Mundane Astrology

Mundane Interpretations: An interpretation of Astrology in terms of world trends, the destinies of nations and large groups of individuals, based on an analysis of the effects of Equinoxes, Solstices, New Moons, Eclipses, planetary conjunctions, and similar celestial phenomenon; as distinguished from Natal astrology, specifically applicable to an individual birth horoscope. Definition is from De Vore’s Encyclopedia of Astrology.

The Moon Valley Astrologer monthly forecast is based on the New Moon configurations and covers a four-week period. The chart is set for Washington D.C., to show trends for the United States. In a general way, many of the themes and activities shown in the New Moon chart come to fruition at the time of the Full Moon, harvest time. When a New or Full Moon is also an eclipse, the events stemming from this dynamic lunation extend beyond the four-week period. My book, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation fully explains eclipses and provides various tables and charts.

The purpose of this column is to show some astrology at work. The New Moon chart reflects the true State of the Nation. While Mundane Astrology is fundamental and ought to be learned by more students, it is one of the more difficult branches.

Each house in a mundane chart rules over the same kinds of matters and people as in a natal chart, except that they take on broader meaning. The First House in a natal chart shows the outlook and attitude of an individual while in a mundane chart, it describes the outlook and attitude of a nation’s people and the general situation or state of affairs in the nation. The Second House in a natal chart indicates the earning capacity and spending habits based on values and priorities, and in a mundane chart this house relates to the national finances, economic matters and revenues. The Third House in the natal chart rules communications, transportation, and neighbors. In a mundane chart the Third House rules the same things; all types of communications and transport as well as relations with neighboring countries. The Fourth House in a natal chart reflects the home, whereas in a mundane chart, it reflects the homeland, living conditions, land conditions, and the weather. And, so on. We’ll go into a more comprehensive breakdown of each house elsewhere.

The Aries Solar Ingress is the chart for the moment the Sun enters Aries. This in the first day of Spring. That chart gives an overview of the year to come and each subsequent New Moon chart can be read with regard to the Ingress chart. Each of the seasonal ingress charts provides a three-month reference. These quarterly figures are important. When calculated for the Capital, they show the trend for the country for the coming three months, including things like weather conditions. The New Moon charts are then compared to the Ingress chart that preceded it. If Mars or another dynamic planet crosses an angle of the Ingress at a lunation, it may signify important events.

USA Gemini Rising

USA Gemini Rising

Donald Trump astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Donald J. Trump

Other charts that come in handy when gathering testimony are the chart of the United States, along with the natal chart of the person holding Presidential office. Here is President Trump’s chart and the USA chart. Notice how Trump’s Jupiter and Uranus, behind much of his personal wealth and material good fortune, link by trine to the USA Moon at 18° Aquarius. The Moon represents the masses; the common people. These connections suggest the common people are receptive to him, especially his gestures of generosity, and he raises a sense of excitement and adventure in people. It is as if people have the sense that his good fortune could spill over to them. His natal Sun is trine the USA Moon, showing that people are receptive to his creative self-expression. This connection also tends to catapult him into a leadership role. His natal Moon is sextile the USA Moon, an asset in communications between he and the people. There are many other ties we could note, such as his Sun conjunct the USA Mars, a reflection of his stance to build up the military. Chart data can be verified at AstroDatabank. Click an image to view a chart and then use your back button.

There are thirteen New Moons each year. Since the year 2000 I’ve shared a monthly report about highlighted affairs and likely events based on features in the lunation charts. I think I’m addicted to these studies. I find it fascinating, like solving a puzzle. Prior to going to war in Iraq, the chart predicted it would be a long and drawn out war, exhausting our forces. Then, when President Bush made the declaration “Mission Accomplished” while Mercury was retrograde made me wince! The deadliest day for our troops in Afghanistan, with the deaths of 30 on August 6, 2011, was depicted by Mars in the Eighth House in the prior New Moon chart, predicted in the New Moon report preceding the events. The way these charts can predict the weather is amazing to me too.

Working on the New Moon Report and interpreting the chart definitely pushes me – it is the most strenuous workout my mind gets each month. But, it is easy to get rusty if you don’t keep with it and since I do enjoy the challenge I’ll probably keep going. I try to keep track of actual events so that I can follow up with study and to see where I missed something. You are invited to help with this. Feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Link to Lunations for the latest U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report. The Lunation column is updated each month the day before the New Moon, when actual events for the previous month are posted at the end of the prior lunation report.