Visualization 2

Multiplying Your Success Through Affirmations

As you begin the techniques that follow, you’ll find that your first small success will boost your confidence and within a few days or weeks you will notice a circle of energy multiplying your good fortune. You put out a positive thought and you get back a positive thing. This causes you to have a more positive thought and you get back a more positive thing. These thoughts are called affirmations and it is wonderful to feel this flow of energy as it begins to develop. You can have several affirmations going at one time. If each contributes to a higher purpose, that is even better.

Following are some affirmations to get you started. Choose one that feels right for you and one that you can easily believe in. Repeat your affirmation either silently or out loud as frequently as you like. Soon, the affirmation that you speak will come into your life in some form. Be sure that you recognize this and that you acknowledge it. Receiving your smaller fortunes with gratitude and grace quickly leads to bigger fortunes. Continue with the affirmation or choose another. As you continue getting results, you can choose one that seemed more difficult at first.

The Universal Spirit is showering me with success and fortune!

Whatever I need comes to me easily and effortlessly!

My business is becoming more successful every day!

More fortune and happiness are coming into my life every day!

I have more and more to be thankful for!

I have everything I need!

I have countless benefits!

I am at peace with myself!

I am fortunate in so many ways!

I deserve the best and I now attract the best of everything!

Think up one of your own that will get you on the path to your sincere desires. Be specific and begin on a small scale if you need to in order to believe in what you are affirming. When you notice the results you will then have the confidence to make your personal affirmation a bit more powerful. At some point you will likely find the perfect affirmation that becomes a foundation to all others. Each time you get results, you’ll repeat it with greater confidence and belief.

Many people begin to notice results within a day or two of their first affirmation. The speed with which it manifests is increased by sensing your connection to the Universal Spirit while you speak the affirmation and by your belief in it! You can also do written affirmations and these are quite effective. Just choose one that feels good and write it down several times, thinking about the statement you are making. See Exercise for the Right Brain for a special boost to these written affirmations.

Beginning the Processes

Have you ever felt that you were skipped over when the fortunes of the world were being handed out? Do you feel that there is not enough money or happiness to go around? Do you make comments along these lines? If any of these answers is yes, you will need to recondition your thinking which is simply a matter of changing your thoughts. There is plenty in the universe for everyone, including you, to have abundance! Why is it that an acquaintance receives so much when you know that, they too, have faults? It is very likely in the content of the thoughts they project.

Even with positive thoughts, maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong places for the riches you wish for. Let’s take an example of the wish to win the lottery.

In the first place, one of the cardinal rules in formulating and charging visions is never give thought to where in the material universe your riches will come from. While the lottery may seem to be the only logical place, it isn’t the only place. This kind of wish only limits you. Remember, your riches will be sent to you via the spiritual universe and in that powerful place there are no boundaries to the source of fortune. You project your desires into the spiritual universe and don’t worry yourself about where they will come from. Another snag with a simple wish to win the lottery is that it’s only a wish for money. Do you have a particular need to have this money? If so, you’d be much better off concentrating on what you would do with the money.

Let me tell you a little secret; the people that are winning the lottery are either knowingly or unknowingly putting these visualization techniques into practice. They are not necessarily wishing to win the lottery, but are wishing to fulfill a higher purpose, which requires a considerable amount of money.

This brings to mind the true story of a woman who, not yet being privy to the techniques outlined in this booklet, was still able to create a reality for herself that put her directly on the road to her higher purpose. Without realizing what she was doing, Ann followed all of the steps to a successful visualization and it manifested in her life in less than a month.

While on vacation, Ann was making the most of her time off work. One particular spring like day, she decided to lounge in the sun by the pool. Ann was very much in touch with her higher purpose and only needed the right opportunity to come along. Relaxing there by the pool, she soon found herself fantasizing about what she would do if presented with the opportunity to do as she wished. She had decided years earlier that she would someday write a book. She had kept notes on her subject and now had more than enough to fill a book, but she didn’t have the time due to a demanding full time job. In her fantasy, Ann saw herself working on her book, going through notes, typing, and finally completing it. At this point she experienced such a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction that she found herself whispering a little prayer for this chance to come her way. During the remainder of her vacation, Ann twice more went out by the pool. Her earlier daydream had been so pleasant that twice more she indulged herself in the same fantasy. Less than a month later, she got a call from her husband early one morning. He always bought lottery tickets and while reading the newspaper that morning he saw that he had won a significant amount of money! His first action after picking up the check was to begin urging Ann to stay home for at least a year and work on her book!

You might indeed win in the lottery but your purpose must be higher than money alone. Also, the point might be made here that the result of too much negativity in the world is reflected in the number of times that the lottery pools get up to 30 or 40 million before someone wins! Wouldn’t it be better for these fortunes to be spread out a bit more?

On the subject of money, it is not to be hoarded, but used. It should be kept circulating. This opens the flows and creates a vacuum for the return of money to your own hands. Have you ever noticed that those people who seem to have all the luck are the very ones who don’t seem to need it. They spend freely, are usually very generous, and appear to have no worries about their financial state. They have an attitude of “plenty”, and are rewarded true to the laws of the universe. This is noticeable even in corporations and businesses. Those who give back to the community and to charities from their profits, such as Microsoft and McDonald’s, continue to build even higher profits. On the other hand, those who are stingy and hoard their money are never the ones who come into a windfall. Things come to them with difficulty, but they have perpetuated this for themselves through fear and an attitude of “lack”.

Rules to Visualization

Rule #1: Never put restrictions on where your fortunes will come from.

This will be the same for whatever it is that you want, whether it is an object, a new job, or the perfect mate. The exception to this rule is if you are seeking affection or love from a particular person. You should make this clear or you may find affection coming from unwanted places.

Rule #2: Never put a price on anything you wish for.

You will find that once you have successfully sent your message or wish into the spiritual universe, there will be several opportunities sent to fulfill your wish. The first one may not be the right one. It is up to you to select the one that is right for you. Let’s say you have a desire for a table and chairs for your dining room, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Never mind the price you wish to pay when creating your vision. Instead, concentrate on what it looks like, where it will sit in the dining room, the centerpiece you will put on it, and what it feels like to sit at it alone or with others. The more ownership and identification you place, the better. In the days that follow such a visualization, you may have several opportunities come to you. Someone may offer to give you a table and chairs that may or may not be right for you. Someone may have one to sell that either does or does not meet your budget. But somewhere along the line, YOUR table and chairs will come to you.

Rule #3: Never make a wish of envy.

There is plenty in the universe for everyone to have all they need, so don’t ever wish for that belonging to someone else or interfere with the desires of another.

On the other hand, it is a wonderful practice to give things to others through your visualization practices. Similar to keeping financial flows open and circulating, you can do the same thing with gifts to others through your thoughts. By sharing your new ability to bring good to others, you are opening doors for more to flow to you.

When visualizing for another you must be respectful of their wishes. You cannot do something for another, no matter how good for them you think it is, unless it is something they would invite into their own life.

Rule #4: Never speak of the visualization you are presently working on to anyone until after it has manifested in the material world.

After that it is up to you to do as you wish. According to some theories, the reason for this is that by speaking of it, you will diffuse and weaken the vision you are working on, especially if it falls knowledge to the wrong person. The more simple explanation is that by telling another, you are inadvertently putting pressure on yourself to either perform or risk being considered a failure. It’s already been emphasized that stress of any kind is not conducive to success in your visualization processes.

You can and should, however, speak enthusiastically to others about the things you can envision for your future. With some, you can even enlist their help by getting them to share your vision. You should also continue to take positive actions in your everyday life to promote that which you are seeking.

Take any opportunity that comes along to tell someone of an item that you are in the market for. If you are looking for a specific type of object that is hard to find or for something with specifics attached, letting others know exactly what you are looking for will bring some surprising results with the assistance of the Universal Spirit.

Rule #5: Never attempt to use a process for anything but the good of all.

Energy that is sent out which would bring harm of any kind to a person will be attracted back to you.

The Power Processes

Your Ideal Scene

The first technique is one of great simplicity, but very powerful. Once you know your long term goal, you are encouraged to use this technique as a foundation to for other visualizing processes. Following these steps can even help put you in touch with, or refine a larger purpose. In the Ideal Scene you’ll use the power of words and the only pre-requisite is for you to be in a bright mental frame before beginning; the brighter and happier, the better.

Decide on what your ideal scene would be in any area of life that you’d like to change or improve on. This might be anything from your job or family life to finding an ideal mate. The ideal scene write up has been used successfully for these and other things.

Get a pen and notebook and write at the top; My Ideal Job or My Ideal Mate or whatever it is that you intend to have. Begin to write up, in detail, everything that makes it your ideal. It’s important that you use the present tense in your writings, as if you were living in your scene already. If speaking of your ideal mate, say, “S/He is warm and affectionate; S/He is intelligent and talented; S/He treats me with respect.

Be specific and very clear in your wording. Using your ideal mate as an example, put down what s/he might do for a living and the talents s/he might possess if either of these hold significance for you. Describe the things you enjoy doing together and how each of you treat the other. Describe the way the two of you handle any problems that arise and how you relate sexually. If the two of you are also the best of friends, say so. Elaborate on any specific areas that are important to you in a relationship. If there is anything about his/her physical characteristics that are important to you, include these in your description but only if important. Make this write up as long as you want.

If it is a mate you are visualizing for, remember not to put a name or face of someone you already know on him/her. This will limit you in attracting your ideal. If you think about it, a person you already know is probably not ideal for you or you would be together. An added benefit of the ideal mate write up is that you will also know when someone you meet is NOT your ideal. You can enjoy them for who they are; knowing that your special someone is just around the corner. The two of you may recognize one another immediately upon meeting, because through the creation of your vision, the two of you have already connected. The other person feels this and if really your ideal, begins moving toward you.

If it is a home you’re writing about, give as many details as you can about it, and put yourself in the picture. In any type of visualization, the more ownership or personal identification you convey in the image the better. Proceed to describe the qualities that are a must for you. Your home may be on a large lot with plenty of space or on a hillside. Elaborate on the surroundings, view, neighbors, what you enjoy doing most in your new home, etc.

If it is an ideal job you seek, never mind for now how such a transition is going to take place. Just envision yourself in the ideal job scene, with every important detail accounted for. This includes your interaction with co-workers and boss, or if it is your own business you can describe your relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and so on. Especially important are the satisfying aspects of the job.

You must believe that you deserve this ideal scene and that it can be yours. This is where your positive frame of mind will come in to assist you.

Once you’ve completed your write up, take it out from time to time and read it out loud or to yourself. Envision a picture of what you’ve written and experience your emotions as if it is already yours. This will keep the image charged and will help bring it to you sooner. Make an affirmation such as, “All this or something even better has already begun to manifest in my life.” If at anytime you realize you left out something important, go ahead and add it to your write up. This will only work, of course, up to the point in time that your vision materializes. In between visualization processes, let go of the image and go on about life. It’s not recommended to do more than one visualization session a day, and done properly, a few visualizations are enough. Alternate daily on the various aspects of your life.

Sometimes the scene develops one small step at a time; other times it comes in one fell swoop, and suddenly you have everything you envisioned and more! See what happened to Liz after her write up.

Ideal Scene #2

A similar technique is done in picture form, also very powerful on its own and is helpful for getting a clear picture for a later technique. You can make a drawing, collage, or painting, as elaborate or as simple as you wish to depict your ideal scene. You can insert a photo of yourself to personalize your vision. If you have the time, make it a project and put as much detail as you can into your creation. The exercise is relaxing and you’ll gain important insights about who you really are. When you have finished with it, get it out occasionally and view it as if it is your present life style. If you think of something you can add to make it more personal or more ideal, go ahead. You can also include a statement of affirmation.

It should be mentioned that if you do either of the Ideal Scene Techniques and then put them away and forget about them, you may run across them later and find that you have had this in your life for some time. This very thing happened to a beginner on her very first attempt at using the written Ideal Scene.

Liz’s Ideal Mate

Liz wrote up two pages describing her Ideal Mate. She then read it over a few times during the next couple of weeks before filing it away in a folder marked “Important Papers”. When she had written it, Liz was very optimistic and “knew” that she could have her Ideal Mate just as she’d described. Five years went by and there were many changes that took place in her life. One day she needed something from her “Important Papers” file and ran across her write up of her Ideal Mate. She was almost startled when she realized that she had been married to her Ideal Mate for over two years. And, their coming together had been quite the fairy tale. She was even more amazed when she read through her original write up. Out of her lengthy description of him, the only way her material mate didn’t match the written ideal mate was his height! Spirit knew best!

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