Tutorial 2

Question: I still don’t get the idea how I could connect the reading of planet aspect to houses and the 12 signs. Please help.

Answer: A good question and I know how that can be confusing at first. Aspects are the most challenging. Basically, you do everything separately and blend as you go:

Planet in Sign

Once you understand a planet’s function and type of energy it carries, going by the planetary keywords, you look to the sign it’s in to see how that zodiac sign would influence it.

For example, a planet usually functions pretty well in the sign it rules but let’s say the Moon is in Capricorn. The Moon rules one’s emotional sensitivity; the mother, other women, etc. Capricorn has Saturn as a ruler; cool, business-like and conservative, so the Moon in Capricorn would produce emotions that are somewhat detached or held back, causing difficulty in expressing the softer emotions. Such a person might appear as overly aloof. And, s/he might experience a similar distancing from important women in the life.

In such a case, the mother may be reserved in emotional expression. She might also become a burden in some way, especially in later years since Saturn/Capricorn also denote those of advanced age. For more about the signs, go to Zodiac Signs. Find more about those important Moon aspects in Fame & Popularity.

Just a note here: this is the same way to blend planetary aspects, so a hard aspect between the Moon and Saturn also produces the above. The hard aspects are the square and opposition. With these two planets, a conjunction would also be considered a hard aspect due to the differing natures of the two planets. Use the Key sheet to refer to.

Planet in House

Next, consider the house position to see where this energy is produced in your life. Using the same example as previous, the Moon is changeable and in the 2nd house of finances would show “changing circumstances” surrounding earned income as well as an emotional need for material security.

However, because Capricorn/Saturn bring caution and conservatism to the area, such a person might appear as stingy, overly ambitious about money and depending on the aspects might have to struggle to feel financially secure. Saturn in the chart often shows the greatest fears and influencing the Moon contributes some of this “nature”. The areas of life ruled by each house can be found in the Tutorial and sign characteristics in Zodiac signs.

Planets in Aspect

Now look to the aspects and blend the nature of a planet throwing light and energy to the first planet. In this example case it’s a Capricorn Moon in the 2nd house. Two planets will blend either harmoniously or not by nature and by aspect. Some planets blend better than others. An aspect of the Sun, Venus or Jupiter would appreciatively enhance this Moon.

The Keys sheets provided in the Tutorial give all the attributes of planets so be sure to refer to them. My book, Predicting Events with Astrology also has an entire section devoted to planetary blending.

As you can see, there is some effort involved but it gets easier as you practice “reading” charts. If you start with the personal planets; Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars you’ll get the fundamentals. Later, try reading someone else’s chart too. That helps to get an objective eye on the process of blending. I want to thank you for writing. Sounds like you’re really trying. Don’t give up because you will get it!

Empty Houses

Question: What happens if I have a house without any planets in it? Does it mean I don’t care about that part of my life?

Answer: Absolutely not. If a house is empty, it shows that there is less conscious concern in that area. You pretty much accept conditions the way they are and anything experienced is not likely to give you any more of a problem than you can handle. Still, such a house still has a sign influencing it and the ruler of that sign is the planet to look to for particulars. The aspects that planet is involved in describes much about how those house matters will go. Refer to the Astrology Keys provided in the Tutorial for the sign rulers and be sure to learn more about how a sign influences a house in Zodiac Signs. (A house containing one or more planets immediately signifies some conscious concern over those house matters.)

A wonderful book for the novice is called Astrology in Modern Language by Richard Vaughn. Not an ordinary cook book style, it leads you through not only the sign on the cusp, but also to the ruler’s house position meaning. It also covers aspects, is easy to understand and will be a reference for many years.

A great book on houses is called The House Book by Stephanie Camilleri.

If you are past the beginner level but not quite to an intermediate level yet, a book I would recommend is How to Read Your Astrological Chart by Donna Cunningham.

Chart Pattern Types

George W Bush astrological chart by Celeste Teal

George W Bush

The overall pattern of a chart suggests certain behavior types. Research by Marc Edmund Jones led to the discovery of seven distinct patterns: Click on the images below to view charts.

The first pattern is called the Bundle; produced when all the planets are grouped together in the confines of a trine or less. This is the rarest pattern and suggests a specialized or limited range of interests as well as the ability to focus within that range. Stimuli from outside this range may not produce a response or there may be inhibitions. The Bundle precludes an opportunity to become self-reliant and to capitalize upon limited resources. President George W. Bush and Gary Busy are two among the Bundle group.

Donald Trump astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Donald J. Trump

Jimi Hendrix astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Jimi Hendrix

When the planets occupy half the chart, leaving the other half empty, the Bowl pattern is produced. This pattern establishes a self-contained individual with great inner strength, who may feel cut off from a whole sector of experience. The underlying compulsion is to initiate projects for the betterment of all if the lower half of the chart is emphasized with planets, or to consummate such projects if the upper half is emphasized. The planet leading the others in a clockwise direction may be revealing by its house position. Donald Trump and Jimi Hendrix are examples of the Bowl pattern.

Bill Gates astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Bill Gates

Calista Flockhart astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Calista Flockhart

Where the planets form a Bowl with the exception of one or a pair together on the opposite side of the chart, the Bucket is produced. The lone planet(s) shows a special capacity that brings a compelling orientation to the whole life. Achieving objectives is important to the psychological well-being. In this case, the individual becomes a source of inspiration or an agitator, depending on the development of the overall potential. Bill Gates, Calista Flockhart and John Lennon have charts of the Bucket type. Often, the Bucket type will have a Tee-Square; three or more planets involved in 90 degree angle aspects to form a T in the chart. Such stress is often behind great productivity. In the chart of Bill Gates, Chiron is a factor in the Bucket pattern.

Edward Kennedy astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Edward Kennedy

With the See Saw pattern in which planets are grouped to form oppositions in a narrow range, two completely opposing types of experiences are calling and the individual feels just as compelled toward one as to the other. This creates such an awareness of conflict that a choice must be made to either find a happy medium or to wrestle continuously with opposing urges. The points of conflict will be found in the opposing houses and signs. Planets exactly opposite one another show extreme conflict and the individual may become caught up in an energy-consuming struggle. The entire ability to relate may be dependant on stimulation from the areas of conflict and the mind jumps automatically to these issues. Edward Kennedy has a horoscope that illustrates the See-Saw pattern. A true See Saw is uncommon.

Nicolas Cage astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Nicolas Cage

JFK Jr. astrological chart by Celeste Teal


The Locomotive pattern is found when the planets are spread out to occupy two thirds of the chart, leaving one third empty. This indicates a compulsion to seek fulfillment, which is based on the feeling that something is missing. These individuals apply drive and are energetic in handling problems. The planet acting as the engine; leading the rest in a clockwise direction, may be revealing. The Locomotive suggests self-seeking tendencies as well as executive ability. Nicolas Cage and JFK Jr. are examples of the Locomotive pattern.

George Harrison astrological chart by Celeste Teal

George Harrison

If the planets are splashed all over the chart and fairly evenly distributed throughout the houses, the Splash pattern occurs. This suggests that there is such a diversity of stimuli that one will either scatter energies indiscriminately, making it difficult to accomplish one main goal, or be forced into becoming extraordinarily organized. George Harrison’s chart conforms to the Splash type.

The Splay pattern results if the planets do not fit into any of the foregoing categories. This pattern type generally shows three points of emphasis and is sometimes found to contain a Grand Trine. It distinguishes one with an iron grip that is fortifying against any type of opposition. It suggests an unwavering individual and sometimes a ruthless nature as these people will avoid being pigeonholed or bound by routine. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon have the Splay pattern and Matt’s shows a Grand Trine of Moon, Mars and Saturn.

Leonardo di Caprio astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Leonardo di Caprio

Matt Damon astrological chart by Celeste Teal

Matt Damon

Not only can these patterns reveal dynamics of the natal chart, they can also be informative about your coming year as based upon your Solar Return. This is covered in my book, Identifying Planetary Triggers, and there’s a chapter on each of the planetary returns, Moon through Saturn. Learn how to put your Mercury or your Venus Return to work… See more celebrity charts in Planetary Effects on Appearance and Personality and in Fame & Popularity.

Choosing Your Ideal Residence

Finding the location and home that’s right for you can be found in your horoscope and combined with relocation technique puts one at a real advantage. You can choose to bring your best planets (abilities and potential) forward. True, you can’t change the natal pattern or aspects among planets but you can reposition them to place the problematic ones in the cadent houses and bring the best ones onto the angles. A bit off the subject but many people will travel for their birthday in order to alter their Solar Return. The only problem with that is that when they return home they pick up where they left off. A permanent move is another matter. See Relocating below.

When I moved across the country to settle in Phoenix, a place I’d long had an attraction for; I used relocation methods to check the chart first. It was a good choice astrologically and when I arrived, it felt like home. There are also guidelines for finding the right dwelling in the horoscope: You can experiment with potential cities to travel to at the Astrodienst.

Choosing Your Dwelling

Your home is a 4th house matter of course, so that’s the house to look to. The sign ruling the 4th house reflects the direction your house should face; if the sign is Aries, the home should face East; if Cancer, North; if Libra, West and if Capricorn, South. Taurus and Gemini are East and North, denoting a home facing the Northeast. Leo and Virgo are Northwest so that’s the direction the home should face. Scorpio or Sagittarius on the 4th house cusp would reflect a home facing Southwest while Aquarius or Pisces indicate Southeast. These directional guidelines are found on the House-Sign Keywords sheet in the Tutorial.

To find more about the exact locality, look to your rising sign. If a cardinal sign is rising, the home should be elevated above sea level, on a hill or in some way prominently situated. If a fixed sign is rising, the home should be in a valley. If a mutable sign rises, the home should be at sea level and situated among other homes. Following these guidelines brings one to the most agreeable magnetic conditions by nature. The Astrology Keys sheet in the Tutorial provides a table of the cardinal, fixed and mutable signs and you can also find this information in Zodiac signs.


To determine whether to relocate from the place of birth, look to the natal chart. If there is an undesirable configuration that places heavily afflicted planets in the 1st or 4th houses, relocation might be advisable. If this is a luminary or the afflicted planet(s) are exactly on one of these angles, all the more so. Heavily afflicted planets in the 9th house, however, warn against relocating to a foreign country, especially if these are the traditional Malefics; Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto.

If moving is advisable, find the direction associated with the rising sign and experiment with some relocated charts in that direction (see above). Calculate a new natal chart as if birth took place in that city, adjusting your time of birth to have coincided with that time zone by adding or subtracting the appropriate number of hours. Relocating would not usually be advised if a well-configured luminary or Venus or Jupiter occupied the 4th house because that shows great benefits in the birth location. Matrix WinStar, a professional astrology program, does relocations for you, automatically adjusting the time. All you do is type in the city. You can also experiment with potential cities to travel to at the Astrodienst.

Bringing Your Best Planets Forward

Find the best configuration in your chart, possibly one that reflects abilities along the lines of what you’d like to be doing in life. Again, you can find these correspondences on the Key sheets in the Tutorial. Design work would involve Venus; mechanics or surgeons, Mars and/or Pluto; teaching; Jupiter or Mercury; etc. You can also look to Venus and Jupiter, the Sun or Moon and if well aspected, experiment with relocation charts to see if you can bring one or more of them onto an angle. Keep in mind that some stressful aspects are a must for progress. If we didn’t have some obstacles to overcome, we’d never make any efforts or grow at all. Still, there can be situations in which barriers can be overwhelming and if the choice to relocate can alleviate those, then great!

Since this process could involve the calculation of several charts, I recommend using WinStar version 4, a professional program, which does chart relocations for you.

Zodiacal Occupations

A Quick Overview by Celeste Teal

While the Sun may point to the occupation, Mercury shows how the mental faculties operate and where one puts his or her attention. For that reason, Mercury is a good guide to the type of work a person will do by sign position. Often, Mercury occupies the same sign as the Sun.

MarsAriesAries: Work requiring initiative, enterprise, courage and bravery such as the armed forces, engineering, surgery. Works with tools, especially sharp instruments. Pairs well with Libra, works well with Leo, Sagittarius. Mars rules Aries: Associated with war, aggression, sudden action and points of confrontation.

VenusTaurusTaurus: Work such as farming, building, banking or finance and a stable routine. Also work in finery, textiles, clothing or sculpting. Pairs well with Scorpio, works well with Libra, Capricorn, most signs. Venus rules Taurus: Associated with a love of material security and enjoyment of the creature comforts.

MercuryGeminiGemini: Occupations involving travel and communications within the immediate area and familiarity with the local area. Includes teachers, journalists, printing, advertising, postal or secretarial workers. Pairs well with Sagittarius, works well with Aquarius, Libra. Mercury rules Gemini: Associated with “the messenger.” Good basic know-how and problem solving abilities.

The MoonCancerCancer: Domestic related occupations such as chefs, caterers or anything connected to women’s products. Also public servants and those who cater close to the public. Pairs well with Capricorn, works well with Scorpio, Pisces. The Moon rules Cancer: Associated with mother, nurture and heightened sensitivity to the needs of others.

The SunLeoLeo: Occupations involving leadership and a central position for others to depend upon. Ego needs to shine and thrives on the limelight. Actors and entertainers; managers. Pairs well with Aquarius, works well with Aries, Sagittarius. The Sun rules Leo: Associated with high energy and a central pull of command.

MercuryVirgoVirgo: Good critical and scientific abilities such as making potions, chemists. A practical mind and clinical qualities that are needed for healing. A great capacity for responsibility; often striving to serve others. Pairs well with Pisces, works well with Capricorn and Taurus. Mercury rules Virgo: Associated with an analytical capacity and attention to details.

VenusLibraLibra: Diplomats, mediators, judges, counselors and occupations relating to the need to see both sides of an issue. Artistic talent such as cosmetology and related services. Pairs well with Aries, works well with most signs. Ruled by Venus: Associated with harmony, romance, beauty, art, balance.

PlutoScorpioScorpio: Underground type work, either physically or otherwise. Research, occult, recycling and optimizing resources, mining or agriculture. Pairs well with Taurus, works well with Pisces, Cancer. Pluto rules Scorpio, associated with death and rebirth. The Phoenix.

JupiterSagittariusSagittarius: Publishing, marketing, philosophy, religion, propaganda. Work such as a professor or philanthropy. Pairs well with Gemini, works well with Leo, Aries. Ruled by Jupiter, associated with great faith, optimism, and foresight.

SaturnCapricornCapricorn: Business and enterprise requiring great organizational abilities. Steadfast, will climb to the top slowly. Pairs well with Cancer, works well with Virgo, Taurus. Ruled by Saturn, associated with a slow but earnest pace. Grounded and practical; good management.

UranusAquariusAquarius: Works well in large organizations with the opportunity to become the group’s leader. Inventive, detached. Pairs well with Leo, works well with Gemini, Libra. Ruled by Uranus, associated with the breaking of new ground in technical areas.

NeptunePiscesPisces: Work done in hospitals, institutions and the movie industry. Pairs well with Virgo, works well with Scorpio, Cancer. Ruled by Neptune, associated with illusions, dreams, the sea.

The above list does not include every possibility, just some basics. Go to Zodiac Signs for more about each. Find more about your Cosmic Calling by linking to The House of the Sun.