Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission

Lunar Nodes by Celeste Teal at AmazonThis was such an enjoyable and exciting project, all about the lunar nodes in the natal and subsequent charts. The lunar nodes are the keys to unraveling the mystery about why we are here and what our purpose is. We can find if a person is an old soul or a young soul, whether this lifetime entails an uphill path with struggles or whether it will be an easier road to travel; exactly what contributions are expected and what lessons we came to learn. They even furnish information about the personality, demeanor, physical body, stature and appetite.

This complete lunar node book covers everything from the nodal positions in the natal chart, by sign and house, nodal aspects to the Ascendant, Midheaven, Vertex, Part of Fortune, Planetary Aspects, to Transits of Nodes to natal Planets, Transits of Planets to natal Nodes, Interpreting the Nodes in the Solar Return, in Progressions, in Synastry; even some Extra Tips. With 14 chapters, this book makes it easy to interpret the nodes in any type of chart and they can be used as a stand alone tool to find out all kinds of things that may surprise you.

I must say that the chapter on Synastry is especially fascinating and informative. If you haven’t already, start collecting the birth data of everyone you know. That way you can note all those people with whom you have a North Node or a South Node connection, whether that connection involves a planet, the Ascendant or Midheaven, or even the Vertex or Part of Fortune. You’ll learn many things about your various relationships and the undercurrents you sense with certain people. You’ll find out why there are joyful mutual attractions with some people, romantic attractions or business oriented associations, why some relationships can’t get off the ground, and why some seem doomed from the start.

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Acknowledgements: The acknowledgements page for the front of the book was accidentally left out in the first print run when my editor and the book designer were putting in the final touches. So, I want to say thank you to the folks at Astrodatabank, to Mohan Koparker, and to my friend, Steven M. Johnson, who did two of the illustrations for the book. He is an artist/inventor and you can visit his web page at

Dell Horoscope

June 2009; Reviewer: Chris Lorenz

Are you feeling stagnant and bored, or maybe secure but as if your life is going nowhere? Perhaps you need to develop some dormant talents or some strengths that have been underutilized. Astrologically speaking, you could look at your Karmic Control planets to get a better understanding of what you came into this life to work on and what you need to do in order to evolve spiritually and feel more fulfilled in the real world. The planet ruling the sign your North Node is in is the Karmic Control planet that you need to develop, according to Celeste Teal in her latest book, Lunar Nodes.

The lunar nodes, consisting of the North and South Nodes, have recently become quite popular among astrologers and a favorite subject in new books. Last year we reviewed four books on the lunar nodes, with each covering the basic descriptions of the lunar nodes in signs and a few covering the lunar nodes in the houses. Celeste Teal’s version is by far the most comprehensive in this genre, as she writes about many facets of the lunar nodes beyond these basics. To be sure, she deals with what it means when your South Node is in this or that sign or this or that house. But she also covers the meanings of your Karmic Control planets – that is, what it means when the ruler of your North or South Node is in a particular sign or house.

Early chapters describe the pros and cons of having the lunar nodes on your Ascendant or Midheaven. Surprisingly, the lunar nodes are reported to influence the native’s height, and several examples are given to show how this works in practice. A later chapter delieneates what one might expect when the inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are aspecting the lunar node-axis, while the following chapter does the same for the outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto). This chapter also includes a section on Chiron, but not on any of the asteroids. Concluding chapters on transits to and from the lunar nodes, progressions involving the lunar nodes, and the lunar nodes in Solar Returns add tremendous depth to how to use these karmic points in time.

The lunar nodes can be particularly revealing when comparing two charts, as the chapter on Synastry so aptly demonstrates. If you’re interested in someone romantically, you’ll want to know if that person has Venus or Jupiter on your North Node, which is very favorable. But watch out if his Mars or Uranus is on your South Node. In this chapter and others, Teal includes the Vertex as an equal player in interpretive value.

What makes Celeste Teal’s Lunar Nodes delightfully interesting to read and study are the many illustrations using celebrity horoscopes. About thirty celebrity charts are included, with many more listed as examples of the point under discussion. Famous director and childhood actor Ron Howard’s horoscope illustrates several important concepts. He was born with his North Node conjunct his Midheaven, indicating early and easy success in following a professional career. His North Node is six degrees past the Midheaven, so that by secondary progression, the Midheaven was conjunct his North Node at age six. Also, his North Node is conjunct the Moon, which shows a strong parental influence in his career. At age six, and urged onward by his parents, he began playing the roll of Opie Taylor when “The Andy Griffith Show” debuted in 1960. And, where’s your North Node?

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Horoscope Guide

April 2009; Reviewer: Kenneth Irving

It used to be that the lunar nodes were very mysterious things. In more primitive, less technological, and less educated astrological times, the average astrologer probably couldn’t even have told you exactly what the nodes were, a factor which probably contributed to the great mystery of what meant in a chart. They aren’t planets, and they aren’t calculated points such as the part of fortune, but instead they show the zodiacal point at which the plane of the Moon’s orbit intersects with the plane of the earth’s orbit. During the (usually) two times a month that the Moon reaches zero degrees of latitude, it will be in exact conjunction with the location of one of the lunar nodes found in an ephemeris.

But, what about all those days in between, when the Moon and the nodes don’t coincide? Since we can’t actually see the “plane of the Moon’s orbit”, it’s easy to think of the nodes as not there at all, yet mathematically we can calculate where they “are” at any given moment, and list them in an ephemeris. Thinking about that problem is probably the equivalent of the fabled centipede trying to explain to someone how he managed to move all those legs in a nice, rhythmic way that should get him where he wanted to go. An astrologer who does try to think about it won’t end up paralyzed like the centipede, but he or she could end up with a big headache.

But all of this just contributes to making the nodes more mysterious, which perhaps is why giving a lecture about them at an astrology conference is a good way to draw a big audience. This mystery may also be something that contributes to the idea held by more than a few Western astrologers that the nodes are somehow special indicators of “karma” (often incorrectly defined) apart from the planets or the chart as a whole. The idea is borrowed from Vedic astrology and really isn’t as simple as that. But the idea is prevalent, and therefore the title of this book.

I am not, by the way, disagreeing with Celeste Teal (a good writer and competent astrologer) on the connection of the nodes to karma, nor saying she doesn’t handle it well. In fact, she does, and it really is the binding theme of the book. So don’t take away from my comments the ideas that the title reflects something superficial or purely commercial, which is not my intention. What I’m really getting down to is that, like me, you do not need to become entangled in the concept of karma, however defined, in order to benefit from this book. If you are interested in that side of the astrological coin, then you will find a great deal here to suit your needs, presented in a thorough and interesting way. On the other hand, if you would like to understand in a purely practical way what, say, someone with a strong aspect of Saturn or Venus or Neptune to the North Node or South Node might be like, you will find some very good discussion on these points, and discussions which does not depend on anything philosophical or religious.

This fact happens to strengthen Teal’s book, and extend its range, bringing it to a wider audience than it might have if it were solely and only focused on the karmic connection. That part of the book’s theme is strongest in the first six chapters along with the last one, but the chapters from seven through 13 tend toward more practical aspects of interpretation, with discussion of karma, past lives, and the like, included in a way that allows the reader to use it or not.

In the back there is a helpful ephemeris of the nodes, a glossary, a bibliography, and a very through index. Little things like that make a book complete, but all too many books these days simply leave them out. Final verdict: Celeste Teal’s Lunar Nodes; Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission is a well-written and well-presented book on the nodes, accessible enough to give the beginner a good, solid overview of the lunar nodes and comprehensive enough to give the advanced student or professional a helpful manual with which to extend his or her knowledge.

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The Mountain Astrologer

August/September 2009; Reviewer: Mary Plumb

Celeste Teal’s newest book is a wonderful addition to the growing library of books on the nodes. Teal is a research astrologer who obviously loves details and records her observations carefully, accessibly, and warmly. I reviewed her previous book, Eclipses, Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation (in the Aug./Sept. 2006 issue of The Mountain Astrologer), and I commended not only its content, but also her clear writing style. The same care and attentiveness pervade her new work.

In the Introduction, the author tells us that she had pages of notes left over from her earlier research on solar returns and eclipses. She knew she had enough material for a complete book on the nodes – and indeed she does.

This book is comprehensive. After describing the astronomy and meaning of the nodes, Teal covers the natal nodes chart position (which includes the angles and the intriguing “Line of Advantage”), house, sign, and aspect to inner and outer planets; the progressed and transiting nodes; transiting planets in aspect to the nodes, the nodes in synastry and solar returns; and some “Extra Tips and Tricks.” (These include solstice points and planets in the same degree as the nodes.) Chapter 3, “Extra Push by the Higher Powers,” also offers the author’s insights about the nodes in aspect to the Vertex and the Part of Fortune.

She moves from broader areas, such as the nodal position by angle, to more specific detail. But there is little abstraction in her work. Her observations are compelling because she writes about what she has seen in many charts.

In her early comments on the meaning of the nodes, Teal describes the four kinds of karma from the Hindu tradition. She is a Western astrologer, but her perception of the working of the nodes is informed by a strong sense of the past and possibilities for the future.

Teal has an easygoing style and is enjoyable to read. She likens the South Node, for instance, to an old, worn pair of pajamas; they may feel very comfortable and cozy to us, but we might not look too impressive in them!

This well-designed book provides a North Node Ephemeris (1935-2054), a Glossary, Bibliography, Index, and clearly reproduced charts throughout the text. Lunar Nodes is ideal for both beginning and advanced astrologers. Beginners will gain a greater understanding of the nodes, since the author is a good teacher. More experienced astrologers will recognize – and perhaps be inspired by – Celeste Teal’s fine insights about the uses and meanings of the nodes.

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