Predicting Events With Astrology

Predicting Events with Astrology by Celeste Teal at AmazonMy first book was written with the intention to write the kind of book I wished I’d had access to early in my own studies, with all of the essentials for prediction in one book. I wanted to make it easier for other astrology students than it had been for me. When I was learning, there was a little bit of useful info here and a little bit there, but it took a very long time to pull it all together. I still remember the day I made a breakthrough on progressions and how they must be used in combination with transits. It was October 21, 1992! I got so excited I took time off from my paying job and did nothing but run event charts and study them for four straight days! After a few more years of study and taking massive notes, I got the opportunity to write the book. Reader response was very positive and the book quickly sold out. For a while the cost of a used copy was sky high. Popular demand led to this new revised, expanded edition!

See excerpts and published reviews below. Best wishes in your astrology studies, Celeste Teal


The few “active” aspects in the progressed chart reveals the current trend of events. To find the active aspects, the orb must be kept very tight…Chapter 1

One has the opportunity to make a mark upon the world when the Sun becomes prominent in the progressed chart…Chapter 2

For marriage, some of the best aspects include: Moon of one conjunct the Moon of the other; Moon of one conjunct the Ascendant of the other; Venus of one conjunct…Chapter 3

Jupiter’s position and aspects are important in establishing the possibility of wealth…Chapter 4

For a woman, the number of aspects made by the Moon is important in determining whether she will have children…Chapter 5

If the ruler of the 1st house or either luminary is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house and afflicted, this can mean prolonged ill health…Chapter 6

The condition of Mercury, the 3rd house, the Moon, and the Ascendant are the most reliable indicators of mental health…Chapter 7

Accidents are generally shown by a combination of progressed and transiting aspects’Abuse issues will be shown by a combination of several severe afflictions…Chapter 8

Indications of a violent, accidental or an unnatural death are found when the luminaries are both afflicted by malefic planets, and neither has the assistance of’…Chapter 9

The Lunar Return most closely matching the Solar Return reflects a month of increased activity…Chapter 11

The North Node transit over important natal places generally coincides with personal turning points…Chapter 15

An occupied Aries Point degree suggests interaction with the world at large and involvement with experts outside the usual circle…Chapter 16

An aspect called “Saturn Chasing the Moon” frequently coincides with an especially long and difficult period…Chapter 16

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American Astrology

Published in the January 2000 issue of American Astrology; Reviewer: Kenneth Irving

Predicting is what astrology is all about, but it is also the most complicated thing for the average astrology user to understand or for the student to learn. One reason for this is that it is conceptual. It is easy enough for most people to understand the basic idea underlying transits – if the planets in the sky right now form certain patterns in relation to the places where the planets were at birth, they cause certain types of events. On the other hand, while most astrologers use transits (some, if fact, don’t use anything else), most also use progressions. The idea of the planets in a certain number of days after birth having something to do with birth planets becomes a little confusing for some people, especially when you add in the fact that most astrologers use the birth planets, progressed planets and transiting planets in order to make their predictions. To someone who hasn’t studied it, and may just want to know what will happen next year or next month in their lives, it seems a little like trying to tell what time it is in a roomful of clocks all set to different hours.

Even astrologers who understand and use the tools of transits and predictions can’t always explain it well. Some can, and Celeste Teal is one of them. If you happen to buy this book (which I recommend you do) and happen to be one of those “skip the introduction and get on to the real stuff” types, try to overcome that urge and spend a few minutes on her introduction. Without that you can certainly learn from the book, but if you spend a few minutes going through the simple and forthright definitions of the basics, you’ll waste less time later.

What is really interesting to me is not so much the simplicity and directness of the explanations and examples, but the fact that the author manages to cover so much ground. Most of the book is devoted to progressions and transits (with particular emphasis on solar returns), as it should be, but she also manages to cover horary astrology, the lunar nodes, eclipses and even some smaller matters that others might consider trivial and thus not worth mentioning. Moreover, she does so in a way that makes each technique, major or minor, fit in its natural place.

Consider as an example of the completeness of this book, Teal’s mention of “Saturn Chasing the Moon.” Due to the close coincidence of the cycles of transiting Saturn and the progressed Moon, they can at times become locked in a dreary game of tag with each other that continues for many years. The effect of this isn’t trivial but I’d be willing to bet that a good number of astrologers only notice this in a client’s chart more or less by accident. Teal points it out in a way that will make anyone who learns from her book to put checking for a Saturn-Moon relationship in the top ten of the “things to do when working up a chart list”, as she does with some other small matters that might otherwise escape attention.

Though Teal’s book will mainly be useful for someone studying astrology with the intention of learning to interpret charts, it can also be quite helpful to the more casual student as well as to anyone who consults an astrologer and would like to take a look behind the “mystery” of it all.

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Dell Horoscope Magazine

Published in the February 2000 issue of Dell Horoscope; Reviewer: Chris Lorenz

Dane Rudhyar once said that astrology is the algebra of life. This simple statement rings true when one attempts to understand the future by judging the natal horoscope. By understanding the complex symbols and patterns in the birth chart, and then looking at the transits and progressions, the competent astrologer can pinpoint specific dates when certain kinds of events will take place. Unfortunately, getting to the level where these kinds of predictions are possible usually isn’t covered in basic astrology books.

In Predicting Events with Astrology, Celeste Teal presents the fundamental process for seeing into the future. Most astrology books that cover the subject are cookbook texts, which give itemized lists of specific transits or progressions, and then describe the range of events that these might trigger. Some books list both transits and progressions, but with no extensive plan on how to go about making predictions. The key to making accurate forecasts, as Teal describes in her introduction, is to find when transits and progressions are coming together simultaneously.

…The material covered in Predicting Events with Astrology might be considered for advanced students only. However, Teal presents this complex subject in such clear terms, using poignant examples that can be easily mastered by intermediate students.

Predicting Events with Astrology is a top-notch how to manual suitable for anyone interested in making accurate forecasts. Additional material on eclipses, return charts, the Vertex, and the nodes refines the basic techniques. Highly readable, easy to grasp and filled with case histories, this book illustrates the best techniques in modern astrology. Link to Dell Horoscope web site.

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Reader Reviews

Reader Review: …Celeste Teal has given us a real, working, nuts and bolts reference. This is a book that will teach you how to think like an astrologer and take command of a chart reading. If you have been studying astrology for awhile this book is an excellent demonstration on how to put all that accumulated knowledge to some good use. Celeste’s book does not spend a lot of time on theory, it does not give delineations for every aspect, and it does not do any hand-holding. Predicting Events With Astrology is a true attempt to teach the grasping of the Big Picture and, in my opinion, the author has succeeded wonderfully. I have gained a great deal of confidence in my ability to delineate a chart since I read this book. Get this book if you have a firm grasp on the “basics” and you are ready for a breakthrough!

Reader Review: …This is an expert treatment of the art of prediction; including progressions, transits, solar returns, lunar returns, nodes and eclipses. Celeste Teal truly has a way with words- she explains prediction and timing in a very logical and intuitive fashion which leads the reader to immediate application. Every word in this book is meaningful – there is no filler! The case studies are superb in illustrating the fundamental approach and the finer points of event timing. Also, throughout the book, the author presents special pearls of wisdom which are the outcome of extensive research and experience in chart prediction. This is a wonderful read, useful cover to cover, and a must have reference!

Reader Review: …This is a book about what works. There is so much true in all that Celeste Teal reveals in her book. Predicting with this book gets easier and you will gain much insight in her delineations. Fortunately this is not a difficult book to read. It contains so much useful information that no astrologer should be without it. All sorts of predictive techniques (returns, transits, eclipses, nodes etc…) are discussed and the delineations are reliable. This is a book you will often refer to, because this is one about what really works.

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