The following can be combined with the use of crystals if desired. It’s fairly lengthy so pour a cup of tea, turn on the music and settle in for some on-line reading.

Introduction to Creative Visualization

Do you realize what an extraordinary and powerful being you are? You have the ability to create whatever you want in life. All it takes is learning how to put your special powers to work! Understanding some basic concepts combined with practice will soon have you on the path to your greatest desires. As with anything else, practice will perfect your ability to attract those things that you want most in your life.

Several theories and terms have been used over time to describe the techniques herein; all with an underlying theme and countless points of agreement.

A term used by those in the intellectual and business world is called “making a postulate”. The dictionary defines a postulate as: “a self evident truth”; “to claim, demand, require” or “to set forth as self-evident or already known”; “to postulate the existence of matter”, and “to assume the truth or reality of”. In other words, a thought can contain such intention and belief that it penetrates the levels of existence and manifests in the material world as a result. This can be either a powerful thought for good or one of ill fortune. You’ve probably had an experience you recall, when something you just knew was going to happen did happen. You might’ve thought it was just a hunch or a sudden case of ESP, never suspecting that your own thought created it.

Success in any endeavor can be postulated with strong intention and belief. In the business world or group projects, to have everyone on the team postulating success guarantees it. To have even one person on the team thinking in terms of stops and barriers can cause them to crop up.

Those people who live their lives along religious lines call these processes “prayer”, and there is much to be learned from the practice of prayer. Needs and wishes are addressed to the Spirit of God and thanks are given for what has already been received. We have all heard of miraculous stories of a loved one who is fated for death being healed through the power of prayer of those believers surrounding him. There is verse after verse in the bible acknowledging the concepts you are about to learn as both proper and advised. We’ll come back to these.

A theory from some older schools gives power to the words that are thought or spoken. Accordingly, one’s present and future existence is formulated wholly from the words that are spoken or thought. Each time a word is spoken, the speaker is sending a message, which is heard and acted upon in the spiritual world. If you wish for good, you must think and speak only of good and do not even entertain thoughts to the negative. Do not contemplate failure or anything less than the highest ideal. Don’t worry over problems and they have a better chance of clearing up. To worry excessively brings the unwanted situation more prominently into your life.

Today, the term “creative visualization” describes a variety of methods used for attracting that which you desire. Generally a vision is formed mentally of that which you would like to create in your life. It is then charged with spiritual energy, using the will and intention to direct this energy upon the vision. Properly done, the vision then begins to manifest in the material world. Creative visualization techniques are usually combined with spoken affirmations to further enhance the attraction qualities. You must believe that you can have whatever it is that you have envisioned. The techniques of creative visualization are many and success depends on finding a technique that works best for you.

Another theory is one of energy attracting similar energy. The energy field around you, made up of your thoughts and desires, attracts the same back to you. This does not work on a superficial level, but at the depths of our being. Whatever it is that you are reaching out for on the unseen spiritual level will be returned to you in the material universe. You create your future through your own intention.

From the preceding short descriptions it is obvious that an underlying theme common to each system is one of belief and faith. Whatever it is that you truly believe can be yours, will be yours. In all of these techniques, you are bypassing the material world entirely for the time being. You are sending your messages to the Universal Spirit, and that is the source through which they will manifest in the material world.

Biblical Passages

While this is not meant to be a “religious” work, let’s consider some of the passages found in the bible. Many modern visualization techniques may actually be founded on biblical passages.

In the bible, God speaks and says, “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me”. God is spirit and He breathed His own spirit into man at the onset of creation to animate the material and still lifeless body created from the mud of the earth. Therefore, we are filled with the spirit of God, and when He speaks of “me”, He is speaking of this spirit. This is repeated in Chapter 17 of Luke. Verse 21 says that “the kingdom of God is within you.” In telling us how to pray, we are told to go into thy “inner room”, and, “When ye pray believe that ye have received and ye shall receive.” In Matthew comes the statement, “Ask and it shall be given you.” This spirit of God can do only good and wants to give you heart’s desire. He hears and responds to every request. When you say, “God has forgotten me”, you’ve closed the door to this power of goodness.

At the very start of creation, God was all that was and He was total spirit. He said, “Let there be light!” and there was light. He did not doubt that there would be light. Remember, He breathed His own powerful spirit into mankind, giving us a power to create similar to His own. In addition, our own spirit is linked to His and all other and this spirit is the force behind every single thing that manifests in the material world. The fact that you can say “I am” is proof of your own God like spirituality and every time you follow “I am” with a statement, you are ensuring both your present and your future to be that which you speak.

There are many more verses in the bible that gives advice on living our lives. Jesus understood the natural laws of the universe and said, “As a man sows, so shall he reap”. He also said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” Jesus also made the statement, “the words I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life”.

Cause & Effect

The laws of cause and effect are always at work. Every effect originates from a cause, and what more likely cause than from our thoughts and intentions. Look around you. Every single thing that exists existed first in someone’s thoughts. From electricity to Mickey Mouse, all was but a thought and a vision in the beginning. A highly recommended book by Gary Zukav, called Seat of the Soul can be found in the library and explains the power of intention quite beautifully.

Why is it that the perfect world created by God and given us as a gift no longer seems perfect? It may just be that too many people have gone into agreement that it is not. As more and more people see only doom and gloom, we may be attracting it.

Begin right now to see the good that surrounds you! There are no boundaries to the bright future that can be yours once you begin to acknowledge that which is already yours. Your positive thoughts will be acted upon in the spiritual universe, and the fortunes you possess now will begin to multiply.


A Healthy Mental State

In studying the factors present in making a positive postulate, it is found that a very important condition be met prior to sending out a thought or making a statement. The condition is one of a positive mental state and should be cultivated before attempting success at any of the techniques described herein.

Excellent results will be yours if you practice the following techniques while you are feeling bright and on top of the world. The spiritual vibrations within you are very powerful under these conditions. In fact, you can fairly feel it lifting you off the ground under extremely happy occasions. Most of us have experienced this on many occasions and may describe it as “floating on Cloud Nine”. Under such conditions your thoughts are not burdened with doubts, fears, or negative elements of any kind. They are full of zest and shoot out into the spiritual universe with true belief and an expectation of fulfillment.

Now, this seems fine for those who are naturally happy, but what if you rarely have such feelings of exuberance? In that case you will have to cultivate them through positive thought. Instead of letting your thoughts center on all that you have yet to accomplish, center them on all that you have already accomplished. Believe in yourself as a capable and vital person and look at how far you’ve come. Begin to acknowledge yourself as deserving the very best in life. You have earned it!

If you have been one with many negative thoughts, you will find yourself slipping into those old habits frequently at first, but it will become easier and easier to think positively. The mind will only hold one thought at a time and the negative ones must simply be replaced with positive ones. After a short time of consciously directing your thoughts and words, you will begin to feel brighter and happier. You will soon notice a rhythmic flow becoming established. Your positive thoughts perpetuates positive feelings and you may even notice that material good begins to come to you before you have even progressed beyond this step!

Beware of the negative elements and people around you who can bring a setback to your spiritual progress. If there are individuals who constantly undermine your efforts, avoid them entirely if possible. If not, ignore their negativity and don’t let them deter your growing self-confidence. Though you may try convincing them that they too should think positive thoughts, don’t waste too much of your time if they don’t respond right away. This will only detour you from your own progress. Instead, realize that a few people enjoy being miserable. Just don’t let them make you miserable, which is something they enjoy even more. You know the saying; “misery loves company”.

One who is constantly trying to place blame on someone else for the unfortunate circumstances in his or her life is full of negative thoughts. While there may have been seemingly valid reasoning behind such an attitude at one time, it does no good to dwell on such thoughts. This individual should realize that s/he is controlling his/her own destiny and has been all along. If you have become one of these people, take a moment to reflect. By now it may come as no surprise that your misfortunes began to multiply as you allowed yourself to put more and more energy into feelings of being victimized.

Unless the condition of a positive mental state is met before continuing with the techniques outlined herein, results cannot be expected to be beneficial in any way. Under the reverse conditions of self-pity, blame or negativity, the thoughts are heavy and restrictive and only guarantee more restrictions.

This is not to say that there isn’t a time or place for serious, or even depressing thoughts. Such reflections often lead to healthy soul development, but certainly they should not cloud life on a daily and ongoing basis. A brighter outlook is even more nourishing for the soul and increases the good that comes to you.

Cultivate your healthier qualities of attraction through positive thought and then utilize them to create your life as you’d like it!


If you have ever done meditation of any kind, you know that you must learn to become relaxed at will. Relaxation is an important preliminary step to practicing any visualization technique.

During the first few days, and combined with your mental preparation as outlined above, do some relaxation practice following these steps.

Lie down, either wearing loose comfortable clothing or none at all. Have the room darkened, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature. Do this at a time when you will have no interruptions. It is best to practice the relaxation techniques at the same time every day; the choice is yours to make. Close your eyes, and give yourself a few minutes to let your thoughts quiet and fade. Concentrate on your breathing and regulate it till it is slow and steady, similar to the way a person breathes while sleeping.

After a few minutes, focus your attention on your toes. Put every ounce of your awareness on them until they are alive and tingling. Saturate them with this awareness for a few moments and then slowly let it glide upward and center in your feet. At this point your toes will feel very relaxed and lightweight, almost as if they are no longer there. Continue this process on small portions of your body, one after the other, always traveling upward. If for any reason, a part does not become completely relaxed, redirect your awareness to that portion until it is. The torso and then the head should complete the process, at which time you should be very relaxed.

Now, if you’ve been successful at this exercise in relaxation, you will be happy to know that you have also accomplished something else. You have gotten in touch with a part of your own spiritual essence and through your awareness, have directed this energy to move through your body as you willed it to.

This energy may be seen mentally as a bright yellow or white light, and is called the aura when so transformed by light. This aura of light surrounds each and every living thing. Some psychics can see this aura, as could Edgar Cayce, while most people cannot. Jesus has always been pictured with a halo over his head to signify spiritual energy and presence. You’ll be summoning this energy throughout the techniques herein, so it is to your advantage to become well acquainted with it and with your ability to direct it.

As you mentally focus on this inner light penetrating each of your body parts in the relaxation technique, you can also use the warmth from the light to sooth aches and pains. Once you have covered the entire body and are totally relaxed, envision the light and feel it’s energy circling through you until it has filled every part of you. At this point you should feel weightless, and some people have had out of body experiences when so relaxed. This is sometimes only for a few seconds, since awareness generally interrupts the separation. A complete OBE is more the exception than the rule, although there is nothing to fear if you experience it. It may simply be a little startling the first time.

You can combine the relaxation technique with the following practice technique using the imagination.


An ability to fantasize will be to your great benefit in all of the following techniques. In fact it is a primary and necessary step to many of the more elaborate processes that follows. This exercise of the imagination can be done at any time, but works especially well following the relaxation technique and upon retiring for the night.

If you already have a favorite fantasy and it is something you would like to bring into your life on a material level, this may be a good starting point for you. If you don’t normally spend much time on fantasy, just think of something that would make you very happy. With your eyes closed, begin to paint a picture in your mind, bringing as much detail into the picture as you can. This can be done with people, such as finding the perfect mate, or with objects, conditions, money, or whatever it is that you want.

This picture will form at the point of the third eye, which is between the eyes just above the bridge of the nose. If you find you are having difficulty in forming pictures in your mind, try starting out with simple shapes and forms. As you master one, go on to another until the process is easy.

For now, you can let your imagination go and just practice the forming of pictures. Later you will energize your fantasy, at which point you will need to ensure that the picture you’ve created is one you truly want to bring about. This fantasizing technique should be used as a preliminary step for any future image you wish to bring about.

Exercise & Diet

It will be of great assistance in all the processes for you to get sufficient fresh air and physical exercise each day. This helps in maintaining a positive frame of mind and in an ability to relax. Stress and tension are two elements that you do not want present when proceeding with your visualization practices, so eliminate them through proper exercise. Time spent outdoors with nature is quite possibly one of the most therapeutic activities of all for getting acquainted with your own spirit.

A healthy diet is always important. You’re made up of what you eat and it’s been found in studies of the aura that its color can actually contain an abnormal amount of red by the consumption of too much red meat. Some preferred colors? Try the greens, yellows and peachy colors found in the vegetables and fruits.

The Universal Spirit

In the techniques you’ll be practicing, you will be calling upon the greater energies of the universe to aid you in bringing your desires into the material world. You must decide for yourself where this energy is coming from and by what name you will call it. These are personal preferences, according to whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Some people are able to comfortably envision this power source of energy as lying within them. From there it radiates outward and can be directed as needed to fill a vision with light and energy. Others are more successful and comfortable if they view the energy source as lying somewhere outside and above them. From this perception it first fills them and is then redirected to charge a vision.

This powerful source of energy goes by many different names, including the Universal Mind, The Higher Self, My Higher Self, God, the Spirit of God, the God I Am, the Divine Essence, or the Universal Spirit.

For simplicity sake, we’ll refer to this power source as the “Universal Spirit.” The term “universal” implies the infinite quantity and strength of the power. The word “spirit” describes that which is alive and filled with energy. It is ever changing and moving here and there; sensitive to each and every word or action that takes place. Once you’ve begun to practice the techniques, to call upon the Universal Spirit should immediately fill you with a sense of this radiating power and energy.

A most helpful mental picture is to envision yourself with a long white cord of light coming from the top of your head and connecting with the all encompassing light of the Universal Spirit high above. You always have this link, but you can call upon more of the spirit to flow to you whenever you have the need. Begin now to call upon this spirit and strengthen your sensitivity to it. Awareness will assist you shortly.

Your Higher Purpose

Do you know what your higher purpose is? In your visualizations you can ask for this or that object, or for some amount of money, or for any other thing you can think of. You will have greater and more profound results, however, if you are in touch with your main purpose or goal in life. By knowing what this is, you can structure many of your visualizations to bring you closer and closer to this larger picture.

For many, this higher purpose is to be doing that which they find fulfilling as a line of work. Maybe you want to turn an enjoyable hobby into your own business. This is a healthy purpose to have since it would bring you spiritual fulfillment and growth, as well as happiness. Have you told yourself in the past that your idea is too far fetched to give it a second thought? Maybe someone else has convinced you of that. Maybe your responsibilities leaves you little time to do that which you truly love. Well, it’s time to make time for doing that which you love.

Take just a few moments and close your eyes. Ask yourself what your life would be like if you could have it any way you want. This should help put you in touch with your higher purpose or at least give you a glimpse of it. From this overall picture, you can begin to build the smaller steps that it would take for you to have such a life. Each time you visualize for something, you’ll see where it fits on the stepping-stones to your larger goal. At the same time, you’ll be more in touch with your intention or motivation for each vision as it links to your higher purpose. Visualizations are more successful if you look beyond the object you are striving for to what it will bring you in the way of inner fulfillment.

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