August 08 Solar & Lunar Eclipses

The New Moon of August 1st is a Solar Eclipse and this eclipse falls in the sign Leo. Eclipses in Leo are noted to precede important events surrounding world leaders. A Leo eclipse brings an accent to royals, leaders, and to men and women of power. Sometimes there are threats of death or overthrow for leaders. For example, a Leo eclipse preceded Bill Clinton’s impeachment troubles, after the 1998 August eclipse fell on his natal Sun. Leo eclipses are known to excite and to bring sensational events. They are associated with excess heat, financial expenditures, and increased taxes.

August 2008 Solar Eclipse

August 2008 Solar Eclipse

August 2008 Lunar Eclipse

August 2008 Lunar Eclipse

This Leo eclipse happens to fall prominently in the USA chart (on the USA Dragon’s Head) and it falls prominently in the natal chart of President Bush, and in the charts of both presumptive nominees for the White House. For Bush, the eclipse falls on his Ascendant, his Mercury, and his Pluto. As outlined in my book, Eclipses, an eclipse on the Ascendant often precedes a change of location or vocation. So this eclipse on Bush’s Ascendant correctly anticipates his leave from the White House before long. With the eclipse falling on his Mercury, this may impact his communications – his point of view may be tested or misunderstandings might occur. Or, problems may surround his closest advisors. For John McCain, the eclipse falls on his Mars. The impact of an eclipse on Mars can bring physical activity to a peak, however, there is danger from taking on a heavy workload and attempting too much that can react negatively on the health. A conflict of some sort often follows an eclipse on Mars. For Obama, the eclipse falls on his natal Sun, bringing him squarely into the spotlight. In fact, as described in Eclipses on pg. 172, with Mercury conjunct this Leo eclipse, there is an accent on a youthful leader of dramatic speech, an apt description of Obama. Clearly, for the USA, this eclipse brings a focus to politics, and a change of leadership in the White House.

This eclipse falls in the 1st house in the chart cast for Washington, D.C., a very strong position for an eclipse, especially since it is conjunct the Ascendant of the chart. This suggests a great deal of activity at the Capital. This eclipse and the Ascendant also fall in a critical degree, increasing the importance of this eclipse in U.S. affairs. This means that significant changes will follow and they will be of the nature of the sign. So, again this indicates a change in leadership and if problems are to arise, they will be along these lines, with troubles or anxieties for influential or powerful leaders. There’s a great deal of political and public excitement. There is an increase of discussions, speeches, and printed news with Mercury in the 1st house. There may be political tensions with feelings running high. Of course the Democratic convention is held in August and the Republican convention in early September.

Another theme that is fairly emphasized comes from Saturn and Mars in the 2nd house of the economy and national wealth. These are the traditional malefic planets, unpleasant indicators in matters of the economy. The nation’s finances suffer. Banks may be experiencing difficulties or failures, and the country’s finances are squeezed by unexpected problems. Themes of economic problems are repeated in the Full Moon chart of August 16th, also a Lunar Eclipse. There are changes and transitions in U.S. economic affairs. Questions turn to trade, money matters, and taxation.

The eclipse charts both point to potential hazards relating to travel. The Lunar Eclipse in mid month especially appears to reflect travel-related dangers with Mars in the 9th house, squared by Pluto. The other matters ruled by this house include shipping, foreign affairs, religious affairs, and coastal conditions. One or more of these areas may prove problematic.

Venus in the 1st house, in opposition to Neptune, is rather an unfortunate indicator for marriages. The aspect suggests scandals, separations or divorces, some which might be high profile. There may be social and family scandals.

Both eclipse charts show the possible death of a statesman or prominent figure. The Lunar Eclipse in particular has the Sun in the 8th house, conjunct the South Node, and opposing Neptune. The life of a prominent person may be in danger, with death or sacrifices in upper circles.

In the Solar Eclipse chart, Uranus falls in the 8th house, associated with sudden or unexpected deaths in strange ways, sometimes by accident or suicide. There is definitely potential for sudden violent events with both Mars and Uranus in square to the U.S. Mars while in opposition to one another. It seems that some circumstances may have an element of the unreal about them with the Moon conjunct Neptune in the Lunar Eclipse chart. The sympathies of people are aroused and the emotions are sensitive.

Eclipses have longer lasting effects than a simple New Moon, so this emphasis on changes impacting world leaders will be noticed for some time. For the U.S., this Leo Solar Eclipse receives stimulation from the Sun in late October, just before Election Day in early November. This Leo eclipse also falls in conspicuous places in the charts of Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, France, and Russia.

In your own chart, check the house where 9 degrees of Leo falls. With the eclipse stimulation, this house will become a focus of your attention in the coming months. There are changes and transformations occurring in the matters and surrounding the people ruled by this house. Of course Leo is a very creative sign so you may be putting forth a lot of creative efforts in this house. It’s a time to put your best foot forward. Check to see how the eclipse aspects your other planets. It is of some special importance if it falls in conjunction or in opposition to one of your natal or progressed planets. There is very personal significance when this happens because the eclipse stimulates to action the qualities and nature of the planet and the kinds of activities associated with the planet will become more emphasized in your life, calling for attention. See Eclipses for help interpreting this eclipse in your chart. The Lunar Eclipse on August 16th falls at 24 degrees of Aquarius, so be sure to check the house position of that eclipse as well. Fluctuations and changes lie ahead. It is generally recommended to refrain from making major life-altering changes in the days leading up to an eclipse or in the days right after one. The atmospheric influences are too unstable for plans to stabilize. Wait until a little after mid August to carry out important plans or changes. This will allow the planetary energies to settle down. This should especially be applied to the affairs of the house where either eclipse falls. Wishing you a happy pair of eclipses! Celeste Teal 7/28/2008