The Seven Chakra Centers

Below is some information on each of the individual chakras, the kinds of issues they are associated with, signs of balance or imbalance and possible energy loss, etc. I’ve also listed a few stones that might prove helpful when proceeding to correct problem areas.

First Chakra – Root Energy Source

The first chakra is related to physical energy and basic root support. The condition of this chakra corresponds with how “connected” we feel, or our sense of “belonging” in this world, stemming in large part from our family experience and the programming we’ve received since birth. The Root Chakra is aligned with beliefs and attitudes that have been instilled in us, whether right or wrong. This chakra resembles a “plug”. Passion for life and the ability to bring desires into manifestation are signs of a healthy first chakra. A feeling of isolation, separateness and constant blocks and frustrations may indicate a block or loss of energy from this area. Problems with the feet are just one of the symptoms revealing a need for improvement in the first chakra center. This is our “support”.

Red and Black are the stone colors connected to the first chakra. Red stones such as Jasper energize the physical vehicle while black stones such as Smokey Quartz provide grounding and Black Tourmaline absorbs negativity. Hematite balances & Carnelian stimulates the base chakra.

Second Chakra – Creative Energy Center

Associated with our emotions and sexuality, true appreciation for others and their efforts, understanding, generosity and gratitude reflect a healthy second chakra. Corresponding with the lower emotional nature or astral plane, seeking only to satisfy emotional desires can lead to various entrapments such as relationship or drug dependency, addictions, etc. Dwelling in negativity, blaming others and the need to seek vengeance shows trouble at the second chakra level. Folded arms across the lower abdomen shows discomfort in a conversation and a related imbalance in the second chakra.

Orange and Turquoise are the colors associated with the second chakra. Carnelian is a good stone for the second chakra as is Citrine, Turquoise and clear quartz. Tiger Eye protects against uninvited disembodied entities while Amethyst assists in overcoming addictions.

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus or Integrity Center

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center of integrity, where our desires are put into action. When issues involve compromising our integrity it’s felt in the pit of the stomach. Breaking promises and/or otherwise not keeping commitments gradually dissipates our self-respect, resulting instead in feelings of shame and inadequacy. It’s only when we can rely on ourselves that we find the necessary provision to proceed forward – thus the third chakra relates to personal endurance and our ability to accept responsibility.

The Third Chakra relates to the mental plane and yellow is the associated color. Stones to stimulate and balance this chakra are Citrine, clear quartz and other stones of golden or yellow.

Fourth Chakra – Purity of Heart

The fourth chakra, or Heart Chakra, corresponds to the intuitive plane of existence and is the source of compassion. It is at this chakra center that situations can be cleared up and resolved through spontaneous attitudes of unconditional love and purity of heart. The Heart Chakra is the central mediator and able to turn the tides in an instant. Jealousy, bitterness, an unforgiving attitude and self-serving or ulterior motives does a great deal of damage to the Heart Chakra.

Pink and Green are the colors associated with the fourth chakra. Rose Quartz, Jade, Aventurine, Green Tourmaline are all good stones for stimulating and balancing this chakra.

Fifth Chakra – Throat or Speech Center

The fifth chakra, also called the Throat Chakra corresponds to speech. Those who speak with honesty and truth, who practice discernment in speech and who show respect for another person’s reality and feelings are often referred to as “true blue”, symbolic of a healthy fifth chakra. Cutting remarks or a harsh and critical attitude invites fifth Chakra problems as does dishonesty. Making amendments and atoning for previous errors through confession starts the healing process and opens the fifth chakra center. This chakra relates to the spiritual plane.

The associated color for the fifth chakra is Blue. Stones of benefit to this chakra are Azurite, Aquamarine, Lapis, Blue Kyanite and clear Quartz crystals. (Clear Quartz is beneficial for all seven chakras.)

Sixth Chakra – Third Eye or Divine Wisdom

This is the center between the fifth and seventh chakras, where discernment meets with faith. When we have an appreciation for the value in everything and a sense of inner security, the sixth chakra is in good condition. One taps into true wisdom and clear sight by being open to divine wisdom and following intuitions. The Third Eye is opened by a belief in purpose. When we have self-doubts, feel insecure or envious of others, the sixth chakra is likely in need of repair.

Indigo blue is the color. Stones; Tanzanite and other indigo colored stones as well as Lapis and clear Quartz crystals. Spheres and gazing stones are also excellent or stones that provide a doorway for insights. Learn about gazing in Meditations.

Note: Caroline Myss mentions that the Sixth Chakra is reality headquarters, the point of human reasoning and the management of illusions. Her video, Energetics of Healing is an invaluable reference. Find her other works in the Library.

Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra – Invitation

The seventh chakra or Crown Chakra is related to grace, to faith in the divine and an invitation for guidance. It opens with just a prayer. At the seventh chakra center, divine light energy is always pouring in, but if faith is replaced by fear, the light is immediately extinguished according to the strength of the fear.

The Crown Chakra is associated with Violet, a royal color, and shimmering golden-white, the ray to “all that is” and all is one. Stones: Amethyst and other violet colored stones. White and Golden stones, such as Azeztulite, Phenacite and Moonstone.

There are also minor chakras located throughout the body. The palms of the hands, for instance, are two of these minor energy centers, which is why energy transference occurs by holding a crystal.

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