Feng Shui

Feng Shui has become a serious but fun hobby of mine and I hoped to add information about it to the site for some time, maybe a blog or to send you tips via a newsletter. As many of you know though, I tend to have more interests than there is time for and the astrology always comes first.

For now I will just tell you one or two of the most important things I have learned from Feng Shui that you may also like to apply in your life even if you don’t know much about the subject.

Did you know that there is a little strand of your vital energy attached to everything you own? It doesn’t matter if the item is stored out of sight and you rarely think about it. In fact, those stored items or items you don’t use can do considerable harm, because even if you aren’t aware of it, there is still some of your energy tied to it. The item could be an energy drain unless it brings you great happiness when you hold it or look at it, or unless it’s something you actually use.

One of the first steps in Feng Shui, before applying remedies or enhancements is to clean and de-clutter. Take an inventory by going through your things and see how each item makes you feel. If you love the item or use the item then fine. But, if it makes you feel bad, sad, depressed or ill, you should question whether to keep it no matter where it came from. Keeping it is having an ill effect on you and in a specific area of your life.

Say you have a storage area with things packed away. This might be items you’ve moved out of your living space but can’t seem to part with, or letters and photos or old magazines. You name it and most of us have some. The more densely packed it is, the slower the good chi energy can circulate, and the result is that the department of your life corresponding to this area of the Bagua, will suffer. There’s slow growth and inactivity in that area of your life. Worse yet is if you never go through these items, there is no good chi energy flowing and things will stagnate. Depending on where it is stored, this might do considerable harm to your health or to certain relationships or goals.

The entrance you use to your home determines the various departments by lining up a certain side of the Bagua to the entrance. Black Hat sect Feng Shui helps you figure this out and I have an elaborate floor plan drawn up, with not only room divisions but with every piece of furniture drawn in. There are nine divisions. To give an example, your romantic relationships area is the far right section of your home from the entrance. So, if you want to attract a relationship or keep an existing one healthy, you can start by making sure this area is clean and uncluttered, and then add enhancements or make remedies.

Chi energy travels in soft curves, winding gently in and around things. There should always be room for the chi to flow – for example, your closets should never be packed more than two-thirds full. That is a challenge for most of us! Long narrow hallways can cause the good chi energy to speed up and turn to harmful sha energy. Remedies might include hanging a small clear faceted crystal ball (glass) from the ceiling to slow the energy, or a wind chime, or several area rugs and wall hangings.

Anyway, Feng Shui can be a lot of fun to learn not to mention how you can quickly effect improvements in your life through this ancient art. Seeing fast results makes you a believer and then you’ll want to learn more. I’ve listed several great books in the Library if you are interested. My favorites are by Karen Kingston and Nancy SantoPietro. Wishing you much happiness and prosperity, Celeste Teal