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It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to develop the Moon Valley Astrologer website and a pleasure to serve you by contributing my small part to provide the resources to make your astrological journey easier. I appreciate your support and your kindnesses these past 18 years. Thank you so much.

This is not to say that I will never write more books or articles, but it would be at a more leisurely pace; maybe some freelance or even on new or different topics. All I know is, I feel that new self-discovery awaits me and ending off this chapter of my life is the first step to being ready; to finding what it is.

So, there are some things you should know. The clock is ticking, counting down. The website will go back into the emptiness of the universe by the middle of November 2017. If there are any articles you wanted to review on the site or any PDF training materials you were thinking about purchasing from the Shop, you have some time to do so.

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October 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of September 20, 2017 falls at 27° Virgo, bringing an emphasis to practical matters; health, well-being, jobs and employment. Virgo is a service oriented sign; doing for others. The influences indicated by this New Moon covers the last ten days of September and much of October, until the next New Moon on October 19, 2017 at 26° Libra.

New Moon September 2017

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington D.C., this Virgo New Moon falls in the Third House of transport and communications, showing practical measures surrounding inland transit as well as the means to send and receive news and information. The house of the NM shows where changes and new developments occur. There is great striving for efficiency, planning and organization attaching to these matters. Four Virgo planets in the Third House reflect a busy month involving decision-making; with the need for making calls and short trips.

This period is of great importance for the masses and common people with Cancer rising on the First House. This house reflects the nation and its people as a whole. It shows the state of the nation and general conditions, including the health and prosperity of citizens. Domestic concerns are high priority. Here, the ruling Moon in the Third House, square Saturn and opposing Chiron, shows a serious demeanor, carrying out disciplined work, responding to the needs of relatives or neighbors who are regarded as family. Many work toward the betterment of humanity as old unsettled patterns force some to make abrupt changes in their lives. Recent losses are dealt with.

The NM in the Third House is squaring Saturn, showing a strenuous time for businesses, workers and jobs linked to communications and transport. As ruler of the NM sign, Mercury falls in the Third House, conjunct Mars, opposing Neptune and sesquiquad Uranus. Such aspects suggest heavy expenses and losses connected to motoring and highways. It adversely affects the communications sector and indicates the need for problem-solving in these sectors.

Mars conjunct Mercury in the Third House shows new undertakings and great activity linked to transport and communications, much of it clearing clutter and debris; taking practical actions. The Third House has to do with environmental damage sustained by storms. While there may be some false starts or accidents, shown by Mars square USA natal Uranus, there is a powerful transformational urgency with Mars and Mercury trine Pluto in the Sixth House.

Saturn in the Sixth House of public health and labor forms mixed aspects. With NM square Saturn, the health of the nation is of concern. Labor is adversely impacted. Affairs are disordered and the masses tend to suffer from unemployment or in other ways. Saturn is sextile Jupiter in the Fourth House, which helps advance and benefit the interests of the people. Pluto in the Sixth House is enterprising and its good aspects help boost business.

Uranus is in the Tenth, the house that rules the government, the President, the national reputation, credit and power. The President demonstrates tireless determination to make planned changes and reforms. Saturn trine Uranus suggests strong leadership. Unexpected complicated situations could arise with Uranus closely sesquiquad Mercury. This may involve national disputes or foreign hostilities as Uranus squares USA Pluto in the NM Seventh House. There may be unconventional methods of problem-solving. National affairs appear high strung with Mars ruling the Tenth while an afflicted Uranus resides here. The President will travel but extra care must be taken during travels, in his speech and signing of documents. Sudden or abrupt trouble requires careful management by leaders.

There are new undertakings in connection with crime. Afflicted Mercury rules the Twelfth House, suggesting theft or forgeries while Mars opposing Neptune in the Ninth indicates mysterious crimes; fraud in trade and commerce. This may prove worrisome for people as USA progressed Moon runs up against a square to NM Neptune and Mercury. Patience is needed. This NM conjoins USA Neptune, underscoring confusion. NM trine USA Pluto shows progressive changes.

Venus is in the Second House of money matters. Its closest aspect is the sesquiquad to Pluto, suggesting difficulties linked to financial and commercial affairs.

The Fourth House of land and weather conditions shows breezy conditions with Libra on the cusp. Jupiter in the Fourth increases wind. Earthquakes are not out of the question. Neptune in the Ninth suggests storms and flooding may continue to cause problems along the coasts.

In summary, there appears to be multiple issues; one involving recovery following losses and another dealing with one or more new problems. This NM squares the Aries Ingress Moon/Saturn, while Mercury and Mars oppose ingress Ascendant/Neptune. There is the need to resolve disagreeable issues. Additionally, Mars stimulates two recent eclipses; conjoining the Virgo Solar Eclipse of September 2016 and opposing the Pisces Solar Eclipse of February 2017. You can scroll down this page to review those previous charts and lunation posts.

The Full Moon occurs October 5, 2017 at 12° Aries, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 12° Libra. Indications given by the New Moon often start to bear fruit at the Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where this NM falls on September 20, 2017 at 27° Virgo. The subjects of that house draw your attention, your focus and energy. This is a practical emphasis; getting things in order, improving efficiency in order to maintain the smooth flow of operations. For everyone, it is a good time to take care of job related responsibilities, to improve your health, diet, or begin a practical exercise routine. It is a favorable time to get repair work done around the home. Don’t try to take on too much though. Focus on what is most important. Take extra care during travels and with documents; pay attention to details. Check to see if this NM forms a major aspect to a personal planet within five degrees to identify additional benefits or challenges. For intermediate astrologers, to make your personal forecast very precise, get the PDF download called Essential Keys to Prediction offered at Training & Services. Use that together with my book, Predicting Events with Astrology to make your forecast with confidence. Wishing you the best! Celeste Teal 9/13/2017

Actual Events: NFL National Anthem protests leads to heated exchanges and division in the country. NFL viewer ratings fall. A deadly shooting at a Las Vegas concert leaves the country stunned, with many killed or injured in this historical mass attack, by a man for which the motive is unclear. Trump’s poll numbers take an upward turn for his handling of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. New sanctions are issued against North Korea. Stock Market hits historical highs. Trump calls North Korea’s leader Rocket Man during his U.N. speech. Political and Party division, drama and bickering continues over most everything. Harvey Weinstein is subject of huge new sex scandal. ISIS fighters surrender in Syria. Weather: Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico. Hurricane Nate makes landfall in already weary Gulf state area. Firestorms ravage CA.

September 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 falls at 28° Leo, bringing emphasis to recreation, pleasure pursuits and the promotion of personal interests. Extra pull exerted by the direct alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth gives an eclipse greater importance and a longer span of duration than an ordinary New Moon. While the influences described here may be most noticeable during late August and up until the NM of September 20, 2017 at 27° Virgo, later transits to the eclipse degree may coincide with important developments indicated by the eclipse.

Leo as a fiery sign excites men’s minds and an eclipse in a fire sign is associated with sensational events; sometimes bringing danger of war, movement of armies, or the threat of death, downfall or overthrow of some great political leader or royal figure. Mars conjunct North Node near the SE heightens the drama. Such a combination could mean fast acting developments and also that this Leo SE starts with a bang.

August 2017 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

In the chart cast for Washington D.C., the Leo SE falls in the Ninth House of foreign lands and the high seas. The house shows where activity and new developments will occur. This house rules sea traffic, long distance traffic, foreign trade, the law courts, science and religion. Troublesome developments are likely in connection with a foreign country a considerable distance across the sea. Mars shows tension. There may be disputes at sea or affecting foreign trade. There could be storms, accidents, disasters at sea, or misfortune for sailors.

The Sun in the Ninth House is a strong position, giving strength to the government, especially in trine to Uranus, which infuses vigor into the country and is often a sign of advances. New initiative is taken by the President involving foreign trade and other Ninth House affairs. It is the nearness of Mars that raises a martial spirit, causing unrest and possible trouble affecting the army or navy and yet it may result in some military success for the nation. Mars trine Saturn gives efficiency to the army, power to the government and to the executive side of national life.

There are discussions of national importance indicated by Mercury near the Sun. Retrograde Mercury rules the Seventh House of foreign relations. It forms hard aspects, including a close square to USA natal Uranus in the SE Seventh House. Impulsive decisions on either side could lead to complications. There is a critical degree on the Ascendant and Descendant, showing that national affairs are grave, serious and climactic when it comes to foreign relationships.

As ruler of the Sixth House of military affairs, Venus is in the degree of the nodes, a condition associated with a fateful event, possibly a catastrophe or a fatality. Venus forms hard aspects. Heavy demands, loss or expenditures may involve the police or national defense services. Public health concerns might also arise since it is another subject ruled by the Sixth House.

As ruler of the Twelfth House, Pluto forms hard aspects, suggesting an increase in crime. In his Mundane Astrology treatise, Raphael says that an SE in late Leo leads to “profanation of holy places, churches and sacred edifices; captivity, besieging and ransacking of towns.”

Saturn is in the First House. It rules those who administrator the law. The trine from the Sun helps preserve peace and order in the country. The trine to Uranus improves the chances for national reforms to be made peaceably. However, Saturn is square the MC, where USA natal Neptune falls. There are hidden elements and confusion. Someone high up may fall under suspicion. Saturn squares transiting Neptune. Discredits may attach to the police, to state administrators or municipal officials. Some check or loss abroad is another possibility.

Uranus in the Fifth House in Aries suggests unusual excitement in connection with recreation and pleasure pursuits. While the nature of Uranus suggests some unlooked for adverse effects here, it forms several nice aspects bringing energy and spurring new or different interests.

When we look to the Fourth House of weather and land conditions, Pisces is on this cusp, ruled by Neptune, a sign of wet weather, possibly drenching rain, flooding conditions or out of the ordinary weather. Tropical storms may be intensified with Saturn square the Fourth House cusp.

In summary, this high energy Leo eclipse summons up a picture of big world leaders, each of whom is pounding his chest, vying to be top dog. There is an element of risk for one to have a knee jerk reaction to defend his image if push comes to shove. Hopefully, level heads will prevail and the excitability of this eclipse picture is but a reflection of the planned US and South Korea joint military exercises, carried out annually but coinciding this year with the eclipse. North Korea regards the exercises as a threat. This SE falls on NK’s natal Saturn and if Kim Jong-un was born January 8, as sources say, transiting Pluto is on his Sun, instilling a feeling of awesome unstoppable power. The SE falls on Trump’s Ascendant, raising his self-assertion and attempts to demonstrate leadership. Mars crosses this SE September 3, 2017, when tensions could escalate. Watch for important developments around this time, including a strong statement out of the White House. This may be a declaration of change involving problem-solving at home or abroad. For the longer term, the Sun position and aspects appears advantageous for the country’s leadership, giving strength to the government and the opportunity to overcome serious difficulties successfully. There is potential for progress, enterprise, for new starts leading to success, for expansion, increase, and national prosperity.

The Full Moon occurs September 6, 2017 at 13° Pisces, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 13° Virgo. Indications given in the New Moon chart often start to bear fruit at the Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where this SE falls at 28° Leo to identify where new activity and important developments will transpire. You take new initiative in the subjects ruled by this house. Look for ways to demonstrate your originality. This is a future oriented energy with plenty of opportunity aspects. Just steer clear of conflicts and high risk situations during late August and early September. It is generally recommended to make no major life altering decisions near an eclipse. An eclipse can amplify or distort a facet of the personality or character if falling on a natal planet. Learn how this works in Chapter One of my book, Eclipses, which also helps identify the subjects or people highlighted by an eclipse according to house or by falling on or opposite a personal planet. For those in the US, the eclipse itself brings excitement. For safety sake, protect your eyes with eclipse viewing glasses for this special event! Wishing you well! Celeste Teal 8/15/2017

Actual Events: Tensions escalate with North Korea after Kim Jong-un tests a hydrogen bomb September 3, 2017, after earlier firing 3 short range missiles; one over Japan, followed by the US carrying out a missile intercept test. US sanctions Russia and China over their support of NK; threatens to stop trade with countries trading with the rogue nation. NAFTA is under discussion/renegotiation (trade with neighboring Mexico and Canada). Ten sailors are lost after the USS McCain destroyer is involved in a deadly collision off the coast of Singapore. Black Hawk helicopter crashes near Yemen, killing one. Military mishaps during training exercises occur at Camp Pendleton and Fort Bragg. Protests and rallies turn violent in various cities as black clad Antifa activists (far left group) clash with law-abiding demonstrators. Statues of General Lee are toppled, defaced or destroyed as was a statue of Christopher Columbus in NY. Riots erupt in Saint Louis. Trump rescinds DACA program; sends to Congress to legitimatize the protection of dreamers. Equifax is hacked; potentially impacting half of US citizens. Jerry Lewis passes away within hours of the Leo Solar Eclipse. Theaters see falling business as movie goers tire of Hollywood’s politicizing. Weather; Deadly Hurricane Harvey devastates Texas, bringing 52 inches of rain, flooding Houston and surrounding areas and stranding cruise ships at sea as the Port of Galveston is closed. Destructive Hurricane Irma pounds FL. Flights cancelled and 65% of FL loses power, resulting in heat related deaths of several seniors in a nursing facility.

August 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of July 23, 2017 falls at 0° Leo, highlighting children’s interests, sports, recreation, gambling and romance. Social activities and friendships are accented, with emphasis on creative activities, pleasure quests and the promotion of one’s personal interests. This lunation covers the last week of July and the first three weeks of August, until the next New Moon on August 21, 2017 at 28° Leo, which is a Total Solar Eclipse.

July 2017 New Moon

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington D.C., this Leo New Moon falls in the First House, the most important house of all twelve, having rule over the country and its people as a whole. It shows the general state of affairs in the country, including the health and prosperity of citizens. This is a strong lunation since it conjoins the Ascendant, and there is a lot to break down…

The house of a lunation shows where changes and new developments will come about, so this NM suggests changes affecting the nation. There is a critical degree on the cusp of the First House, increasing the gravity of new developments. The NM closely conjoins Mars. Such an aspect is usually but not always an afflictive aspect, depending on aspects to the conjunction. By itself, it suggests that the country is involved in dynamic self-assertion for power and supremacy, with disputes at home or with other countries. Note that a critical degree also falls on the cusp of the Seventh House of foreign affairs, an indication that things may be strained or climactic.

The Sun in the First House is a very strong position, giving strength to the nation and to the government to overcome challenges; often resulting in some national success. Nevertheless, a bad aspect to the Sun will operate according to its nature. The conjunction of NM with Mars is of a fiery, aggressive nature and here the NM and Mars square Uranus in the Tenth House. This combination suggests waves of excitement, drama, heated outbursts, creating a war-like atmosphere in the country, with rumors of war and/or hostilities directed toward the President or the government, who face sudden, unexpected trouble requiring careful management. Mars square Uranus shows turbulence. It is more dangerous by falling in angular houses.

The NM is sesquiquad Neptune, an aspect of disorder and confusion in national affairs. It is associated with some sort of a collapse or downfall affecting the government or the reputation of a prominent leader. There could be scandals or resignations in government circles.

This NM opposes USA natal Pluto, another combative aspect and here with Pluto conjunct the cusp of the NM Seventh House of foreign countries. To further complicate things, NM Uranus in the Tenth conjoins USA progressed Venus and both square natal Pluto, and bringing in another square from this NM to USA progressed Venus. This NM also squares USA progressed Saturn. Difficulties pile up and obstacles beset the President, whose strength, endurance and patience is tested. Advancement on his agenda may face setbacks, more serious by mid-August. It appears entirely possible that the country is in the midst of a national crisis, either political in nature or weather related at the same time there are problems in foreign affairs.

The Fifth House of the Stock Market is ruled by afflicted Pluto while Saturn here opposes Venus. The markets might temporarily swoon or falter under the weight of disruptive developments.

Military activity is brought to the forefront with Mars in the First House. The Sixth House of military affairs suggests trouble with Pluto square Jupiter. High expenditures or accidents may connect to the army or navy. Public health may also be a concern since it is ruled by the Sixth.

The best aspects in the chart are formed by Mercury. Mercury rules the Third and occupies the Second House, suggesting gains for businesses and professions connected with science and education. Mercury is trine Uranus, so new legislation may be discussed, planned or passed although Venus in the Eleventh House suggests possible trouble through legislation affecting women. Venus opposing Saturn may also mean trouble through friends or allies abroad.

When we look to the Fourth House of land and weather conditions, Libra is on the cusp and Jupiter is conjunct the cusp in square to Pluto. There are indicators of possible earthquakes. This likelihood increases due to USA natal Saturn near this cusp. It tends to be windy too so with several planets in Fire signs from the angles, wildfires are a continuing potential danger. Flooding is an increased possibility after the Full Moon, with dangers especially along the coasts.

In summary, this appears to be a drama filled month with potentially unsettling changes. The country’s affairs seem unpredictable and destabilizing. It may be hard for people to gauge how things will go or how to plan ahead. There is scope for disputes at home and abroad.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs August 7, 2017 at 15° Aquarius, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 15° Leo. Indications given by the NM often culminate at Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where the NM falls at 0° Leo on July 23, 2017. The lunation will draw your attention to the subjects ruled by that house, with a sense of rejuvenation and the urge to start something new. Just be sure your plans are well set and keep your actions steady. Do be sure to check for major aspects from this NM to your natal or progressed planets within five degrees. This will inform you of extra blessings or challenges. If this NM forms nice aspects in your natal chart, it is an excellent time for socializing and for creative projects. For everyone generally, this is a time to show initiative, especially as you promote your interests, but steer clear of confrontations. It is not the best time to change jobs but to deal carefully with authority figures. For intermediate astrologers and up, to make your personal forecast very precise, get the PDF download called Essential Keys to Prediction offered at Training & Services. Use that together with my book, Predicting Events with Astrology to make your forecasts with confidence. Wishing you well! Celeste Teal 7/15/2017

Actual Events: In a White House staff uproar, Spicer is out and Sarah H. Sanders is new Press Sec. Scaramucci as new Comm Dir is ousted within days. John Kelly replaces Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff. Bannon is out. Trump tweets a ban on transgender individuals entering the military due to medical costs. US Navy fires warning shots when an Iranian ship comes within 150 yards during a training exercise in the Persian Gulf. North Korea makes threats to US of missile strikes. Tension escalates dramatically as reports indicate NK is near a nuclear-ready ICBM. Heavy sanctions are leveled against NK by international community. Two US troops perish in Afghanistan. Three marines missing after an aircraft crash off the coast of Australia. Russia plans to retaliate after new sanctions. Trump declares opioid abuse a National Emergency. Officials issue warning about Mexican resorts after death of tourist from alcoholic beverage. Eight dead bodies found in a tractor-trailor in Antonio in a human smuggling operation; 100 people without water in the sweltering hot vehicle. An amusement ride malfunction claims a life at the OH State Fair. Man-made disaster causes lengthy power outage to NC coastal islands. A rally in VA by White Nationalists opposing the removal of Robert E. Lee statue turns violent as clashes ensue with counter-protesters, leading to a State of Emergency. Trump is harshly criticized for his response. Weather: Twisters hit many areas/states in unusual late season activity. Several quakes rattle OK in short time. Floods in some parts, esp the Southeast. Wildfires continue to plague the West. Tropical storms begin.

July 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of June 23, 2017 falls at 2° Cancer, bringing an emphasis to home and family life. Many will make domestic changes through a move, remodeling or repairs. For those who work at home, the operations of the home office may undergo upgrades or require changes. Pending matters surrounding the home or property are handled. Extra attention may revolve around a family member. Old conditions are wrapped up and future plans are made. The themes of this NM cover the last week of June and most of July, until the NM of July 23 at 0° Leo.

June 2017 New Moon

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington D.C., this Cancer NM falls in the Fifth House, bringing focus to matters surrounding children, amusements and entertainment. The house placement of the NM shows where changes and new developments will come about. There is an increase of family pleasure pursuits. Society is busy. The Fifth House also rules sports, betting and speculation as well as high society. Events linked to these subjects come to the forefront.

The NM is conjunct Mercury in the Fifth House. There are new plays, movies and novelties at places of entertainment. People are inclined to amusements and family vacation travel. The other aspects to NM are mixed; opposing Saturn, semi-square Venus, but sextile Uranus. There may be some upsetting news or public excitement attaching to this house; perhaps trouble at a holiday event, ill-treatment against children or another development impacting the social side of the nation.

Aquarius is rising in this chart, on the cusp of the First House, indicating a rapid pace and moving quickly from one activity to another. The First House is the most important of the twelve, reflecting upon the country and its inhabitants as a whole; the general conditions of prosperity and health of the nation. With ruling Uranus on the Third House cusp, people are actively traveling and moving about. There is an increase in pleasure excursions. Popular interests and movements come to the forefront with Neptune in the First House. Neptune’s aspects are favorable, promoting music and art. The USA natal Moon in the NM First House gets a close square from NM Venus however, another signal of a possible emotional upset.

Uranus forms several nice aspects from the Third House, suggesting new ideas, achievements and enterprise connecting to this house, such as beneficial reforms involving inland transit, education or communications infrastructure. This house rules roadways, railways, river traffic, etc., as well as all means of news dissemination. There are advancements in these sectors. With Uranus right on the sensitive cusp, it could mean some surprising developments here too. Venus in the Third is trine Pluto. There is an increase in publications connected with art, music and literature. There may be increased good will with neighboring countries.

The Fourth House of land and weather conditions has Taurus on the cusp, ruled by Venus. Weather may be warm and wet mixed with wind. Weather is more extreme after the Full Moon.

There are ups and downs affecting military affairs with the Moon ruling the Sixth House. Mars in the Sixth House forms a square to Jupiter while opposing Pluto, showing problems in military matters and involving health related affairs. Mercury near the cusp of the Sixth House conjoins Mars in the Sixth, an indication of discussion as well as high feeling or public excitement. There may be martial excitement in the country and health related concerns.

Jupiter in the Eighth House is in a critical degree, square Mars, which could mean the death or downfall of someone high up; a statesman, judge or someone of the religious or legal world.

Scorpio falls on the cusp of the Tenth House. This house represents the government, the President and the national reputation; honor and credit. Pluto rules Scorpio. The trine of Venus to Pluto is the closest aspect in the chart, suggesting expanding trade at home and abroad. Some success or achievement may be connected to border security. The NM sextile Uranus and Uranus trine Saturn helps government undertakings and the President. Some successes are scored.

Saturn in the Eleventh House of politics and legislative affairs forms mixed aspects. There are some successes gained, although possible discontent within the parties and political discord.

Pluto in the Twelfth House in square to Jupiter and opposition to Mars denotes crimes within the country, some of it mysterious and hard to detect. This house rules secret enemies and conspiracies abroad so attention may be brought to these subjects.

In summary, there is an emphasis on social times, holidays and family vacations. National affairs and holidays are highlighted but vulnerabilities appear. The lunar nodes are exactly square the MC while NM Mars falls on the USA natal Sun. In the Cancer Ingress (Summer Solstice) chart that just began, Mars falls on the Fifth House cusp as it does in the Full Moon chart, from where it squares the Aries Ingress Uranus in the First House (chart shown in a previous post). The USA progressed Moon at 8° Sagittarius is also now opposing USA natal Uranus. It is a time to be observant and vigilant as we near Independence Day celebrations and for the two weeks following the Full Moon.

The Full Moon occurs July 8 at 17° Capricorn, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 17° Cancer. Indications given at New Moon often begin to show fruit around the Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where the New Moon of June 23 falls at 2° Cancer. The lunation will light up the subject matters ruled by the house and your attention will turn to them, likely with an urge to start something new. For everyone generally, this is a good time to handle real estate and property matters. It is also a time you can look forward to invitations and more socializing. There may be a chance to travel or take a short trip for a special occasion. Do be a bit flexible and prepared for the possible need to make changes in holiday plans or schedules. Children require extra attention now since they are out of school for the summer. Check the aspects formed by this NM to your natal or progressed planets that fall within a five degree orb. This will inform you of extra benefits or potential challenges. To make an extended forecast, get my book Predicting Events with Astrology to make your forecast with confidence. Wishing you a very happy, progressive and peace filled lunation! Celeste Teal 6/13/2017

Actual Events: SCOTUS clears the way for Trump’s travel ban to go into effect, with some provisions, and will hear the case in the fall. Travel ban gains public support. News reports that Obama knew about Russia meddling prior to the Election. Civic demonstrations occur in opposition to the Republican health care bill, now stalled in the Senate. In Little Rock, 17 people are shot in a nightclub. In a show of aggression and defiance, NK tests an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) on the 4th of July. Trump meets with world leaders at the G20 Summit in Hamburg Germany, greeted with hostility in Germany but cordially in Poland. His favorability rating gets a boost following his meeting with Putin. New allegations surface of Trump collusion with Russia; now with Don Trump Jr. an actor. Stock Market reaches new highs. A Marine plane crash in Mississippi claims lives of 16 military service members. A female police officer is assassinated in NY. A mom in TX kills 4 of her children. Four young men are mysteriously murdered in Philly; suspects now in custody. House Majority WHIP Scalise reenters hospital from infection (later released) after gunshot wounds in June at a Republican ball practice in DC by a disgruntled voter. AZ Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer. FBI investigates an OK explosion as possible domestic terrorism. O.J. Simpson gets parole. Weather: Heatwave in the Southwest, firestorms out West, flooding in the Midwest, t-storms in the East, while some in the high country are snow skiing on snowpack remaining. Deadly flash flooding in AZ kills 10.

June 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of May 25, 2017 falls at 4° Gemini, the sign corresponding with communications and transportation. Look for an increase of travel as well as important news, information, discussions, airing of ideas, correspondence and decision-making. This lunation covers the last few days of May and most of June, until the next NM of June 23 at 2° Cancer.

May 2017 New Moon

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington, D.C., this Gemini New Moon falls in the Eighth House although close enough to the cusp of the Ninth House that changes and new developments will be observed in both houses. Financial relations with other countries are emphasized, with important discussions on trade, new agreements or the signing of treaties. A VIP travels to other countries in the effort. With NM trine Jupiter in Libra, it is favorable for foreign trade and commerce, for forming business partnerships and deals. The U.S. may now extend its influence abroad.

This NM falls in a critical degree, thereby bringing extra importance and gravity attaching to houses 8, 9, 10 and 11. The Ninth House rules long distance travel, shipping, the law courts as well as science and religion. The NM trine Jupiter is beneficial for travel, shipping, for sea occupations and the launching of vessels. Nevertheless Mars in the Ninth House suggests possible accidents in shipping or aviation and likely legal disputes here at home. Mars opposing Saturn is unfortunate for the Government and poses difficulties for the President, who suffers unpopularity and falls under the shadow of suspicion indicated by NM square Neptune.

We are operating under the Aries Ingress chart, shown in the April column, which revealed the many trials faced by the new administration. Increased hostilities and opposition is likely now as the NM forms minor aspects; semi-square Venus and sesquiquad Pluto, which itself opposes the Tenth House of the President. In spite of this, the President retains a measure of power due to the strong position of the NM, its trine to Jupiter and Saturn trine Uranus. Mars sextile Uranus also gives strength to the party in power. The country is in the world spotlight this month.

There are mixed aspects coming out of the Seventh House of foreign affairs. Venus and Uranus square Pluto suggests anxiety, with potentially sudden unexpected complications of a serious nature. Uranus also shows some successes gained. A proposed alliance may prove advantageous. The better aspects of Venus suggest that cooperation can come about and business can be carried out. Some serious difficulties may be successfully overcome although accommodations may be needed to maintain a current relationship or to form a partnership.

The most angular planet in the chart is Jupiter falling in the First House. This is the most important house, reflecting upon the nation and its people; the general conditions of prosperity and health. Jupiter in the First is a favorable signification, showing benefits for the people and community. It suggests peace and contentment among workers and the masses, with optimism and employment opportunities. The rulers of the First and Seventh in sextile suggests many marriages and engagements. Disturbances to the peace would most likely come through national disputes, foreign affairs and/or weather events.

Pluto occupies the Fourth House of land and weather conditions, bringing chances for extreme storms or violent weather doing property damage. Jupiter in square contributes big winds as does the NM in Gemini. Venus and Uranus in square suggest wet conditions and sudden reversals or record-breaking events. Storms along the coasts are suggested by Mars in the Ninth House.

Saturn in the Third House shows possible environmental damage from weather events and/or travel related accidents. This house rules transportation and communications. Trouble might arise for businesses or employees connected to these subjects; railways, the news media, etc.

Neptune falls on the cusp of the Sixth House. Concerns over public health may arise due to an increase in drug addictions. Crimes or scandals may attach to the police, the navy or in military circles. Watch for cases of vice or immorality here or mischief among the lower classes.

As ruler of the NM sign, Mercury falls in the Eighth House. Discussions may link to public health matters, sanitation, or deaths. Mercury is in adverse aspect to Saturn, suggesting the possible death of a noted writer, an educationalist, a literary person or travelers. Publications connected with mysticism or new imaginative concepts in art or music may benefit.

In summary, this chart shows an encouraging trend for the people with increased contentment, socializing and good cheer. Publishing increases. In this chart however, Jupiter takes on the nature of “an afflicted benefic on an angle” described in Predicting Events with Astrology, and so is not entirely benevolent, potentially posing a temporary absence of harmony. Important matters are at hand. Forces that have been building may now be triggered for release.

The Full Moon falls June 9 at 18° Sagittarius, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 18° Gemini. Indications given in the New Moon chart often start to show fruit at the Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where this NM falls at 4° Gemini on May 25, 2017. The lunation will draw your focus to the subjects ruled by that house. This is a busy month, running errands and making contacts; likely visits with relatives as well. Watch for opportunities for your future expansion through the help and interest of a benevolent individual. It is a favorable time to consult a professional or an expert, who may have constructive advice. The time is right to make agreements or sign contracts. Inspiration may come through new spiritual insights. Aim high but focus on what is most important. Do not spread yourself too thin, which will only lead to frantic rushing about, disorganization or disorder. Also, be sure you are quite clear in communications; incoming and outgoing. It is not the time to take risks by texting while driving; pay attention to avoid an accident. Find constructive subjects to occupy your mind, which will help reduce worries over small matters. It is a great time to begin a new study, so head over to the Shop to browse the menu of downloadable PDF training materials. Wishing you an enjoyable lunation! Celeste Teal 5/18/2017

Actual Events: Trump wraps up his first overseas trip. Trump pulls USA out of Paris Climate Accord, saying it puts America at a disadvantage. He puts restrictions on travel and trade ties with Cuba. The US signs a $12B arms deal with Qatar, supplying them with F-15 jets. A missile intercept test is carried out for the first time; May 30, 2017. Sec Defense James Mattis warns that North Korea is a clear and present danger. NK releases a comatose US student held captive there since 2016; he dies days later. In a deadly Afghan bomb blast, 11 Americans are wounded. 4,000 more troops are to be sent to Afghanistan. US shot down regime fighter jet in Syria. In Portland, a white supremacist attacks and kills 2 during an altercation with men standing up for Muslim women. Kathy Griffin, under investigation by the FBI, is fired by CNN for a hate-filled depiction of a beheaded President Trump. Former FBI Dir James Comey and AG Jeff Sessions testify for Congress re Russian probe. UPS workplace violence kills 3 on the same day (June 14) that Republican Congressional members are targeted in a shooting spree by a Bernie Sanders supporter at a ball park in DC. The shooter is killed by Capital police. Several are injured, including the 3rd ranking Rep, critically injured. A Navy destroyer collides with a cargo ship off the coast of Japan, takes on water and 7 sailors drown. Unemployment is lowest it’s been since 2001. Overdoses from opioids are in the news country-wide. Weather: Twisters in the heartland, a record-breaking heat wave in the Southwest and extreme storms on the East Coast.

May 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of April 26, 2017 falls at 6° Taurus, the sign associated with money matters; income, possessions and personal belongings. Insuring our financial security is a priority now. Efforts are taken to improve credit, to improve profits or reduce losses. Much striving goes toward acquiring substance and securing what we have. This lunation governs the last few days of April and most of May, until the next New Moon on May 25, 2017 at 5° Gemini.

April 2017 New Moon

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington, D.C., the Taurus NM falls in the Twelfth House, showing where changes and new developments will occur. The Twelfth House rules hospitals and rehab institutions; any facility of detention or confinement, and it rules spy agencies, as well as secret foes. With NM trine Saturn there are beneficial reforms in the management of these facilities. Investigations and confidential matters are emphasized. Governmental secrets may come out.

There are mixed influences in the Twelfth. The ruler of the house, Venus, in harsh aspect to Saturn suggests the ousting of someone connected to the house, possibly a secret agent. In a separate scenario, Mars in the Twelfth House shows trouble connected with a public institution; a crime may be committed in a facility of confinement. Mysterious or hard to detect crimes are often a concern when Mars dwells here. Since this house rules secret enemies, vigilance is needed as Neptune square the Ascendant indicates that the country is vulnerable to deceptions.

Saturn is most angular, falling in the Seventh House of foreign affairs and relations with other countries. Saturn is retrograde and square Venus, an indication of long or grievous difficulties with foreign powers. Saturn forms several trines, which assists, but it may be slow going; renegotiating with some powers and promoting alliances with others to further commercial affairs. Disputes may arise in connection with trade and finance questions.

Saturn trine Uranus gives power to the ruling party while NM trine Saturn helps the government hold its own. This makes up somewhat for the NM in the Twelfth, which weakens the government. The ruler of the Tenth House of the President and government is Uranus, making its trine to Saturn doubly helpful. This suggests some unexpected success or achievement either at home or abroad. Uranus conjoins Mercury. The President may face a sudden development or decision requiring great care. He may travel suddenly. He may make changes at the top.

There is much activity in the Eleventh House of legislation and politics. Mercury shows changes and shake-ups affecting legislative members or top governmental officials. Watch for some unpleasant episodes and disorder here. There may be policy re-dos, reviews and reorganization with Mercury retrograde. Public excitement is likely in connection with politics, secret investigations or legislative matters. Important measures demand attention. Uranus suggests sudden developments but with chances for some success. There are political discussions, meetings and speeches to do with allies and to do with the military and ammunitions.

The closest aspect in the chart is Mars sesquiquad Pluto, similar in influence as a square. These planets are co-rulers of the Sixth House with Scorpio on that cusp. This suggests trouble involving the army, naval and military matters. Accidents, explosions or fires might arise in connection with military maneuvers or launching of vessels. Concerns about military spending come up. The Sixth House also rules public health matters, which may be a heightened concern.

Jupiter in the Fifth House of speculation is square Pluto in the Eighth. Markets may be volatile. There could be setbacks or failures in speculation for some. Much depends on the actions of leaders! As ruler of the Taurus lunation Venus square Saturn is a damper for money and business matters. The trine between Saturn and Uranus is encouraging for upward markets however.

We see that Gemini is rising here, making Mercury the chart ruler. The First House is important since it reflects upon the nation and its people. Literary matters are prominent and active. Science is active and discoveries are made. Trade is active, but dependent upon intelligence and shrewdness. Retrograde Mercury is in a critical degree, suggesting that reviews of goals are taking place during a climactic month. Bright new ideas need to also be realistic.

The Fourth House of land and weather conditions has Leo on the cusp. Warm, dry and calm weather is forecast; possibly with moderating rain with the NM in Taurus. There should be some benefits for miners, farmers and agriculture, as well as for homeowners.

In summary, this could be a jittery period as developments tend to occur out of the blue. Suspicion, mistrust and secret investigations may be a dominate theme until the middle of May, with disgrace or scandal likely to be incurred by a notable person, shown by Neptune overhead.

The Full Moon occurs May 10, 2017 at 20° Scorpio, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 20° Taurus. Indications shown at New Moon often begin to show fruit at the Full Moon. Culminations come about. Progressive changes and pleasantness seems more attainable now.

In your own chart, check the house where this New Moon falls on April 26 at 6° Taurus. The lunation brings focus to the matters of this house. A NM is revitalizing and shows where self-discovery and new beginnings can come about. This month we are learning that our ability to grow and transform depends on our relationships. Check to see if this NM falls on a natal planet, using no more than a five-degree orb. Then check for close aspects from the NM to other natal planets. This will inform you of extra benefits or possible challenges. Next, look at the other planets positions in the lunation chart and see if any of them form an exact aspect to a natal planet within a one-degree orb. If so, that aspect is operational this month. For everyone generally, this is a good time to find ways to economize. Mercury Retrograde lasts until May 3, 2017, after which it gradually becomes easier to get on with plans and reach for new goals. For an extended forecast, get my book, Predicting Events with Astrology to make your forecast with confidence. Also, check out the PDF training articles available in the Shop. Wishing you a peaceful, happy lunation! Celeste Teal 4/20/2017

Actual Events: Trump calls special meeting at White House to update Senate members on North Korean threat after NK releases a video threatening U.S. targets. U.S. may form an alliance with Philippine Pres. Pentagon requests sending more troops to Afghanistan. Trump approves a plan to arm the Kurdish military in Syria. Two U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan was result of friendly fire. Travel alert issued by State Dept. for European destinations. A dangerous prison escapee is captured after a week on the loose. Michael Flynn is the subject of several investigations. FBI Director James Comey comes under investigation after he testifies re investigations into Clinton and Trump camps. Trump then fires Comey, opening a new round of investigations. Bernie Sander’s wife is under investigation by FBI for bank fraud. Racial discrimination lawsuits filed against Fox News. The House passes legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare; it must still pass the Senate. Trump begins extended trip abroad; inks big ammunitions deal with Saudi Arabia. Ransomware hacks globally. Security measures heightened in USA following a terrorist attack in London. NASA records sounds and images of Saturn as Saturn transits the Galactic Center at 26° Sag. It is a seller’s market for homeowners. Weather: variable; late snow in some parts, twisters and flooding also occurred.

April 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of March 27, 2017 falls at 7° Aries, the sign of new beginnings. This is the time of year we make personal changes; start new habits, change our appearance, initiate new activities or begin new projects. It is a time of taking personal initiative to reach desired goals. The Aries lunation often sets the stage for what is to come for the year. This New Moon covers the last few days of March and most of April, until the next New Moon of April 26, 2017, at 6° Taurus.

March 2017 New Moon

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington, D.C., this Aries New Moon falls in the Fifth House. The house of the NM shows where changes and new developments take place. The Fifth House rules children and their interests; schools and education. It rules places of amusement, pleasure and entertainment. It rules high society and formal social functions. It rules sports and speculation, having partial rule over the Stock Market. Several planets accompany the NM in the Fifth House.

This NM conjoins Venus, increasing financial speculation. Both Venus and the NM is square Saturn in the Second House of finance and revenues. This tends to disturb the business and financial side of the nation, which may then suffer. It is best to stay on the conservative side with investments. Venus retrograde is in the degree of the nodes, on the cusp of the Fifth House, a signal that something untoward arising out of this house might dampen national social life.

Mercury joins Uranus in the Fifth House, suggesting active trade and volatility. Uranus is adverse for Fifth House subjects, bringing sudden unlooked for occurrences. Matters to do with children’s education may be disturbed. Amusements may suffer due to an accident, a fire or tragedy at a sporting event, theater or social event. The loss of a noted entertainer or death of a high society individual is a possibility. With Venus square Saturn, people may be disinclined to take in amusements, resulting in losses for theaters. Concerns may also arise regarding the treatment of women or children. Irregular love affairs may be exposed. Watch for cases of slander, blackmail and other vices and outrages occurring. Discord, disputes or scandal may affect high society.

With Scorpio rising on the cusp of the First House, Pluto is the chart ruler, falling here in the Second House to show that the nation and its people are currently motivated by economic concerns. Pluto is in a close square to Jupiter. This suggests economic challenges, waste of resources or setbacks; possibly some serious failure causing feelings of insecurity.

Mars in the Sixth House suggests that building up the military may be driving speculation, new jobs, etc. Mars is trine Pluto and sextile Neptune, suggesting progress toward a more robust military and new military strategies or maneuvers. Mars is forming a close hard aspect to Saturn however so there are obstacles or troubles connected to the army or navy. Discontent may arise over the cost, which may be viewed by some as a national extravagance. Financial disputes may arise due to legislative decisions costing the public.

Saturn trine Uranus gives increased power to the ruling party. Mercury ruling the Tenth House forms several aspects so government agents appear busy; traveling, speaking and promoting agendas along the lines of new undertakings or improving conditions for workers and labor matters. State and municipal workers may benefit from decreased regulations and Mercury trine Saturn is good for railway shares. Mercury afflicts Jupiter and Pluto however, signs of division and political excitement. With Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune, the administration may deal with slanderous allegations. The Sun aspects show trouble for the president, who runs into obstacles and may have limited freedom to act. Discussions linked to the First Family take place.

The Fourth House of land and weather conditions has Pisces on the cusp and Neptune in the Fourth House. This attests to very wet weather and here the sextile from Mars contributes.

Aries Ingress 2017

Aries Ingress

In summary, national challenges lie ahead. We are now operating under the Aries Ingress chart that began March 20, 2017. This chart shows serious difficulties for the government, with discord affecting political and national affairs. Unfortunate changes occur. There is uncertainty in national affairs, which are depressed and disorderly. The machine of state functions poorly. Restlessness or discontent may impact markets. Misfortune or gloom may overshadow the social side of life. The death of some prominent person or government figure is a distinct possibility. A public ceremonial may take place in connection with a top official, a government or national function.

The Full Moon occurs April 11, 2017 at 21° Libra, with the Sun in the opposite degree at 21° Aries. Indications of the NM often start to show fruit at the Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where the New Moon of March 27, 2017 falls at 7° Aries. Look to the house that has the Aries symbol on the cusp to see where activity may come bursting forth this month ahead. The lunation brings new developments and changes impacting the subjects ruled by this house. Much attention turns to these matters. For everyone, this is a time to watch your funds, avoiding gambling and high risk schemes. You may want to prepare for extra expenses through children, recreational activities or a new pastime. Venus Retrograde in this extended square to Saturn is a depressant that may be felt by many people, who may feel there is an imbalance between work and play. Excessive responsibilities or material hardships may block happiness or prevent peace and tranquility for a time. Social plans might have to be cancelled or altered at the last second. Some may be melancholic due to a personal misfortune, or some development outside one’s control impinges on one’s sense of security. Elderly family members may be a concern. Things will eventually right themselves. For now, take a day at a time. Mercury Retrograde begins April 9, 2017 and we now have several planets retrograde, which can slow forward progress. Wishing you the best, Celeste Teal 3/3/2017

Actual Events: Nightclub shooting in Cincinnati kills one; injures 14. Murder/suicide at elementary school in San Bernardino fatally wounds a nearby student. Parents thwart their teen daughter’s school bombing plot in MD. The White House put on lockdown after delivery of a suspicious package. In a separate incident, a man is arrested who mailed a disturbing manifesto to Trump. Trump donates his first quarter salary, $78K, to National Park Services. Trump orders U.S. missile strikes into Syrian airport where chemical attacks were launched against Syrian people by their leader, Assad. Tensions rise between the U.S. and Russia as a result. U.S. drops bomb on ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, killing dozens of its members. Tensions rise with North Korea. Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to Supreme Court; swearing in ceremony 4-10. Cost of security for Trump and his family is a concern. Trump admin undergoes shifts – Bannon out. Trump’s stance on military pathway to citizenship unveiled. Ex-CIA chief says Trump White House is a runaway train. LA Times says it’s a train wreck. Four U.S. cities call for impeachment probe. Comedian Don Rickles passes away. Bill O’Riley is fired from FOX after losing advertisers due to several sexual harassment claims. Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison. Weather; twisters ravage some parts, cold/snow/stormy in other parts. Fires plague FL. The Southeast states experience floods.

March 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon, Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 falls at 8° Pisces. An eclipse in Pisces brings an emphasis to confidential matters, investigations and behind the scenes activities. Health-consciousness increases. A water sign eclipse foreshadows excessive rain, flood damage and accidents by sea; often unfortunate for the seacoasts and for the fowl or fish and things living near the water. Unrest is associated with a water sign eclipse and this is the last of the mutable sign eclipses that emphasizes the large number of people displaced by war and other conflicts.

Extra pull exerted by the direct alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth gives an eclipse greater importance and a longer duration of effect than an ordinary New Moon. While the influences described here may be most noticeable from now until the next New Moon of March 27, 2017 at 7° Aries, later transits to this eclipse in May will call up activity connecting back to the eclipse.

February 2017 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

In the chart cast for Washington, D.C., this Pisces eclipse falls in the Eleventh House of allies and friends abroad. There is a degree of strain present with an eclipse and this eclipse is of the South Node influence, a draining or limiting effect. The country may lose an ally or a friend abroad. This eclipse falls in conjunction with Neptune so the significance of Neptune will principally appear, placing confusion or uncertainties on matters concerning allies. The Eleventh House also rules legislative dealings and politics. Watch for delays, discord, disorganization and scandals.

Besides several planets in Pisces, three planets fall in the Twelfth House. This is a secret house so there may be activities, manipulations or investigations taking place behind the scenes that the public is not aware of. News coming out may be misleading, distracting or undependable.

Saturn trine Uranus gives increased power to the ruling party, however several minor hard aspects of the Sun show challenges for the President and administration. Disputes at home or with other countries may cause waves of excitement. Political, religious and ideological conflicts are in play. Legal disputes are likely. There may be new undertakings by the government in connection with crime, criminals or secret enemies. Police activity appears to be heightened.

Mars is in the Twelfth House, associated with crime, turbulence and lawlessness. This house rules rehab institutions; any facility of detention or confinement, and it rules spy agencies, as well as secret foes. Trouble could arise out of one of these departments, such as a prison uprising, an enemy threat or a dangerous suspect on the loose. Mars is conjunct Uranus, ratcheting up the tempo, suggesting trouble might erupt suddenly. Mars arouses an aggressive spirit and may manifest in various ways worldwide. Watch for themes of “wrangling fellows”.

Mars and Uranus closely oppose Jupiter in the Sixth House. Military matters attract attention and there is martial excitement in the country. This eclipse in square to USA natal Uranus adds tension. It squares the Capricorn Ingress Ascendant and Descendant, which may test foreign relationships. The eclipse in trine to USA natal Sun may mean that current efforts are connected to the security of the nation. Saturn trine Mars increases the strength and efficiency of the army, navy, national services and police and yet there may be heavy military expenditures. The best aspects involve Saturn. Some national reforms are made peaceably. Others give trouble.

We see that Taurus is rising on the cusp of the First House. This is a most important house since it reflects upon the country and its people, the general conditions and outlook, especially in regard to health and prosperity. The nation and its people are security minded. As chart ruler, Venus is in the Twelfth House and is slow in motion, about to turn stationary in Aries, in a critical degree. This is not a particularly happy augury as it appears to stall progress and industry. When Venus stations, it is square the USA natal Sun. There may be a preoccupation with a scandal, concerns about crimes against women and children or another development causing grievance or disappointment. Venus suggests sorrow or financial woes. Social life may be affected.

The Fourth House rules land and weather conditions. Leo falls on the cusp. As ruler, the Sun in Pisces suggests wet weather and maybe especially problematic storms along the coasts.

In summary, this chart shows opportunities for constructive changes through controlled measures, but trouble could arise due to false steps, hasty, ill-considered actions, or a failure of measures. Too much zeal could be disastrous. At worst, the power, reputation or life of a prominent leader may come under threat and something in the nature of a collapse occurs. There is a lot to try to encapsulate. Several recent eclipses are also being stimulated by action-oriented planets during March.

The Full Moon occurs March 12, 2017 at 22° Virgo, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 22° Pisces. Indications shown at the New Moon often start to show fruit at the Full Moon.

In your own chart, check the house where this Solar Eclipse falls at 8° Pisces on February 26, 2017. The house of an eclipse shows where changes and new developments will occur during the coming year. If things have been left to stagnate in this department of life, an eclipse ensures the necessary cleansing energy to ultimately bring about a more healthy state of affairs. It is recommended to make no major life altering decisions near an eclipse due to a tendency to react emotionally to situations. An eclipse can amplify or distort a facet of the personality or character if falling near a natal planet. See how this works in Chapter One of my book, Eclipses, which also helps identify the subjects or people highlighted by an eclipse according to house or by falling on a personal planet. For now, stay steady, stick to routine and do not seek to make a job change at this time. Remember that Venus Retrograde begins March 4, 2017. Check Monday’s Moon from time to time for extra bits of advice. You can also find helpful training articles in the Shop. Take care, Celeste Teal 2/22/2017

Actual Events: WikiLeaks discloses CIA surveillance secrets, including how citizen’s phones, tvs and mobile devices can be compromised. The Marines are involved in a scandal; posting nude pics of female marines on social media. The Stock Market reaches 21K after Trump addressed Congress, appearing more presidential. Feds raise interest rates. Trump tweets that Obama “wire-tapped” Trump Tower during the presidential campaign, setting off a firestorm. FBI Director testifies that an investigation is underway into Russian interference in election and of possible collusion with team Trump. Trump plans to cut 1B from Coast Guard budget. The GOP introduces the American Health Care Act to replace the ACA; in limbo. A Hawaii judge stops Trump’s second travel ban. A laptop is stolen from the WH containing Trump Tower floor plans. New strategies for dealing with North Korea to be implemented, who Trump says is “behaving badly”. Mobile devices not allowed on certain flights due to a new threat. London suffers a terror attack; one American among the casualties. A Missouri man is arrested in connection with bomb threats to Jewish centers. Eleven dangerous gang members are rounded up, ten of whom were in the country illegally.  ICE targets sanctuary cities for enhanced raids. An Oscar’s snafu initially calls Best Picture for the wrong movie. Weather: Blizzard conditions on the East Coast interfere with air travel. Midwest suffers cold and storms, making for hazardous driving conditions.

February 2017 U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report

The New Moon of January 27, 2017 falls at 8° Aquarius, the sign relating to group projects and organizational activities; seeking friends, allies and people who can be of help in the pursuit of hopes and goals. This New Moon covers the last few days of January and most of February, until the next New Moon of February 26, 2017 at 8° Pisces, which is a Solar Eclipse.

January 2017 New Moon

New Moon

In the chart cast for Washington D.C., this Aquarius New Moon falls in the Sixth House, an indication that the primary focus this coming month is directed toward jobs, military and public health matters. Changes and new developments take place. This house governs the general condition of the working classes, the national services such as the Army, Navy, police, and it has special reference to public health. New goals may be set by leaders, employing original ideas, with efforts to get group consensus or stimulate group involvement. The aspects of the NM to the other transiting planets at lunation are minor, however suggesting difficulties.

The Sun is semi-square Saturn, generally unfortunate for government leaders; they may face obstacles or delays in getting legislation passed and/or in connection with confirmation hearings for department heads. It may be difficult for the President to get support based on the Tenth House aspects. Venus squares Saturn. He may face an unpopular time. Troublesome questions connected to the finances of the First Family or those holding government positions may arise.

An indication of frustrating barriers that may prove difficult for the new administration is this NM in conjunction with USA South Node. Those who could be of benefit to the President expect something from him first. There are compromises to make. While this may be in connection with labor or military matters, Moon conjunct USA South Node appears to highlight health related affairs. This NM is in a wide conjunction to USA natal Moon, suggesting that the common people are interested in the changes occurring, especially as they impact family and domestic affairs.

Leo is rising on the cusp of the First House, making the Sun the chart ruler, so its position in the Sixth House again shows attention is turned to this area of jobs, health and military matters. The First House is the most important of the twelve houses since it shows the general conditions in the nation and its people as a whole; their health and prosperity. The nation’s people demonstrate pride, dignity, determination and intellectual interests, though maybe experiencing inner apprehension. The Sun conjunct USA South Node may mean some sense of a national loss.

Saturn in the Fourth House is unfortunate for the government, more so in square to Mars, suggesting difficulties in national life. Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, the sign in which this NM falls, is square Venus. This is unfavorable for business and money matters. There may be uncertainties, questions about revenues, and/or fluctuations and volatility in stocks and shares.

The Fourth House rules land and weather conditions. Scorpio on this cusp suggests extreme weather. Saturn in the Fourth contributes to a spell of gloomy, cold, wet weather. Severe conditions may be hard on property owners. Crops may suffer. Building, farming and mining are hindered. Property may not sell well. The chance for earthquakes increases.

Neptune in the Seventh House is a sign that foreign affairs will likely give trouble. The country is vulnerable to suffer from underhanded dealings. There is apt to be confusion or misunderstandings in political affairs that disturbs the peace. In home politics, double dealing may exist between political parties. Reforms introduced provoke opposition. Venus in the Eighth House in square to Saturn suggests difficulties in financial relations with foreign countries.

Mars in the Eighth House is associated with sudden deaths by fire, accidents or crime. It often denotes deaths of military men or of notable people in the iron, steel or fire-related trades.

Uranus on the cusp of the Ninth House indicates sudden or unusual developments linked to aviation or sea travel. There may be accidents, storms or trouble on the coasts. Complicated legal cases or religious disputes arise. Political and ideological conflicts are heated. Transportation accidents or worries that link to the management of affairs to do with locomotion may be on the rise with Uranus opposing Jupiter in the Third House in square to Mercury/Pluto. This pair in the Fifth House shows excitement or a disturbance impacting the entertainment world.

There is a trine from NM to USA natal Uranus, favorable for science and it is helpful for trade and national finance. There may be unexpected benefits coming through insurance or tax related matters. Opportunities to realize goals come through will power and constructive efforts.

In summary, this NM suggests that the affairs of the nation will proceed only through trials and obstacles. Sour moods or work demands could contribute to a cool spell in social relations.

The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse of February 10, 2017 falls at 22° Leo, with the Sun in the opposite sign at 22° Aquarius. Good will likely increases now as people benefit from the removal of obstacles or changes for the better.

In your own chart, check the house where this New Moon falls at 8° Aquarius on January 27, 2017. The lunation will bring new developments and changes impacting the subjects ruled by this house. You may have the urge to do something new, make a new start or initiate changes in the department of life ruled by this house. Much of your attention will turn to these matters. For everyone, this is a good time to concentrate on work efficiency and current projects. Give extra attention to creative new ideas or original ideas that may come to you now. Watch to maybe meet an important person through your work who can be of assistance to you. For more help, browse the menu of downloadable training materials in the Shop. For help interpreting aspects involving the lunar nodes in your chart, refer to my book, Lunar Nodes. Wishing you a safe, happy and productive lunation! Celeste Teal 1/19/2017

Actual Events: A Navy Seal Team member is killed in an operation that took down a dozen Al-Queda operatives in Afghanistan. Democrats boycott votes on two of Trump’s cabinet picks to delay them. Trump orders a temporary but controversial ban on non-citizens entering the US from 7 nations deemed dangerous by the Obama administration until better vetting steps are in place. The order sparks uproar at major airports across the country and is blocked by a WA judge, becoming a complicated legal case. Trump’s popularity numbers shrink while a poll taken in early Feb. indicates that about half the US population would like Obama back in the White House. Politically motivated protests turn violent at U.C. Berkley. The Stock Market wobbles but still rising. Trump makes his SCOTUS pick. Russia poses provocations Trump says “not good”. The jobs report is encouraging. New Intel tech plant planned in AZ. Lady Gaga is criticized after her Super bowl halftime performance for her physical appearance. Air travel delays and cancellations result from bad weather. Security breach at JFK airport allows 11 passengers to board flights unscreened. Trains collide in Philly. Two teen girls are murdered in IN; suspect unaccounted for. Seven planets are discovered, three within the habitable zone, orbiting a star 40 lightyears distant, in the constellation Aquarius. Weather: Twisters in Louisiana and TX. Blizzards affect the Northeast. Floods in CA are serious, creating mudslides. Nearly 200K residents in CA evacuated due to a dam compromise. San Jose residents face similar problems.