Venus Retrograde

When Venus is retrograde, we re-evaluate many things in our lives, aiming to achieve that perfect balance of beauty, harmony and happiness. We re-evaluate our important relationships to see if they are providing us the harmony we hoped for. We look around our environment and make adjustments; rearranging the furniture, repainting the walls a different color, or making other changes to beautify our surroundings. It is the same with our personal appearance; we try a new hairstyle or redecorate ourselves, always with this urge towards more beautification. It is a good idea to allow for this period of experimentation since preferences may change again by the time Venus concludes her retrograde cycle.

It’s only about every 18 months that Venus goes retrograde for about 40 days. She spends the least amount of time retrograde of any of the “planets”. (Of course the Sun and Moon are technically the “lights” and they never go retrograde.)

Venus’s next retrograde period begins March 4, 2017 when Venus stations at 13º Aries. Venus moves back to 26º Pisces, resuming direct motion on April 15, 2017. Venus makes it back to 13º Aries on May 18, 2017.

Venus is rather like our happiness gauge. During its backward motion we have the opportunity to take a deep look at what is making us happy, whether it be relationships, situations, environment or “things”. We enter a period of review of these.

Throughout this process, keep in mind that Venus has to do with attraction, affections, and objects of devotion. Venus connects to the sentiments and since our sensitive side is more sensitive than usual, it’s a good idea to practice diplomacy and be gentle, especially with those you love. They are likely to be the first target of your displeasure. Give others the benefit of the doubt.

If the passions are aroused a new relationship could form. In this case you might need to reevaluate how precious your freedom is. In many cases, there’s a matter of a choice; giving up one thing in order to have another. Incidentally, it’s a good time to explore a new relationship but not a good time to wed. For some, the need to end a relationship will be real and a wise choice, however, you should be wary of the impulse for this Venus to act too quickly. Think it over carefully and if you have the slightest inkling that you could be making a mistake, wait awhile. We may be anxious to turn over a new leaf only to find later on that something crucial is missing from the new page.

Ruling objects of beauty, art, décor, jewelry, etc. this may not be the best time to make expensive purchases, but a time to de-clutter and let go of things that are no longer a reflection of who you are. Look around you; what about that old collection of ______ from the ’80s? Does it still bring you the pleasure it once did or have you outgrown it? Let it go and make room to grow. You may not want to actually sell it until Venus turns direct if it’s really valuable but you can spruce it up and get it ready – emotionally detach.

Of course, there’s always the chance that something will “happen to” some of our “stuff” that upsets us. We lose something, break something, plans are cancelled, etc. If you find a way to use the energy of this transit constructively, however, fewer of these incidents will occur.

Depending upon the house of your chart in which this cycle takes place, something may come under issue for you to assess for its value in your life. Best wishes! Celeste Teal

Celeste Teal is the author of Predicting Events with Astrology, Identifying Planetary Triggers, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation and Lunar Nodes: Discover Your Soul’s Karmic Mission.