House of the Sun

House of the Sun – Our Cosmic Calling?

Out of all the heavenly bodies, the Sun provides the major energy in the horoscope. The Sun represents spirit and like the Sun in our solar system, is the source from which life stems. The Sun is the “I” and the “want to” of a person.

Since the Sun is the spark that gives life, it shows much about our spiritual mission. While a person shows characteristics and traits of the Sun’s sign, one seeks spiritual growth according to the Sun’s house placement in the horoscope. Career often corresponds with professions ruled by the Sun sign, whereas the house placement of the Sun shows where the cosmic life work may be done. This area is where we feel alive, motivated, and work naturally toward achieving mastery. This is where we have unusual potential for success, where we naturally “shine”, and where we may eventually teach others.

First House Sun – The Trailblazer

With the Sun in the first house of your natal chart you have an individualized and highly competitive personality with much potential to motivate others through setting an excellent example. You are courageous and daring and by projecting yourself in an authoritative manner, you gain respect. You may come off as having a big ego requirement, but this is part of your fundamental strength. You must follow your own rules and not be deterred when others unfairly label you as selfish. With this placement, you naturally work best alone or in some trailblazing enterprise where credit is received for a pioneering accomplishment. There may be some challenges learning to work in partnerships. You have affinities with the sign Aries.

Second House Sun – Oh, Resourceful One

You find particular joy in your ability to increase and draw upon resources. You have good earning powers and all types of supply hold an interest for you. You rely on the fact that you can produce what you need when you need it and as long as you have yourself would never feel destitute. You depend on your own capabilities and strengths to produce materially and you possess unlimited talents here. You could be unusually attached to possessions, feeling that they are necessary extensions of yourself. Positive types would not merely be “possessive”, but uses mastery over possessions to be more effective. You may become an expert who counsels others on how to increase their resources and you are regarded as a good example in this respect, probably working in the field of business. You have affinities with the sign Taurus.

Third House Sun – The Communications Expert

An unusually strong involvement exists between you and your immediate environment. This area is a stimulant for you and you probably show signs of restlessness if you’re unable to make your rounds of familiar places. From shopkeepers to relatives, the people encountered in your daily routine are intertwined closely in your life and affect your sense of who you are with their feedback to your ideas. Your mind is quick and agile and there is a strong attachment to your own ideas and enjoyment through showing your mental brilliance. Negatively it can produce an opinionated personality. You generally have something to say on any topic that comes up and much of the time you are the one bringing it up. Your field of work is likely to be in an area that depends primarily with communication or with short distance travel. The transporting of people, goods, and data are all significant issues. You have affinities with the sign Gemini.

Fourth House Sun – A Sense of Roots

Home, family, tradition, and homeland hold much satisfaction. These give you a sense of connection and support that allows you to expand your consciousness as an individual. You must somehow tie together the past with what is now and who you are now. Your background must be restored or maintained for the purposes of today. Your heritage is all-important and is your foundation to build upon. An authority in your own home, you probably take on a strict or protective attitude with your family. You may have a strong attachment to one of your parents who gave you the most nurturing and provided a support system. Emotional security is a must and your sense of belonging is acute. You may become an expert on helping others’ to achieve their own security through putting down roots. You might be involved in a domestic line such as a restaurant, catering or dealing in the interests of women. Real estate is another possible pursuit or an activity that involves resources from the earth itself. You have affinities with the Sun sign Cancer.

Fifth House Sun – Recreations Expert

Your expression of yourself is demonstrated through some form of creativity that resembles recreation. This includes the arts, children’s interests, entertainment and speculation. In one of these you have special skills and driving interest. A child’s early education may be of primary importance to you and you may have a position of close involvement with children or their interests. Another interest may lie in the area of romance, where you might become an expert regarding others’ romantic lives such as becoming cupid and running a dating service. You might be an entertainer, a club or casino owner. Like other 5th house people such as artists, athletes and dancers, you have an urge to expand the activity itself; to contribute to the survival of the activity. You may appear to be leading a glamorous life, since what you to do for a living may be what many consider as recreation or pastime. You have affinities with the sign Leo.

Sixth House Sun – Analytical Analysis

You have a fascination with getting it right down to the last detail. Exceptionally organized and efficient, you are objective and have a super ordinary ability to analyze brilliantly through detachment. Quite the perfectionist, you are overly critical of your own efforts but often you find that you must do things yourself or risk having them done incorrectly. You have the patience and will take the time to do it right. You would do excellent in a specialized field and may become an expert at sorting data categorically. There is probably a close connection between what you do and exact technique. The downfall with this position is that you sometimes miss the big picture by your absorption in details. You are meticulous about cleanliness, neat in appearance and attentive to your health and body. You adopt diets and health maintenance programs to stay fit and in top physical condition. You may be a walking encyclopedia when it comes to vitamin supplements. You have affinities with the sign Virgo.

Seventh House Sun – Cooperation

With a natural talent for getting along with others, you best express yourself when working in partnership with another. You have a need for sharing and balance. You may have special skills in counseling and a knack for drawing out the best in others. Another’s benefit is your fulfillment. Close, one to one exchanges holds a priority interest for you because you feel you can accomplish more in cooperation with another. You are probably popular because others sense your genuine interest and concern for them. You are especially effective when working with another, which is why you may be more successful after marriage than before. With stressful aspects, you may have your share of conflicts in finding the partner you work best with. You have affinities with the sign Libra.

Eighth House Sun – Preservation

You have a particular talent for restoring life to something that has been left for dead. Because of this, you have the necessary skills to provide an emergency net and catalyst to help others over the edge from an old condition to new condition. Others especially need you when they are down and out or having a difficult time of it and you, seeing beyond social niceties, instinctively know when someone is in trouble. You provide an emergency balm or antidote that may necessarily sting sometimes and a knack for timing the right moment to help another confront a defeating element usually hits home. You may deal with the disbursement of property or handle other people’s money because of your ability to preserve or restore value. Your able handling of things that are in a fragile condition may lead you into dealing in antiques. Mastery might also lie in the area of investment, legacies, wills, insurance or anything connected with death or dying. You have affinities with the sign Scorpio.

Ninth House Sun – The Philosopher

You have a code you live by faithfully and formulating your philosophy of life is something you never tire of. You are constantly refining it by drawing upon knowledge, truth and wisdom. Only after studying and testing an idea from every angle will you take it as your own. Then and only then, you promote it to others as the best philosophy to live by and you especially thrive when you can discuss your theories with others. Publishing or promotion may appeal to you. You have great faith in your favorite beliefs and this position suggests that you might do work in the ministry. You might also make an excellent professor or judge. Well-established codes that are already in favor may be the ones you most strongly support. Traveling to a foreign land or changing your native residence may be needed in order to fulfill your spiritual mission and you possess a natural rapport with people of other cultures. You have affinities with the sign Sagittarius.

Tenth House Sun – The Authority

You naturally find yourself playing the role of authority in some field. The status in which you find yourself might have been inherited and your father or another powerful figure in your family might first have earned a position of prestige. This may have originated several generations back. Nevertheless, you have confidence in yourself and are likely to be self-employed. You are respected for your sense of moral integrity and responsibility. This position suggests being in the public eye and many in the political field have this placement. Whatever you do, it is closely connected to catering to the public. Some degree of power, fame or notoriety may be connected with your family name. Even if you started at the top, you work long and hard to maintain your position because you’re aware of the reputation you must live up to. You feel you owe it to yourself and your predecessors as well as to those who will follow. You have affinities with those who have the Sun sign Capricorn.

Eleventh House – Group Leader

You are most likely a group leader in some capacity. You have a knack for keeping a group running smoothly by easily getting the cooperative efforts of all. Advanced in your thinking, you are able to see how individual efforts, when combined, brings major progress. You come up with innovative programs and may be the main spokesperson because of your talent to express the group opinion and views so well. You probably sense a long-term loyalty here and you are better able to express yourself when you can identity with an entire group of people that shares the same goals and beliefs as you. While the group functions as a resource for you, you are a resource to the whole group. One supports the other. The type of group you might belong to can be large or small and may be closely related to your career. Social groups, organizations, corporations, and fraternities are examples. You have affinities with the sign Aquarius.

Twelfth House Sun – Empathetic

Your special gift lies in facilitating others who are in need of rehabilitation or recovery. Many of the services of the twelfth house take place behind the scenes. You may work in an institution such as a hospital, clinic or another place of confinement. These places of retreat are for those who are temporarily unable to handle the challenges of life. Here, they are provided with care and a reprieve. You are able to confront these conditions in life better than most and you find fulfillment in being of service. Psychology or psychic research may appeal to you. Or, you may work for a charity or another setting where quiet and tranquility are the setting. You are retiring, in quest of self-understanding and may be drawn to meditation or spiritual retreat. With a special love of the ocean or large bodies of water, you are intuitive and messages may often come through dreams. You have affinities with Pisces.

Combining your Sun sign qualities with the motivational drives shown by the house of your Sun helps you put your best foot forward and make the most of the natural gifts you came equipped with. Link to Zodiac Signs or the Tutorial to learn more about your horoscope.