Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury is nearest the Earth, it appears from here to reverse in motion, traveling backward or “retrograde” for about three weeks. Influencing our mental processes, communication and transportation, the retrograde motion of Mercury reflects these affairs.

Mercury’s next retrograde period begins August 12, 2017 when Mercury stations at 11º Virgo. Mercury then moves back to 28º Leo, resuming direct motion on September 5, 2017. Mercury then makes it back to 11º Virgo on September 19, 2017.

As Mercury slows down in direct motion, ready to make a “station” before backing up, the smooth flow of communication begins to fade. We determinedly press on.

While Mercury is retrograde, delays are to be expected. The usual channels of communication become scrambled, devices used for communication are faulty, contacts one needs to make are impossible, etc. Mercury’s retrograde periods have more effects as we become more sophisticated in our communications technology.

The best way to use Mercury’s retrograde period is to review, research and reevaluate. That’s mostly what is being accomplished anyway. As a matter of fact, Mercury’s retrograde period is really a period of opportunity to re-think, re-construct and re-define ideas or projects. Remaining versatile, a talent of Mercury, enables one to continue making progress – it may just not be according to the schedule we’d like to have met.

It’s usually recommended to hold off on putting final decisions into effect until after Mercury has returned to direct motion. Until then, things are just too “iffy” or there is one strand of missing information that could change everything. This is more important if papers need to be signed or if there is a contract. Errors are likely and likely to be missed. Agreements made now may later turn out to be unclear or inadequate. Work done during Mercury’s retrograde period usually turns out to be incomplete or there are other consequences. This includes repair work, surgery, or jobs that we push through in spite of caution signs along the way.

If implementing a decision would normally be followed by a delay factor anyway, it is appropriate to carry on, but do check all the paperwork thoroughly first. Once Mercury returns to direct motion, the lines of communication once again open up. The previous problems can be resolved, plans can be carried out and all is well. If you note it carefully, you’ll probably find that you actually accomplished some useful “homework” during Mercury’s retrograde period; plenty of fuel for exceptional progress once it turns direct.

If, during Mercury’s retrograde cycle, it contacts a planet in your horoscope, there may be a special opportunity for you to benefit by observing Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Some issue in particular may be the subject for your review. If it is a retrograde station, there may seem to be a more or less debilitating effect and something specific is in need of review; if a direct station, the effect is usually very positive with a strong surge of progress and opening doors. Link to the Planets for more on each. Also check the house of your horoscope where Mercury spends its retrograde period. When all is said and done, better solutions may be revealed for those affairs.

Mercury, as the “messenger” is also the prankster. Like a child, he thinks it’s quite funny to pull over a good joke on an adult.

If you were born during the retrograde motion of Mercury, things may move along better than ever for you personally with Mercury retrograde, while everyone around you is having difficulties.

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Celeste Teal is the author of Predicting Events with Astrology, Identifying Planetary Triggers, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation and Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission.