Visualization 3

The Mirror Technique

A simple technique that’s none the less powerful also uses the word; this time in spoken form. Stand in front of a mirror and gaze into it at yourself. Formulate mentally the words you will speak to bring something to you in the material world. In this and all other techniques you must be very clear of what you say, based on your intention.

Still gazing at yourself, say the words aloud. Make a statement of affirmation beginning with “I am…” or “I have………” or “I enjoy…” The mirror technique is very effective when combined with affirmations. Getting ready for work in the morning? Send out some affirmations to yourself in the mirror. It’s a great way to start the day!

The reason that the mirror technique works so successfully may be based on the truth in the old saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. By looking into your own eyes, you are making an immediate connection to the Universal Spirit, which is linked to your own.

Visualizing and Energizing

For this technique, you should plan to spend from 20-30 minutes until you become adept at it. Choose a time when you will not be interrupted and since it is recommended to practice this technique no more than once a day, choosing a set time for each day is helpful. You can try different times of the day until you find the one that works the best for you.

At first, you may want to use the complete relaxation technique prior to this one. Then, sit in a chair with spine erect, feet uncrossed and flat on the floor, and your hands resting loosely in your lap. Close your eyes. Slow your breathing and allow your mind to clear. Using the relaxation technique, ensure that every body part is comfortable and relaxed. (This can be done lying down if you can reach this level of relaxation without falling asleep.)

Envision your connection to the Universal Spirit as a cord of white light stretching from the top of your head upward and outward until it is blended with the infinite spirit. Call for an increase of the spirit to enter you until you can see and feel the energy inside you. Don’t overexert; just be aware of the sensation of energy as it fills you.

Now call forth whatever vision you intend to energize until you can see it in your minds eye at the area of the third eye. Sometimes this is more of a feeling than an actual vision, but you will know when it’s there. If you can manage it, put yourself into the vision so that you are participating in the vision rather than watching from a distance. If it is an object you wish to bring into your life, touch it or hold it in the vision. Experience the joy you will feel when it comes to you as it fulfills some part of your higher purpose. This is the magical element needed in visualization.

Picture your surroundings as you envision them when you experience this fulfillment. Are there others around who’re happy for you? Can you see the expression on your face or feel it lighting up? Make this vision as real as you can. As intention combines with emotional satisfaction, you should experience a definite lift in your emotions. This is the signal to energize the vision.

You can now utilize the light of the Universal Spirit, which is filling you, to radiate outward from the area of your third eye to envelop your entire vision. You can assist in this process by “seeing” the light of the Universal Spirit as it illuminates your vision. Within a few moments you should be aware of a surge of the spiritual energy as it peaks in potency to energize your vision. This is usually felt as a mental click or as a fluttering in the pit of your stomach. This means that you have successfully energized your vision. The sensation will then recede and you can allow your vision to float upward and out of sight. Say aloud some words to affirm your vision, such as, “This or something better has already begun to manifest in my life.” Now, let go and leave the rest to spirit.

The Beginner’s Power Process

If at first you are unable to bring yourself fully into the vision and remain there, you can still practice the previous technique successfully by seeing yourself in the vision that remains separate from you. Prepare and begin as outlined above. Put as much detail in your vision as you can and see yourself experiencing the emotion of happiness as you enjoy the benefits of your creation. When you have your vision clearly in front of you, imagine that you are putting a white border around it. This can be a circle, a star, or whatever you make it. A favorite is to envision a sphere similar to the full moon which holds the entire scene within it’s boundaries.

Now, call upon the Universal Spirit to fill you with its most powerful energies. As it does, redirect the spiritual energies toward your vision until it is filled with glowing light. You can redirect the energy through a cord of light coming from the area of your third eye. You will feel the energy as it flows through you and onto your vision. It will peak and then begin to recede. At this point you should allow your vision, still illuminated in the shape you framed it with, to float skyward until it fades from sight. This gives even greater significance to the entire process. Not only have you successfully energized your vision, but you have also sent your request to the higher powers of the Universal Spirit. Say aloud, “This or something better has already begun to manifest in my life!”

In the beginning, you may think that you haven’t felt enough of the energy for it to have properly charged an image, but don’t worry. This doesn’t need to be a strenuous effort for it to work. With practice, you will come to recognize the energy more easily. Lack of stress and proper relaxation technique beforehand enhances your ability to feel the energy as you direct it. Some days are just naturally easier than others.

Decide how often you should work on your vision. You may have several visions that you will alternate. Some will be ongoing while others will materialize and be replaced with new ones. Some will take repeating more than others. It is a good idea to energize your ideal scene periodically.

When you do these visualizations, it is actually preferred for you to be emotionally involved in the vision you wish to create. You must use your intention and will to successfully charge your vision with the Universal Spirit, but it is a mistake to attach too much need to anything. If you find that desperation is connected to a vision, you must let go of the element of desperation. Although emotional involvement aids in connecting to the Universal Spirit in which to charge an image, you must also be able to detach yourself once this has been done. Have confidence that the Universal Spirit knows of your intention and will provide you with those things that will facilitate you in reaching your higher purpose.

It is often a sign that there is something even better in store for you if you do not see your visions begin to manifest within a reasonable amount of time. In such a case, you should review your higher purpose and ask questions about whether it is really what you want. As you become better acquainted with the Universal Spirit, you will find that it speaks to you and guides you toward your higher purpose in many little ways. You must be observant of these messages.

If you find that you no longer feel emotional or experience pleasure about a visualization, you should review it before continuing to visualize for it. It’s possible that you’ve changed and no longer want the same thing and you will go through changes as you get more and more in touch with your higher purpose. Something that you once thought you wanted may no longer be appropriate for you. Have you ever gotten something that you always thought you wanted and then found that the happiness you associated with it wasn’t there? Or, that it involved responsibilities you hadn’t anticipated?

As with the laws of cause and effect, there are always balancing elements and if you “see” your income at a higher level, it may necessitate longer working hours. You must be willing to support your own vision no matter how spirit chooses to bring it about. As this becomes clearer to you, you’ll learn just where your boundaries lie.

Affirmations & Invocations

A list of affirmations was given in an earlier section to start you on your path to happiness and fortune. These should be used continuously and liberally, both alone and in combination with your visualizations. Be creative. Paste one up where you will run across it several times a day. Each time you see it, the thought will run through your mind as with subliminal suggestion.

An invocation is to call upon a specific element within the Universal Spirit to come to you or into you. Let’s say that a thesis you need to write is of top priority. In a similar technique to the visualization process, you can call upon the powers of knowledge to flow into you from the Universal Spirit and to bring to you the information you need. Feel the Universal Spirit as it fills you with the power of knowledge. “See” this knowledge flowing in through the top of your head and out through your fingertips onto paper or keyboard. When the energy peaks make a statement of acknowledgement. Soon, you’ll have ideas coming to you that may surprise you. You’ll realize that you’ve actually tapped into the power of knowledge.

Fine Tuning Your New Abilities

Becoming Adept

As you practice the techniques outlined, you may find that you are soon able to bring things to yourself with very little effort. There is really no set ritual that must be followed. You can be anywhere at anytime and if you’re able to properly energize a vision it’s just as effective as the more elaborate techniques.

Try it with a fairly simple object and one that you are quite familiar with. Say you only need to replace an item or are looking for a book on a particular subject. You may only need to make a quick visualization that you are holding this new item in your hand, or reading the book, combined with an energized request to the Universal Spirit. These simple visions often materialize within a day or two and the item may even come to you in the form of a gift.

Some Pitfalls to Avoid

The wording used to make affirmations or to ask for something to enter your life should be considered carefully before they are spoken aloud. Always ask for exactly what you want. Here’s an example of improper wording. The wish to have a memorable day, say in celebration of some special occasion is a powerful wish but does not ensure a good experience of the day. Instead, use wording that calls for a pleasantly memorable day.

Be very careful that you only bring into your life those things which your really want. For instance, if you feel you would like to have a new car, you must be prepared for the extra expenses that having it will incur. Still, you must get in contact with your intention behind having a new car. What will it do for you? If you have an old car, maybe it is reliability you are seeking. With the proper thought you may be able to keep your older car running reliably while you visualize the resources for a new one. If you feel that a new car would better fit an image you wish to present, get in touch with exactly what this image is. You may be able to start presenting such an image in other ways right now.

Here’s an example of an incorrect visualization and the consequences. Mary noticed that her car was running rough. It was an old car, but she had been happy enough with it. She enjoyed having extra money to spend on things other than a car payment and high insurance rates. With only a bit of worry, Mary decided that with a tune up and oil change, her car would probably be fine.

While in the shop having this routine work done, it was found that another part needed to be replaced at a cost of $70 plus labor. Mary decided that if the car was going to begin falling apart piece by piece, maybe it was time for a new car. So without further thought about the consequences, she visualized having a newer car. Soon after, she got a call that an additional part that attached to the first was no longer manufactured and couldn’t be located. In addition, a larger part had been found to be defective that could not be repaired. The cost for a new one was going to be over $400.

Mary then realized the mistake she had made in her visualization. She had attracted these additional problems to take place with her old car so that a newer one could come to her. But she was really not prepared with a down payment. She then began trying to reverse the process of her visualization by using affirmations and energizing a new vision. First she acknowledged her mistake to the Universal Spirit. She then visualized having her old car back and running well at minimal expense. Later the same day, she got a call that a junk yard had the whole set of parts for her car, saving a considerable amount of money. Her car was back to her the next day at a total cost of $350 for parts and labor.

Notice that twice Mary compounded problems. Before taking the car for the tune up and oil change, she was already worried and sending out energy that something more serious was wrong with her car. Later, her very thoughts about the car falling apart piece by piece began to manifest immediately.

How Long Does a Visualization Take?

This is a personal matter, dependant on several things. Larger things that have many steps to its attainment will usually take longer. As mentioned in the section covering your higher purpose, you can break the process down into smaller steps, working on them separately until they come together in your larger picture. Another factor is how real it if for you to have this object or lifestyle. Something simple may take only a day or two. A major vision that you see easily can also come quickly. It is all up to the element of difficulty you attach to actually having the object or lifestyle you are seeking.

Here’s an example. John used a simple affirmation to manifest a material object that held significance for him. John had always liked Corvettes and the idea of owning one. When his children finished school, John made the affirmation: “One of these days I will have my Corvette!” He repeated this phrase to himself and to others many times over the next few years. Notice that in his chosen affirmation, John lays claim to a Corvette with the word “my”, even though the words “one of these days” leaves open exactly when he’ll have it.

“One day” finally came. John saw a new Corvette on display in a color that he fell in love with. His financial status had recently improved to where such an idea was not out of the question. Two days later he dreamt that when he left work to go home, he walked over and got in a Corvette exactly like the one he’d just seen on display. He drove off in it. The dream was so real to him that he went to look at the car. Four days later John had his Corvette! It had taken four years from the time he first began to create it with an affirmation.

This example is given to show the way in which messages can come. Dreams are very often the link to higher guidance. In this case the message was that “One day has arrived!” See more in Dream Work.

How Many Times Must I Visualize?

Well, the number three does seem to be a magical number in connection with visualizations, but there is no set rule. Generally, three successful visualizations will certainly get the ball rolling, even for things of considerable magnitude, but does not always result in a complete manifestation right away. This depends on what needs to take place in the physical universe that leads up to it. In other words, you must be prepared to receive!

Remember that whatever you visualize for can begin to manifest in smaller forms related to the image you’ve created. You must be prepared to receive all the good that comes to you. For instance, if you visualize for prosperity, the first sign that it’s working may be in the form of a compliment from someone, a favor, or a small gift. It’s important that you recognize these for what they are and accept these smaller gifts to strengthen the flows of prosperity coming in to you.

Listen to your inner voice and you will know when and how many times to visualize. Don’t forget that once you’ve done your part, you must let go and have faith in the Universal Spirit.

Stopping a Process

At this point, you may think you will never have too much money, success, or anything else that you would actually need to stop a process. Unless you’re very clear about what you need money for, it may not bring the happiness you anticipated. For whatever reason, the method by which to stop a process is included.

If you have simply made an error in your wording while making an affirmation, acknowledge your mistake and repeat the correct affirmation several times. Keeping affirmations short helps to avoid making mistakes. It is better to use two or three short ones, all of which are related, than to have one that is long and cumbersome. Repeating a long one several times tires the mind and you are more apt to mix up the words. It is also harder to charge an affirmation with the right amount of energy if you have to concentrate on your tongue instead of the intention.

A visualization that gains momentum can continue to bring results without further effort on your part. If this happens and you’ve gotten enough of that which you originally visualized for, you must recreate the vision and then using the force of your inner will, cause it to crumble and disintegrate.

Blocks to Successful Creating

Blocks to successful creating can be caused by several different things. For one, maybe you were raised to believe such things as “You don’t always get what you want” or “Life is hard” or “Nothing comes easy”. Luckily this is fairly simple to take care of. First of all, don’t blame your parents for telling you these things. They were doing the best they knew how at the time. They might have been brought up that way themselves. Be glad that you now have the knowledge to change things so you won’t pass these limitations on to your own children. Just begin to turn any such statements around into one that is positive, until you’ve replaced the old one entirely. Some positive examples; “I can have anything I want!” or “I can create my life as I choose.” or “I can succeed at anything I put my mind to.” “Life is wonderful!” or “I am lucky!” Now it’s true that when you first begin you may feel a little ridiculous, but you will soon believe them without a qualm as you begin to attract the fortunes of the universe.

Another block can be caused if you feel that for some reason you aren’t worthy to receive the good things in life. Is there something for which you feel you must be punished for, thereby bringing this punishment upon yourself by blocking the good from flowing to you? If you have no problem visualizing successfully for someone else, but are unsuccessful with your own, you can suspect one of two things. Either you are out of touch with your higher purpose, or you are blaming yourself for something.

One important thing to understand is that your conscience is not the same thing as either the life energy flowing through you or the Universal Spirit. Knowing that you’ve already been forgiven by the higher forces may do no good to correct the problem, however, if you haven’t forgiven yourself. Your thoughts may be so clouded with guilt that it is difficult to send out a pure, clear message to the powers that be. In such a case, the only thing to do is to make amends in the best way you can for whatever misdeed you are troubling yourself over. If it is impossible or too late to make amends, there is an alternate process that works quite spectacularly to clear up past regretful actions. It uses the written word.

With notebook and pen, write up exactly what you did, who it harmed, when it happened, where it occurred, and give all the specific details surrounding the event as if you are reliving it. Do not give excuses or justifications for the action you took, but take full responsibility for what you did and the harm you caused. Return to the scene mentally, and write up all the details. Done correctly, you’ll experience remorse, grief, and any number of painful emotions. When finished, make an affirmation of forgiveness from the other person and from yourself. You’ve already proven your repentance by confronting the issue in this private ceremony. Now, give the old image up to haunt you no longer. When you have completed this process properly, you’ll no longer have unbearable guilt feelings about it, only a slight sense of regret.

However unbelievable it may sound, the other person will “get” your apology and you shouldn’t be surprised if they actually contact you with some kind words. If not, you still must know your intended message was received.


If your ideal scene is very far removed from your actual circumstances, you will need to begin to prepare mentally for it now. This will do several things, including bringing it into your life more quickly. What if you came into a large sum of money without being prepared for it? You’re probably thinking you would love to have such a problem, but what if you lost it all through mismanagement and ended up back in the same place? We’ve all heard these stories.

At the beginning of this booklet you are advised to cultivate positive thought as a pre-requisite to visualizing. This is also what is used in preparation for the new lifestyle you will be creating. Begin a step at a time to see yourself a little closer to the ideal scene than what you really are. Your mental content is always linked to the higher powers that be, whether you are consciously directing them there or not. If you “pretend” that you are closer to living your ideal scene, you will move yourself toward it. The Universal Spirit will ensure that you have exactly what you are thinking and living.

In conversation with others, don’t talk about how bad things are or all the woes in your life. Instead, talk about the things you are grateful for, and about your plans for a successful future. By doing this you are not only sending out positive messages to be enacted upon by the Universal Spirit, you are also placing a positive image of yourself in the mind of the other person. They will begin to see you as fortunate and likely to succeed. The picture that others have of you is also linked to the higher powers and will speed the process with which you reach your ideal scene.

Become as familiar as you can with the components of the lifestyle you want to create. This helps to visualize in greater detail and prepares you to receive the life you envision.

Common sense and personal effort go a long way to bringing success in your visualizations. It is not a matter of living in a dream world to the exclusion of your active support toward your visions. Back them up with the same efforts you were applying in your life before you began to visualize. The difference now is that your efforts will have bigger, better, and much faster results!

Remember to dedicate as much of your time and effort as possible toward your higher purpose, even if this is only a small amount at first. Whatever brings you inner joy is your path to higher fulfillment.

On Health & Visualization

Using visualization practices to clear up a health problem can be more complicated. It can be done, provided the individual really wants to be well. Sometimes ill health is a solution to a problem that even the individual is not wholly aware of. Caroline Myss’s Why People Don’t Heal is recommended reading and the following examples illustrate how visualization practices can assist in health recoveries.

Bev had some lower abdominal pain developing and, in a check up, found that she had a large ovarian cyst. The doctor told her she would have to have it removed surgically. Bev had recently had her fourth surgery in a matter of a few years and had vowed to have no more. So, she began asking the doctor questions and learned that sometimes a cyst of this nature could burst and drain away harmlessly. At her request, the doctor scheduled her for another exam a month later, but told her that if the cyst were any larger she would have to have the surgery. She began her imagery immediately. Each night when she went to bed, Bev briefly pictured the cyst being pricked by a needle and draining away. Three days before she was scheduled to return to the doctor she knew she’d been successful when she felt the cyst burst. Of course, when she returned to the doctor, the cyst was completely gone and surgery was no longer needed!

Another example comes from a teenage girl of 14. A difficult age to begin with, Lisa was having peer problems. To complicate life, she then developed a large wart on her knee. When the usual remedies didn’t get rid of it, she had it burnt off. To her horror, warts began to grow all over her legs! She tried everything, but nothing worked. They just continued to get worse until she was too self-conscious to even leave the house. Finally, her mother heard of a doctor in a town close by and took her to him. Lisa told him of all the remedies she had tried and kept repeating that, “nothing works!” The doctor gave Lisa medication to take internally and another to apply externally. Just as the visit was wrapping up, this smart doctor told Lisa that the medication he was giving her was excellent, but that she must believe that it would work or it would do nothing. Was there magic in the formulas or was it Lisa’s changed attitude that caused the warts to completely disappear in less than 48 hours?! Lisa’s problems with her friends cleared up as well.

Visualization should never be substituted for proper medical help, but used together they can bring miraculous recoveries.

Keeping a Journal

It is recommended that you keep a journal of your visualization processes and their results. Only in this way will you fully acknowledge what a powerful being you are and your ability to create life any way you want it. Record the date and the specifics of your visualization. Then record the date you begin to receive results and the forms they come in. Best of luck in your journey toward your ideal scene!

After Word

Past experiences of your own can help you in understanding the components to successful visualizations. Think of something you have gotten in the past, which meant a lot to you. Whether it was an object, or something else, just recall your frame of mind and the energy you were sending out prior to the manifestation. You’ll probably find that you spent some time imagining that you already had the item and that you experienced a strong sense of anticipation! This emotional anticipation, rather than emotional desire, holds the key. It means you have eliminated doubts and attained certainty.

Also, if you can create a special space for your spiritual work, whether inside your home or out in nature, it will become a place of spiritual ritual and sanctuary, where special guidance awaits your presence. Reclining on your patio lounger is as fine as anywhere else so long as you feel relaxed and connected. Be appreciative of the gifts you receive, no matter what their form and try to give thanks more often than you make requests. Your blessings will be abundant.