The Crystal Ball Letters

Dear Celeste,

The bond with the crystal ball — and even wanting it in the first place — are a surprise to me. (Coincidentally, I saw and held some crystal balls over the weekend; they all felt hard and cold, not fluid and silky, like mine feels to me – the one from your auction.) I guess I always thought, as you did, that you were either born with psychic ability, or you weren’t. Also, I’ve never had a desire to have that ability. It always has seemed to me that it carries with it so much responsibility and such a burden of “knowing.” But I’ve also read recently that gazing isn’t limited to seeing the future, but also for help in answering your own personal questions and for guidance. I’m trying very hard to give up my preconceived notions and let the Universe guide me where it will. (Such a hard thing for us humans to do!) I was wondering if you had any special tips or books to recommend on gazing? D.

Hi D,

There’s so much I’d like to say after reading your post. I really will have to write that book on crystals one day. When were you first introduced to crystals? And, didn’t you tell me that you always loved ordinary rocks when you were small? I did too; would always stop to pick up one that was especially appealing and take it home with me. The book that was most helpful for me when I decided to learn crystal ball gazing is called Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls by Ted Andrews. Here are some clips I’ve put together on crystal ball meditations:

Crystal Ball Meditations

First of all, Quartz Crystal Balls are really adverse to clutter. If you try gazing with clutter all around you, that’s what you’ll see. Since the crystal ball is a reflection of information filtering through your subconscious mind, distractive elements in your environment that may have been getting by you have not gotten past your subconscious awareness. This ties in with the ancient rituals of special room cleansings and elaborate preparation leading up to crystal gazing.

There’s an element of affinity between a crystal ball and its new keeper that must be established. That’s why choosing one is a most important first step. The sphere that’s right for one person may not be right for someone else. For some it must be very clear. For others, inclusions enhance the appeal and the ability to meditate and focus. In a way, its chosen as a person sees various aspects of self.

Once selected, the crystal is examined, cleansed and a home created for it. Spheres that are used regularly for meditations should only be used by their keeper and should be kept covered and stored in an area that provides privacy for the crystal. All of this preparation, combined with several sessions of simply getting acquainted with the crystal establishes a special bond. When I got mine, I made a velvet pillow for it, using bird seed for filler (rice works too). Further preparation is done prior to a gazing. For more on cleansing and charging crystals: Crystals & Visions

Considering the phase of the Moon for crystal gazing is an old practice, with best results expected at the New or Full Moon phase. The sign the Moon is in also affects the ability to get good results in a session. The Water signs are often the best, but being an astrologer, I can tell you this may not be true for you. For more on these kinds of preparations, please check the books in the library. One of the books I found most helpful was Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls, by Ted Andrews.

Other preparations include finding the right space for a session and setting it up ahead of time with table, chair and accessories. Sage can be burned to purify the area. Candles are selected by color for specific purposes. White is most versatile and some color attributes found in Colors of the Zodiac might be helpful.

Candles are set up to burn from behind one and the area should be dimly lit to reduce distracting reflections in the sphere. An essential oil such as Sandalwood can be used to coat the candles just before they are lit. Lighting the candles is the first step to opening the meditation session. Incense is also an option and all accessories should be in place. These steps are actually priming you and your subconscious mind for an informative session. For more on how to use the essential oils, take a look at Valerie Woodward’s Complete Book of Essential Oils.

It’s helpful to have a specific topic of focus. If you’re unsure of the information you hope to retrieve, you’ll often get a mish-mash of unrelated scenes and impressions, like those crazy dreams. One side of the ball might have a long-gowned, turbaned spiritual advisor standing on a mountaintop who can’t stop watching the little white dog running back and forth and barking on the other side. Well, you get the idea. Also, the left and right side of the ball reveal different aspects of time. Left and back are past, right and forward are future. All of this is explained in Crystal Balls and Crystal Bowls.

It’s easier to have successful meditations on a fairly empty stomach and this is especially important in regard to gazing. Especially things like meat. Food is used to ground one afterwards. A comfortable position for gazing is a priority. You must be totally comfortable for several minutes without the need to readjust anything.

When the time has come to start the session and there will be no interruptions for several minutes to half an hour, more affinity is created with the sphere. Holding it and making hand passes over it are all part of establishing a link and priming the ball. Spending just a few moments in visualization while holding the ball greatly assists the session to come. Just “see” yourself stepping into the sphere and observing the various doors within. Stroll through the winding corridors and enjoy the feeling of peacefulness. Make an affirmation that the information you’re seeking is available and will be revealed.

To begin the session, set the ball on its stand and turn it slowly while gazing into the crystal until something catches your eye. Then, focus on your inquiry and all aspects surrounding it. Avoid letting completely unrelated topics into your mind. Have you ever found yourself staring at something only to realize you hadn’t really been seeing it because your mind was a million miles away? That’s similar to the trance-like focus you’re trying to achieve here. Once there, images will begin to form, often preceded by clouding within the sphere. Now, just remain relaxed and watch what you see; try not to disturb the flow of information by impinging loud or excitable thoughts of your own into the crystal.

When the session has come to an end; (go by your first hunch) usually 5-15 minutes, close your eyes with your hands on the ball and say an affirmation of thanks to Spirit for the guidance you’ve just received. While the ball is still near you, write down all the impressions or visions you had. As with dreams, tapping into the ethereal often brings bits and pieces that can be easily forgotten by the cognitive mine. Also with this practice, you are affirming that the guidance you receive is welcome and will be utilized.

Now, extinguish the candles to close the session, place the ball away and give yourself a few minutes to “return” to the here and now. Grounding stones such as Smokey Quartz or other black stones are helpful. Later, you can review your notes and often it will be within 24 hours following the session that the answer to your inquiry will come to you. More than one gazing session per day is not recommended and short sessions are best for beginners.

It is when there is a pressing matter upon one’s mind that the crystal ball can be the most accommodating. It takes practice, patience, and a relaxed atmosphere to gain access to visions. Watch my eBay auctions for gazing spheres and other stones.

Quartz Spheres for Opening Blocked Chakras

Spheres are also excellent for opening blocked chakras. Just roll the ball very slowly up the chakra centers, letting it rest for a few moments at each point. Often, by the time it is at the Third Chakra center, you’ll feel cracking and popping in your head and neck as pressure is released from the Crown Chakra. For an illustration and information on each of the Chakra centers, click to The Seven Chakra Centers.

Exercise for the Right Brain

Gold is excellent for balancing the right brain/left brain functions and there are also crystals with a special window near the front that aids in stimulating the left or right brain functions. They’re referred to as Right Activation points or Left Activation points. Here’s an easy exercise for rousing the right brain capabilities of intuition and awareness.

If you’re right handed, write a few lines everyday with your left hand. Get the most out of this exercise by writing your daily affirmations with your left hand. See Visualization 2. Yes, at first it looks like a new language, but it does get easier with practice. :)

For you left-handers, just keep doing what you’re doing but if you need more of those practical left brain attributes, reverse the procedure.