may have been irresponsible and you are prone to deceptions, especially from women.

Moon/Pluto Aspects

With the Moon in good aspect to Pluto, you understand the concept that thoughts are almost tangible things, and quite powerful. You find it a natural process to use your will to energize your ideas and bring about that which you desire. The aspect gives great sensitivity and you may even have psychic abilities or prophetic dreams. Your sense of touch is highly developed and you may be especially talented in one of the sciences. The women in your life are dominant and strong.

With the Moon adversely aspecting Pluto, you may be pushy and forceful in your relationships with others. You probably need to work on overcoming a natural tendency to dominate in your relationships. This, combined with an intensely emotional nature, can cause others to be uncomfortable in your presence. You become impatient easily, and to the contrary, quite immovable if things don’t suit you. This stems from an inner feeling that certain changes are necessary within your immediate surroundings. You can be a source of great accomplishment if you can direct your dynamic personality to work for you and not against you. Don’t be tempted to give in to feelings of revenge or conceit. The women in your life may be forceful and/or resort to drastic solutions to problems.

The Aries Point

There is an additional factor, which figures prominently into the formula for fame. That is the Aries Point. If your Moon was in the first degree of one of the cardinal signs, this shows a great involvement with the larger world. This would be 0º Aries, 0º Cancer, 0º Libra, or 0º Capricorn. If another planet is in one of these degrees and makes a link to the Moon, the qualities of that planet can give clues to how you might utilize your popularity potential.

To use Walt Disney as an example once more, his Neptune was at 0º Cancer, and in square to his Moon. Neptune, of course, is associated with the movie industry and film. In reading the description of the square, it is evident that he frequently indulged in his imagination. Neptune is also the ruler of dreams, and as already noted, the image of Mickey Mouse is said to have first appeared to Disney in a dream. The sign Cancer is related to the family unit, and is certainly descriptive of the creations for which he is known. Even now, whenever “Disney” is mentioned, it brings to mind an image of wholesome fun for the whole family as well as a temporary retreat from reality. View Disney’s Chart or learn more about the Aries Point in The Last Lunar Hurrah article in Lunations. Medium James Van Praagh also has two chart features in Aries Point degrees – Link to Sixth Sense.

This brings up a final point. This troublesome aspect in Disney’s chart turned out to work for him as if it were positive in nature. The qualities of Neptune are quite evident. The initial link was a more crucial factor, and we are not aware of the personal difficulties he had to overcome while bringing his fantasies into the world of reality.

With each of the links the Moon makes, the potential type of achievement is found through the nature of the planet, whether this is a hard or soft contact. The advantage with the hard aspects is that they force us to expend greater efforts to bring about satisfactory results from the planetary energies. With the easier aspects, we enjoy a certain amount of harmony without effort, and can simply get too comfortable to push for further improvement.

The Progressed Moon

Since the Moon position shows an area of fluctuating circumstances, its progressed position and aspects reveal much about our daily encounters and popular appeal on a short-term basis. As the progressed Moon gets within one degree of an aspect to a natal or progressed planet, the effects can be felt for about three months, usually with any significant events taking place at about the time the aspect is exact. If it contacts a planet to which it was aspected with in the natal chart, the time period is even more important. The natal aspect will frequently have an outlet in the progressed contact. The previous list of aspects may be helpful to determine the types of encounters to expect and prepare for as indicated by the forming aspects of the progressing Moon.

My book, Predicting Events with Astrology, gives concise instructions for setting up and interpreting the progressed chart. The new edition also discusses the Aries Point in depth and shows several illustrations of its influence when activated.

Moon/Node Aspects

This powerful combo is discussed fully in my latest book, Lunar Nodes!

This article was first featured in American Astrology, October 1998, entitled, “So, You Want to be Famous?” © American Astrology, all rights reserved.