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New Astrology Course

I have been listening to you over the years! The #1 request I’ve received is for me to teach a class on predictive astrology. So, I spent several months developing the lessons for such a class. My pilot student did fabulous and made an impressively accurate prediction only six days into the course! Now, a new, sleeker version of the formal course materials is available, entitled Essential Keys to Prediction, at a fraction the cost of the formal course. I underestimated how many students would want to take the course and the fact that I would not be able to keep up with the demand. Too many students who are ready for these powerful keys to prediction were being left behind. My solution was this new handbook of essentials.

Essential Keys to PredictionEssential Keys to Prediction – $99

This is your basic prediction kit. If you want to forecast present events, make daily predictions or select the best day for a particular activity, this 30 page piece provides you with the indispensable material to ensure your success. Lesson #1 gives the most precious key and unlocks the door. Recommended for intermediate astrologers who will fly quickly, becoming more confident from the first lesson! Many will be making accurate predictions within days. Recommended assignments are included for those with an accurate birth time who want practice on their own chart, to make learning more fun. You can even apply the materials in these 5 lessons to interpret your Solar Return, or any chart, with greater accuracy! Caution: Not for the Novice! You must know your way around a chart wheel and be willing to devote an hour a day of concentrated study for 3 – 12 months to get the best results. Pay with Pay Pal, then watch your primary Pay Pal email address for an email containing the link to download this PDF lesson set.


“I purchased Essential Keys to Prediction because I wanted to fine tune the prediction techniques I have learned in Celeste Teal’s books. I have to admit that only after a few days of practicing her techniques I started to blow my mind in amazement! The techniques were creepy accurate when I tested them on celebrities and my own circle of friends and family. I went into it challenging myself to stick to her guidance and follow her very easy to follow instructions. This course has certainly jump started my Astrological education by months or even years because I now incorporate her techniques in all of my research and chart readings. Thank you once again Celeste for creating another amazing Astrological educational piece!” Scott Fredeman

“Hi Celeste! I bought Essential Keys the other day, and I have to thank you so much for it! It is tying everything together beautifully and I’m finding chart analysis so much fun! I have read PEWA and IPT several times and they are by far the clearest explanations I’ve come across….but I was still floundering as I am only a couple of years old, astrology-wise…and there is so much to learn! As I said, I’ve only been using it a couple of days, but it is such a joy to be attempting “real” astrology and making some progress at last! THANK YOU ever so much for your marvelous contribution to Astrology!” Debi P. Australia

“I found Celeste Teal’s “Essential Keys to Prediction” to be a valuable tool that every astrologer, from beginners to advanced, should have by their side. She provides step-by-step instructions to set up charts which give detail as to what can be expected on a daily basis. This is a very useful tool for an astrologer to help a client choose dates to make a purchase, go on a job interview, ask for a raise, or even search for a partner. Celeste has an easy way of teaching complex subjects. I keep this material as a reference when calculating any new chart – it’s GREAT!” Debbie M.

“This is the best course I have taken by far. Celeste’s course has given me the tools to predict with confidence and accuracy. A great teacher and astrologer, who is there for you every step of the way sharing her methods and knowledge. I highly recommend this course to whoever wants to sharpen their skills and predict with accuracy.” Sophia B. (Comments from the original course)

“This course is making me a much better astrologer! I am learning astrology on so many levels; the transits and progressions and the ability to see the timing of them, and how they are expressing in my life and the lives of others. The most valuable part of the course is having the guidance and insight of Celeste! Celeste is uncanny in her skill set, and has been an astrologer whose work I have followed and admired for many years. I am helped by her to see what is important and to cut away what is not as much so. As any student of astrology knows it is possible to become bogged down in tons of info making it harder to see what is of greatest import, so Celeste’s guidance has been invaluable to me!” Debra H. (Comments from the original course)

“Taking the next step in learning astrology can be a daunting task, but your course has made learning advanced astrology both exciting and rewarding. The information and one on one correspondence has taught me so much about applying advanced astrological techniques, and given me the confidence to continue my journey toward being the best astrologer I can be. Thank you!” Guy L. (Comments from the original course)

“Celeste’s course was truly invaluable. The course was very organized as a yearly program. Each month is a different chapter devoted to a different topic, each building on the previous month/topic. At the end of each section there is an exercise or “homework” to put the theories into practice. Having that hands-on work for each section was the best part, as I really learn by physically doing things. This really helped solidify the teachings within and Celeste herself checks your work and offers feedback for each exercise. I was able to ask questions along the way to make sure I was on the right track as well. I feel honored to have studied under one of the greats!” Michael, San Francisco, CA (comments from the original course)


Many site visitors have asked if I do personal readings and while I’ve not advertised that I offer these services I have tried to accommodate your requests whenever possible. I do see a need for this since, as many of you have told me, it’s not easy to be objective about reading your own chart even if you are an otherwise capable astrologer. My specialty reading is a yearly forecast, where I spend time analyzing your progressions, transits, eclipses and Solar Return before writing up my interpretations for you. This is a deluxe package that student astrologers especially enjoy. I tell you exactly what I’m basing my interpretations on. You don’t have to know astrology to benefit though. This reading is detailed and thorough. The fee for first time clients is $325; yearly updates thereafter are $275. I do a limited number of readings per month so please check for availability by emailing me particulars if you are in need of services. Other details can be discussed then. Thanks! C.T.

New Training Materials

Many of my writings are inspired by questions or requests you’ve sent in over the years. Other times I just get really excited wanting to share information that will make an astrologer’s life easier. I’ve amassed quite a catalog of training materials and articles that it has been my dream for a while to make easily available to you. There are short pieces on various topics that I intend to go through to see what you might find particularly useful. As all goes smoothly, you should find new articles and resources popping up on the website or in the PDF articles menu for purchase.

Articles for Purchase

Using Your Lunar Return to Predict a Day of Joy or Fortune Each Month by Celeste TealUsing Your Lunar Return to Predict a Day of Joy or Fortune Each Month – $5.95

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look ahead and zero in on at least one day each month when you are guaranteed to experience some luck, favor or good fortune? Well, now you can! This article explains how to determine this date, ways to take advantage of it, as well as who might be of special assistance to you. This 1,826 word article is to the point, easy to understand, and gets you on your way to making use of this highly reliable specialized technique. It is recommended for intermediate to advanced astrologers.

Quick Tips for Reading Your Lunar Return by Celeste TealQuick Tips for Reading Your Lunar Return – $5.95

Could you use some help figuring out where to begin when trying to interpret your Lunar Return? Well, here you have it. This article was created to help beginning to intermediate astrologers who are just getting familiar with return charts. Step by step, the article guides you through the essentials so that you can start making forecasts. You may surprise yourself! You’ll find out how to interpret the planets in the houses, what is really important, the significance of the rising sign and more. There’s even a list of desirables and undesirables to check for. This 2,753 word article is easy and informative.

Forecasting Personal Events Using the Moon Phases by Celeste TealForecasting Personal Events Using the Moon Phases – $6.95 – Free Bonus with Purchase

A New Moon, Full Moon or Quarter Moon can be used to find periods of important personal activity. They are predictive of events to come and helpful in determining the wisest course of action to take during the time of their influence. This article shows you how to find personally important lunar phases, what the phase entails and how long it lasts. Get precise details based on the lunation, aspects to your planets and houses stimulated. This informative 1,636 word article is recommended for intermediates or advanced astrologers although beginners will also get a lot out of it and be well on their way to the next level. Anyone purchasing this article gets the 2015 Moon Phase chart for free.

Utilizing the Day & Hour Rulers by Celeste TealUtilizing the Day & Hour Rulers – $6.95

The planetary day and hour rulers are used extensively in Horary and Electional astrology, but they can also be used to manage general affairs. Each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven visible planets. And, each day of the week is good for specific activities, providing that the day ruler is in good condition. If the day ruler is not in good condition, the activities ruled by the planet are not recommended. The day rulers provide another tool to pick the best day for any occasion. This informative article discusses the kinds of activities to undertake or to avoid, depending on the condition of the day ruler, which is also discussed at length. This 4,089 word article provides many tips for electing events and is recommended for intermediates and advanced astrologers. Bright beginners would also find much to apply.

Accurate Forecasting from the Solar Return by Celeste TealAccurate Forecasting from the Solar Return – $6.95

If you’ve been doing astrology for very long you’ve probably heard or read that you can actually improve your year or even change your destiny if you travel on your birthday to just the right location. Now, we have the chance to test the theory in this true romantic love story that takes an unexpected turn. This 3,176 word article includes charts and is a must have for any intermediate or advanced astrologer who has grappled with the issue of whether the aimed Solar Return has more relevance and predictive qualities than the Solar Return chart cast for the residence.

Chiron - The Wounded Healer by Celeste TealChiron – The Wounded Healer – $5.95

What does it mean if your Chiron forms aspects to other planets in your natal chart? What does it mean by house and by sign? This instructional article provides brief descriptions of Chiron by house, by sign or in aspect to a planet, making it easy to interpret the area of your wounding as well as the people involved. It also tells your specific gifts or talents for bringing healing to others. This informative 4,563 word article includes a discussion on the Chiron Return as well as major Chiron transits; in square or opposition to its natal place.

2014 Moon Phase chart by Celeste Teal2014 Moon Phases – $2.95

This single sheet provides the dates and zodiac degrees of all the New, Full or Quarter Moons in 2014. Symbols show whether it is a New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, 4th Quarter, Solar or Lunar Eclipse. This handy cheat sheet makes it easy to see at a glance when the Moon at phase is setting something off in your horoscope. It is suitable for new, beginning, intermediate or advanced astrologers.

2015 Moon Phase chart by Celeste Teal2015 Moon Phases – $2.95

This single sheet provides the dates and zodiac degrees of all the New, Full or Quarter Moons in 2015. Symbols show whether it is a New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, 4th Quarter, Solar or Lunar Eclipse. This handy cheat sheet makes it easy to see at a glance when the Moon at phase is setting something off in your horoscope. It is suitable for new, beginning, intermediate or advanced astrologers.

Progressed Lunations & Progressed New Moons by Celeste TealProgressed Lunations & Progressed New Moons – $6.95

Two or three times in your life, your progressed Moon conjoins your natal Sun, representing new beginnings; often revitalizing. There are also 2 or 3 times in your life that your progressed Moon conjoins your progressed Sun. Called a progressed New Moon, based on the New Moons occurring in the first 3 months after birth, it characterizes the general quality of life for a 30-year span. Casting a chart based on when your progressed New Moon starts provides more comprehensive details about your life for the 30-year period covered, including new potential. This article discusses the 3 variations and how to interpret each; guiding you through each step and providing examples. This 3,171 word article is recommended for intermediates and up; those familiar with progressions and who have access to good software.

Personal Effects of the Grand Cross of 2014Personal Effects of the Grand Cross of 2014 – $7.95

The Grand Cross of 2014 has legs into 2015. It represents tension, apt to coincide with a period of economic adjustments impacting business. But, what of the personal effects for those who have a natal (or progressed) planet aligned with the cross? Answering that question is the subject of this article, inspired by many emails. Light is shed on the general effects and what to be sensitive to, depending on whether it is one’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto being stimulated, also considering the natal planet’s sign. This article describes briefly the impact if the natal Sun is in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Ditto the other planets, with equal time given to each planet position! With info on highlighted houses, the piece is 7,040 words (11 pgs.). Recommended for any astrologer familiar with a chart wheel.

Stock Market ForecastingStock Market Forecasting – $14.95

For those astrologers interested in learning how to forecast Stock Market ups and downs, bearish or bullish trends, including identifying business and market trends years in advance, this article is for you. If you enjoy such studies, this article shows you what to look for, drawing on examples from previous times and projecting to 2026 to identify major factors impacting the U.S. markets based on proven results of a technique that has stood the test of time. This piece is 14 pages long (6,555 words) and includes 23 charts. Intermediate and advanced astrologers who have an interest in mundane astrology will be most benefited, gaining increased confidence in their abilities to make these forecasts. Pay with Pay Pal, then watch your primary Pay Pal email address for an email containing the link to download this article.

Interpreting a Mutual Reception by Celeste TealInterpreting a Mutual Reception – $6.95

When two planets are placed in signs ruled by one another, they are said to be in mutual reception. Such a condition is considered to give dual capabilities; often considered a blessing for life if found in the natal chart. This comprehensive piece discusses mutual receptions in any kind of chart, whether of a temporary or long-lasting influence. It provides basic and advanced techniques for how to extract the most useful information from a mutual reception. This easy to understand article is 4,131 words (9 pages), containing 7 charts. It is recommended for anyone familiar with a chart wheel. Pay with Pay Pal, then watch your primary Pay Pal email address for an email containing the link to download this article.

Selecting an Elective Surgery Date – $7.95

For picking the best time to have an elective surgery, which is a procedure that can be put off or scheduled, this article provides easy guidelines to find the best day for a successful surgery that will also provide peace of mind. Based on the wise counsel of reputable medical astrologers from traditional to modern times, this piece pulls together the most important rules to observe. Recommended for those with a basic knowledge of astrology and who know how to use an ephemeris. This easy to follow piece is 3,066 words (6 pages) and contains a color illustration. Pay with Pay Pal, then watch your primary Pay Pal email address for an email containing the link to download this PDF article.