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Foreign Publications of Celeste Teal’s Books

Lunar Nodes by Celeste Teal, now in Estonian

Lunar Nodes,
Estonian cover

Lunar Nodes by Celeste Teal, now in Russian

Lunar Nodes,
Russian cover

I got some exciting news in early 2013. I found out that between my last two books, Lunar Nodes and the new edition of Predicting Events with Astrology, they are being translated and published in India, China, Russia, Slovenia, Estonia and Hungary. So, it is rewarding to know the books are being read and appreciated in other parts of the world.

Here are pictures of the covers of the copies I have so far. For more information or to see published reviews of either book, click the title link above. From there you can link to purchase the English version from Amazon if you wish. C.T.

Website Redesign Project!

Well, the time came for the Moon Valley Astrologer to get an extreme makeover! Since the web site is having a Jupiter Return (yes, it’s been twelve years!), the timing seemed appropriate. My initial plan was to do the site redesign myself. I even got a program for the project but I soon found that things have changed considerably since I built the original site in 1999. Website building is way more technical. I decided to stick with the astrology and get professional help with the site redesign. Amy of Not Dead Yet Studios has been awesome to work with! She painted the banner with that beautiful harvest moon rising behind the mountains!

In fact, there’s a whole team to thank, including Michael, the developer who loves a challenge; the IPN guy, Nathan; and my astro helper, Debbie, who assisted with proofing new content. We worked hard to pull off the launch of the redesigned site in January to start the New Year with greater ease for you when you visit. It was a big job to do with so much to move and reorganize but we got it done! You’ll find modern gadgets and features as well as new content. Enjoy your visits to the new site! Celeste Teal 1/23/2012

Will There be a Sequel to Eclipses?

Many of you are asking for a sequel to Eclipses and wondering if there are plans for a new book! I also use this book a lot and was sad to see some of those handy tables and charts running out. They make an astrologer’s life a whole lot easier! For now, you might like a copy of my updated Eclipse Data & Tables article. It includes eclipses from 2012 – 2017. This will tide us over for a bit. Just go to Training & Services for more details about this new PDF download. Wishing you happy eclipses! Celeste Teal

Recent and Upcoming Eclipses

Eclipses are powerful configurations that can be traced to events just prior to, or following an eclipse, as transiting planets stimulate the eclipse potential when they pass over the eclipse degree. The Solar Eclipse of January 15, 2010 occurred in Capricorn. An eclipse in a Cardinal sign precedes many changes. It brings a focus to national affairs. The business world is often disturbed or depressed. Capricorn eclipses affect those who are prominent in business and commerce. And, this eclipse indicated out of the ordinary weather and land conditions, a prelude to 2010 being one of the craziest years for natural disasters in modern history.

The Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010, fell in Cancer, also a Cardinal sign, signifying many changes. The Cancer eclipse brought a focus to domestic policy, public welfare, taxes, social security, and vital statistics. The Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011 fell in Capricorn, so once again there were great changes on the horizon, with a focus on business and commerce. That eclipse also reflected a turbulent spirit against those in power, and the likelihood for one central event to have a wide range impact. Witness the escalating uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Libya and even here at home following this eclipse.

We have several eclipses falling in Leo in 2017 – 2018, bringing focus to royals, world leaders and central figures. During the same years, eclipses falling in Aquarius point to changing alliances and treaties. Stay abreast of what is coming by linking to Lunations regularly to follow the U.S. Forecasts based on Eclipses and New Moons.

Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation by Celeste TealMars is considered a primary timer for eclipse-related events, often coinciding with dynamic happenings as it frequently presents a conflict to expose a situation in need of remedy. Mars gets things started. To illustrate, the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2000 had Mars accompanying the Sun & Moon. Mars was an excellent indicator of many of the events that took place, including the LA rioting, major solar flares and more forest fires than in 50 years. See more about the 2000 4th of July eclipse. What about Eclipses in Your Chart? My book, Eclipses, Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation tells you everything you’ll need to know to track and interpret eclipses falling in your horoscope, or to learn how long the eclipse lasts and what kinds of changes they signify for the world. Read more about the Eclipses book.

On A Personal Note

Just to let you know how much I enjoy your emails, stories, questions and requests. I can’t always respond immediately although I do try to follow up when time is good. Best wishes! Celeste Teal

P.S. If you’d like to receive mailings from me, you can join my mailing list. Look in the right sidebar for the little box to add your email address. Just follow the prompts to sign up and confirm that you want to receive mailings. You will get my welcome email as soon as you do. After that, you’ll get my occasional newsletter, with brief reminders of planetary conditions and events in between.

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Pluto in Capricorn

PlutoCapricornThose of you born in the first week of January, April, July or October, are undoubtedly feeling feeling the vibes of Pluto now as it forms a potent hard aspect to your Sun.

A powerful transit that not only convinces you that you are invincible, it actually often provides greater physical endurance. Be aware of obsessive drives though, and of pushing yourself beyond your physical limits.

An unsurpassed transit for accomplishment; just be sure not to disregard others in your attempt to reach your goals.

By the time this transit has passed, you’ll be a changed person, inwardly and/or outwardly. For me, this transit was a very positive period.

Those with their Sun in mid Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces get a softer aspect from Pluto, also empowering, and without the liabilities!

Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2024.

Casting the Solar Return

There seems to be a mix up in how some astrologers are approaching the Solar Return and its calculation. This chart should be cast for the place of residence. This is the city one lives or resides in during the period of the Solar Return. It is not calculated for a birthday vacation spot, which is a temporary change of location, not a change of residence.

I’ve had a lot of people inquire about this, including the heads of two big families who were trying to follow their astrologers’ advice by moving everyone around on his her birthday to get the best Solar Return picture. One man felt that if he moved his son, his wife and himself that it would prevent some of the worst health effects for his son who has a serious chronic condition. In fact, the stress of all these trips would more likely make it worse. The last lady that wrote me was trying to provide trips for a family of four, not only inconvenient and impractical, but costly. Her astrologer had assured her though that if one particular trip weren’t made that “horrible things” would befall them. Her son was especially fretful over having an Eighth House Part of Fortune if he remained home for his birthday. But, she also pointed out that they’d taken birthday trips before and it hadn’t seemed to alter anything one way or the other. Her common sense was telling her something different than her astrologer.

To my way of thinking, this would be like saying that you can leave a stack of bills on your desk and go away for a few days near your birthday and when you come home they are magically gone. Hmmm. I guess I just don’t get it. When you return home, you come back to the way you left things. Taking a vacation on your birthday is fine for the getaway and refreshed outlook but it is not necessary.

Identifying Planetary Triggers by Celeste TealActually, I spent several years researching the return charts, and if you read your Solar Return going by the easy steps given in Identifying Planetary Triggers, you’ll find that the Solar Return chart cast for your place of residence is reliable, giving an accurate reflection of the year. These houses and placements most clearly define your circumstances, conditions, relationships, activities, etc. You can even trace eventful dates using this Solar Return chart as explained in that text, even if you did go away on your birthday. In fact, if you move during the Solar Return year, you should cast a new Solar Return chart for the new residence. By moving, you enter a new environment with new conditions and the Solar Return shift in houses and planets reflect these new conditions and circumstances.

Hope this helps clarify things a bit. Best Wishes, Celeste Teal

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