Secondary Progressions

Secondary Progressions furnish the best starting point for finding the current trend in life through the close aspects that have formed between the natal and progressed planets. This technique employs the assumption that one day of planetary transits is equal to a year of life. Simply put, if you wanted to find the trend in the life for someone aged 20, you’d look up the planets positions for the 20th day after birth.

Computer programs calculate these easily and I use Win Star to run a tri-wheel chart with the natal chart in the center wheel, progressions in the middle wheel and transits in the outer wheel. The progressions and transits are set for the birth place and for the date in question. I use the Tropical Zodiac and the Placidus House System. By using the tri-wheel, it’s easy to see all the pertinent connections easily and one then begins to list the active aspects.

The “active” progressed aspects are those that have formed between the natal and the progressed planets or points that are within a 1º orb; slightly more for Sun and Moon. Usually, there are only a handful of active aspects because the progressing planets move very slowly. A summary of these aspects show the major trends or “road conditions” as I like to call them. You could tabulate all of the important events in life going only by the Secondary progressed aspects involving the angles or the Sun!

Aspects involving the planetary ruler of the progressed chart describe the kinds of experiences a person is meeting up with. The ruler’s aspects reflect his or her situation. Along with aspects directly to the progressed Ascendant degree, they are quite personal in nature.

Close aspects among the natal and progressed planets show how we’re utilizing our natal potential and to where our previous efforts have brought us. When three or more of the aspects agree in symbolic meaning, it shows that conditions are ripe for a certain kind of event. See keys.

The progressing Moon often acts as a timer to set off events as it forms aspects of reinforcement.

Red Flags: Either of the progressed luminaries in hard aspect to transiting Saturn or Uranus can be quite problematic. I call these RED FLAG aspects. Saturn is depressing. Uranus brings trouble out of the blue.

Lunations such as Eclipses, New Moons, or Full Moons can also set off active or “ripe” progressions and so they are useful to provide timing. Transiting Mars and the Sun usually assist as timers for important events, at which time at least one outer planet will also be stimulating a planet that is in an active progressed aspect. The movement of the Moon’s Nodes will also frequently assist in timing major turning points. Go step by step through the Forecasting Tips to set up your charts and find the trend you are in.

Forecasting Tips from Celeste Teal

Remember, first of all, that if you’re interested in forecasting trends or events from a personal horoscope, you really must apply some traditional astrology concepts. With our new age search for the psychological and spiritual implications of planets we hesitate to apply terms such as malefic or benefic, but to toss these descriptive images altogether decreases the ability to pinpoint probable events.

Actually, if one can target the most likely physical or earth plane manifestation shown in the aspects, and according to one’s natal proclivities, it helps tremendously in knowing where to apply a remedy. Left to their own, the combined planetary energies have a “tendency” to work out in a way that allows them the most expression. However, this isn’t always desirable and since each aspect contains multiple potentials, with some conscious direction, one can get more mileage out of one aspect and corral another. If a problem area is located, you can pull out all the tools and put them to work. An illness can be circumvented or an accident avoided by applying the proper antidote to the root of a problem.

The simple truth is that a majority of stressful aspects or aspects involving malefic planets in the progressed chart shows a time of challenge while a majority of benefic planetary configurations show a relatively easy period.

For any specific time period, there won’t be more than a handful of “active” aspects in the progressed chart. Each of these describes part of the current picture and each must be considered against the remaining aspects to find the major overall theme for the time period.

To begin, using Win Star Version 4 or a program with similar capabilities, run a three-wheel chart with the natal chart in the center, the secondary progressions in the middle wheel and transits in the outer wheel. I prefer the Tri-Small Wheel because the precise positions of the planets are shown, making it easy to locate aspects that are forming or within orb. Set preferences for the Tropical zodiac and Placidus house system.

The “active” aspects are those that have formed among the natal and progressed planets within a one-degree orb; slightly more for the Sun and Moon. Aspects that have formed involving the angles are highest priority and most significant of eventful times approaching.

Find major aspects to the natal Ascendant from progressed planets that are within a one-degree orb. If it is the Sun or Moon, give a one and a half degree orb. Make a note of it. Do the same with the natal Midheaven. Then go to the progressed Ascendant and check for aspects it makes to planets in the natal chart OR to planets in the progressed chart. Not finding a whole lot, right? Ok, do the same with the progressed Midheaven. These angular aspects show important crossroads, with hard aspects more indicative of major changes and activity than easy aspects.

Now, do any of those aspects involve the Sun? If so, that is emphasizing an active and important trend. Which planets are in aspect to the angles? Is it the natal chart ruler or an important planet from the nativity? Which natal house does it rule? Put this in parenthesis because when a house ruler becomes active, it means activity involving the issues of that house are coming due. Finally, what does that active planet say in terms of tradition? For example, which would you rather have; an active Venus or an active Mars? If you were planning a wedding, Venus is great but if you wanted to start a new venture, Mars is a must. At worst, Venus is indulgent and Mars is selfish. Venus is looking for social times and Mars is looking for competition. Venus signifies women’s affairs, Mars shows masculine interests.

Before going on, you must keep in mind that for any significant event to unfold, the aspects must suggest it at least three times. This is for good or bad. For major events, the aspects will point to it in many ways. For example, if progressed Venus were conjunct the progressed Midheaven while in trine to natal Mars, both of those aspects are highlighting romantic possibilities. If the ruler of the fifth house also came prominently into view and you’re single, you can just about bet on it! A transit would then show when.

In judging the angular aspects, if it is the Midheaven involved in the aspects, the indications are of a Solar nature. The event is likely to be related to self-esteem, character, honor and career goals, similar to the Sun. Here, one is thrown into the limelight. If it is the Ascendant involved in aspects, there’s a more lunar theme and events are more likely to be personal in nature, with an accent on home and family matters.

Go next to the Sun, first the natal Sun and find aspects to the progressed planets. Then to the progressed Sun and find aspects it forms to either a natal or a progressed planet. These are dynamic aspects for eventful times. The Sun is always active when major events are forthcoming and it could be a time to make your mark upon the world!

Continue to note aspects of any remaining planets, going next to the natal chart ruler. The progressed Moon aspects are quite transitory, lasting only about three months. As an indicator of fluctuations in the domicile and environment, especially as these modify and influence personal affairs due to changes in perceptions, these furnish a lot of detail to your reading when viewed in light of the rest of the aspects.

Now, bring in the transits starting with Pluto. Is it making a close contact to any of the activated points or planets? Outer transiting planets in aspect to inner natal or progressed planets are the most important transits.

At this point, check the relationship of transiting Saturn to the progressed Sun. This is an important indicator and may substantiate your findings already. While looking at transiting Saturn, also check the aspectual relationship it holds to the progressed Moon. With Saturn, the easy relationships to the lights show times of great forward strides in business or in a material way and the hard aspects show challenge. It’s also a good idea to check the relationship of transiting Uranus to the progressed luminaries for Uranus may bring a sudden disruption.

Go through the outer planets down to Jupiter and then see what area of the chart the transiting North Node highlights as it tends to magnify activity suggested by a planet as it crosses over. You can use the key sheets found in the Astrologer’s Toolkit in the Tutorial.

Use simple keywords for the planets and aspects and jot down your impressions as they come to you. Taking a stab at forecasting will often give you some surprising results and practice helps. Ask these questions; What kind of aspect comes up most often and which planet comes up most often? Is the ruler of one particular house exceptionally active?

Remember that each planet signifies more than just one thing; for example, the Sun rules vitality as well as life purpose, so aspects it forms points to both health and passion for life. It also shows how things are going with the important masculine figures in your life, including your dad and your husband if you are a woman. Learn more about the function of the Sun at Astrology Novice.

Also remember that this is a forecast – an outlook based on the current configurations and evidence. Your accuracy will steadily improve and the final say as to whether you are on the right track will be found in the center of your wheel, in the natal chart. If an event is to come to pass, it must be suggested there among the configurations. Transiting Sun or Mars will often act as the event timer.

Become an expert at forecasting with the help of my books. In particular, you will find the new edition of Predicting Events with Astrology to be very useful. There is a whole chapter on Love & Marriage; how to find the natal potential as well as when the potential will come to pass, whether this is a wanted experience like marriage or an unwanted experience like being jilted. There are also chapters on Money & Success, Physical Health, Mental Health, Death & Bereavement and much more so that you will know what you are observing in the charts at any given time. My other books are also helpful in prediction. They are: Lunar Nodes, Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission, Eclipses, Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, and Identifying Planetary Triggers.

President Bush Makes a Statement for Astrology

President Bush tri-wheel astrological chart by Celeste Teal

President Bush Tri-Wheel Chart

After choking on a pretzel and passing out briefly on Sunday, January 13, 2002, President Bush commented that he’d been feeling somewhat off his game over the weekend and wondered if he might be coming down with something. In looking at his chart, it’s easy to see why he was feeling below par.

The New Moon that day, accompanied by Venus, fell in his natal Sixth House, opposed his natal Saturn and squared his progressed Moon, Jupiter and Venus. The transit of Sun opposition Saturn is a brief period of low energy, while Moon opposition Saturn shows a low point emotionally, when one might rather be alone. Venus joins in and emphasizes a dull feeling while her square to progressed Jupiter is one signature of his brief distress from the pretzel incident.

There were several transiting aspects that day to his natal and progressed planets. Occurring at 5:35 EST, the transiting Ascendant was conjoined with his natal Saturn, accenting the square from progressed Moon to natal Saturn and the opposition from the New Moon. Saturn suggests restriction.

With his progressed Ascendant in Virgo, his current ruler is Mercury. Transiting Mercury opposes his progressed Pluto, while transiting Uranus opposes his progressed Mercury. Mercury is associated with the respiration, including the windpipe and lungs, and Uranus contributes to the sudden and unnerving incident. Transiting Black Moon Lilith is even in opposition to his progressed Ascendant degree at the time of his distress. With his progressed Ascendant near the end of the second decan of Virgo, his co-ruler is Saturn, so there were difficult aspects involving his progressed Ascendant, his ruler, his co-ruler and his Moon. His progressed Ascendant is also square his natal Uranus, which can bring problems unexpectedly.

If you take a look at his tri-wheel chart, you’ll see his natal chart in the center wheel with progressed planets in the middle wheel and transits at the time of his mishap in the outer wheel. Notice that his progressed Moon is within a one-degree orb of squaring natal Saturn, a blue mood and potential functional problems with the health and Saturn rules his natal Sixth House of health. His progressed Mars is square his natal Sun so that both of his luminaries are involved in difficult progressed aspects along with his rulers. Those are the most important aspects upon which the transiting aspects played into, setting off problems.

Fortunately, his progressed Mercury has the beneficial and protective sextile from progressed Venus, while progressed Sun and natal Mars receive assistance from transiting Jupiter. His Saturn receives a trine from transiting Mars while transiting Saturn is sextile natal Mercury and natal Ascendant. These assisting aspects to his rulers and the Sun helped to ensure his well-being. A happy ending! Celeste Teal, January 15, 2002

Decans, also called Decanates, are segments of a sign, and they are quite valuable in determining health particulars. They are discussed in depth in Chapter 6 of Predicting Events with Astrology.

Do You Know Where Your Progressed Moon Is?

The natal house that your progressing Moon is moving through shows the subject matters that are coming to the forefront in your life. This area is open for fluctuations and changes. The emotions are heightened and sensitive concerning these matters. The progressing Moon advances at the rate of about one degree per month and the aspects it forms are fleeting but important, reflecting upon activity occurring in the domestic sphere. Predicting Events with Astrology explains how to use these aspects as timing devices and provides descriptions of the lunar aspects. You’ll also learn why you need to watch for major transiting planets should they come into aspect with your progressed Moon.

Barbara Cartland Leaves Her Legacy

At her passing on May 21st, 2000, Barbara Cartland left a legacy for writers and to the world of publishing. Named the queen of romance titles, Guinness accredited her with being the most prolific writer alive when her 723 literary works had sold more than a billion books worldwide.

In Ms. Cartland’s natal chart, Saturn rules and resides on her Capricorn Midheaven, accompanied by Jupiter. This illustrates the genuine authority status she achieved in her lifetime and the honorable titles that were bestowed upon her. In addition to her writing achievements, Queen Elizabeth made her a Dame in 1991.

Barbara Cartland by Celeste Teal

Barbara Cartland

Born on July 9, 1901 in Birmingham, England, her progressed chart for May 21st, 2000, allows one to learn many things about her life and her legacy as an author.

Calculating the progressions and transits of her demise, I used the time of midnight because Ms. Cartland died in her sleep. Saturn was the first natal planet to rise to the transiting Ascendant and progressed Saturn is now within a one-degree orb to conjunct her natal Midheaven so these are also in alignment with the transiting Ascendant. This Saturn emphasis suggests that she has reached her height of authority and status; old father time is at hand and limitations have been met. With Saturn ruling her Capricorn Midheaven and all this activity, it resonates of the promise in her natal chart; to earn respect as a true authority in a special capacity.

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction – Expansive Achievement

Cartland was born during a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and she passed with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. This illustrates the synchronicity and flows of life that are evident in the planetary alignments of the progressed and transiting configurations at the times of important events. Similar ties are often found among the transiting planets as those in the natal chart when crucial events take place.

The pairing of Jupiter and Saturn on her natal Midheaven emphasized Ms. Cartland’s inclination toward conservatism and the serious outlook she took in handling her business. Raised as the pampered darling of an army major, she utilized all the resources at her disposal and was able to put forth a product with lasting value, chiefly her long series of romance novels.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction shows that her professional success was largely dependent upon such factors as industry and national economics as indeed these did have an effect on the sales of her books. Saturn rules big business and Jupiter rules the larger social and economic trends. In Ms. Cartland’s chart, it was quite favorable to have Saturn leading that conjunction. Although she worked hard, she began with a sound structural basis for her projects that could later be expanded upon. Had Jupiter been leading, she might have proceeded with over-optimism only to run into snags later.

Mars Key to Perfection

Her sixth house Mars reveals her ability to output so much material. She was something of a workaholic as will frequently be noted by either Mars or Pluto in the sixth house. For Ms. Cartland, this is a complimentary position of Mars in Virgo to her earth sign Jupiter and Saturn. This Mars position suggests that she was very energetic about her vocation. Her self-esteem and confidence were greatly rewarded by her ability to complete a work and complete it well. With practical intentions, she set about this in a methodical fashion. Requiring an organized work environment, she would have been every bit the perfectionist about her routine and schedule. She undoubtedly would have expected similar efforts from others and would have had no use for any but the most efficient employees.

This sixth house position of Mars also denotes her practical yet strenuous approach to diet and fitness. A passionate follower of healthy living, she was widely known for her belief in vitamins, supplements and the importance of fitness for senior citizens. She was 98 when she passed in her sleep, showing that her regimen worked splendidly for her.

The Villain & the Virtuous Heroine

Mars forms a close connection to Neptune in her third house. This is most illustrative of her talent for weaving romantic fantasies; always with an adventurous plot, a villain and a virtuous heroine. This theme is seen in these planets themselves and artistic abilities are associated with this aspect as Neptune inspires and Mars furnishes the fire and energy to bring that inspiration into reality.

Mars shows the methods by which we reach out to maintain or increase our individuality. Mars is also largely self-concerned but combined with Neptune; there is also a need to remain fused with others while pursuing individuality. These two planets don’t always see eye to eye because of the dissimilarities in their natures. Although the square aspect between them suggests some challenges, Ms. Cartland learned to be true to herself while remaining fused with others. By tuning into the fantasies of ordinary people she furnished them an escape from the ordinary and the joy of exaltation.

Through the artistic expression she chose as her outlet for the Mars/Neptune energies, one also notices the benign manner of sexual expression or absence of such in her novels. Her heroines were always virginal and pure, emphasizing the correspondences between this aspect and puritanical values. See more about Mars/Neptune aspects.

Neptune Key to Authorship

Mysterious Neptune in her third house suggests the fictional works she was most noted for and this is a key planet in her chart; linking as it does to both Mars and her rising Moon. With Gemini residing on her third house cusp, it reflects her multiple types of works as well as the sheer number of works. Most widely known for the romance novels, she began her career as a newspaper gossip columnist, and in addition to her fictional works, she also wrote cookbooks, autobiographies, history, sociology, drama and verse. She is acclaimed to have produced a novel a week with the aid of secretaries to whom she dictated from her chaise lounge.

Neptune is also tied closely with her rising Moon in Aries. She catered to the public’s needs in a most pioneering way through her writing. Sensitive to the desires of the public, she took an enterprising approach to deliver what they craved. With the Moon in sextile to Neptune, she knew instinctively that an escape from routine would be appealing. See more on these aspects at Sixth Sense.


This Moon/Neptune connection is also found at the time of her passing in both the progressed and transiting configurations, reflecting the timing of her transition as both natural and easy. Transiting Neptune is conjunct her Part of Fortune while in trine to her progressed Moon, eliciting the picture of this transition of consciousness. The Moon/Neptune sextile in her natal chart plays out there in the progressed chart and again in the transiting opposition of Moon and Neptune.

That her death was peaceful is indicated many times throughout the chart. Her progressed Ascendant is trine her progressed Moon, so she was ready for this transition. Transiting Pluto came to conjunct this progressed Moon and trine the progressed Ascendant. Appropriately reflecting the death transition, Pluto and progressed Moon are in the eighth and transiting Mars opposes them while sextile the progressed Ascendant. Pluto is again accentuated in the current sextile of her progressed Midheaven and progressed Pluto. Progressed Mars has just come to the cusp of the eighth house and opposed by the transiting Sun at the time of her death. Uranus is also part of these configurations, lying within transiting Pluto’s rays in the eighth house. The transiting Part of Fortune is conjunct her progressed Ascendant. Progressed Venus is trine her natal Venus while both are contacted by transiting Neptune, representing the ease and comfortable circumstances upon her transition to the twilight realms.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Cancer would have conjoined Ms. Cartland’s fourth house cusp of endings and this shows how events sometimes come prior to a personally significant eclipse. Transits tend to precipitate the eclipse conditions. This same eclipse also exactly opposes her progressed Saturn, the most prominent planet in her chart and under the spotlight throughout the progressed chart and transits. The eclipse would have fallen just shy of her 99th birthday.

The transiting North Node had just come to a square to her natal Moon near her Ascendant. The aspects of the Nodes will often time turning points in the life.

The transiting Midheaven at the end of her life came to conjunct her progressed Mercury with natal North Node. This very well depicts her famous name as a writer and a prolific one at that. These aspects also denote a time her name would be in the media. I would also watch for special tributes to her in the coming weeks as that eclipse point is stimulated, possibly by Mercury’s direct station at that point on July 17th.

The recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurred in Taurus, forming a loose trine to her natal conjunction and a trine to her Mars. Taurus is a fixed sign so there is an element of permanence. This duplicate aspect tying in with her natal conjunction upon her passing sealed her legacy. Indeed, Ms. Cartland will be forever remembered. 6/16/00 Celeste Teal

Learn about Eclipses in Your Chart or go to the Shop for an article on Forecasting Personal Events using the Moon Phases.

All the tips for sorting, prioritizing and tallying the active aspects in the progressed chart and transits are detailed in my books, Identifying Planetary Triggers and Predicting Events with Astrology.