Zodiac Signs

Astrology can be used as a self-development tool. In fact many astrologers get started in astrology more for its self-help attributes than for its prediction elements. These characteristics, written for the Rising Sign may also be applied to the Sun Sign. Find your Rising Sign.

To utilize these sign characteristics more fully, they can be loosely applied to “read” any house in your chart. You’ll need a copy of the House-Sign Keywords and your horoscope. Apply the characteristics of a sign to the house it governs. For example, if Aries resides on your second house cusp – your money house, you’d find that you are an energetic earner, probably an impulsive spender and likely to identify very strongly with many of your possessions.

Another example: If Virgo resides on your twelfth house cusp of unconscious habit patterns and tendencies; those hidden elements of self that we usually try to suppress even from ourselves, you very likely spend time analyzing this part of yourself, aiming to somehow identify your own weakest tendencies in order to achieve a practical mastery over them.


AriesWith Aries on the Ascendant, the first impression is of a person whose first concern is himself and the sign is independent, assertive, and impulsive. Aries will never waste time and as soon as he makes a decision, which is quickly, he acts on it. He makes an excellent and energetic leader, but not always the best follower. He is great at getting things started, but not always so good at finishing them, leaving them at times for the fixed signs to complete. Highly competitive, he must constantly be proving himself through action.

Although ruled by Mars and rather quick-tempered, his anger is short-lived and most of the time he is warmhearted and inspirational. He shows the qualities of courageousness, loyalty, impatience, and has a strong sense of individuality. Aries attracts and brings out these same qualities in others and his daily contacts usually start with an enthusiastic bang! In a way, Aries’ appears as naive because he is so trusting and straightforward and believes that others are as aboveboard as he. Mars in the 1st house would influence the personality similarly. Key phrase for Aries: “I am”. With an Aries Ascendant, you are attracted to Libra types, governing your 7th house of partners. Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign and corresponds naturally to the first house of self-initiative. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


TaurusTaurus on the Ascendant gives a personality and image of one who is practical, dependable, and with her feet planted firmly on the ground. Because her attention focuses on practical values, she makes decisions according to what will best serve her needs in a tangible way. Once she makes a decision, it is next to impossible to get her to change her mind. Change is something she doesn’t adapt to very well under any condition. It’s best to allow Taurus plenty of time to digest a new concept. She can be stubborn, but aside from that she won’t allow herself to be pushed or forced into anything and Taurus is the builder of the zodiac – she will build onto anything – from a relationship to an empire. Though slow at getting started, Taurus works determinedly and methodically to the completion of whatever she begins.

Her function is to achieve mastery over physical matter and she is a great craftswoman. You’ll never find her taking shortcuts or using inferior materials in her projects. Taurus wants her surroundings to be orderly and comfortable and she has a desire for all the good things life has to offer. She responds extremely well to pleasure and comfort. Like the bull associated with her sign, she is slow to anger, but once she gets to that point, watch out! Venus in the 1st house may give similar qualities. Key phrase for Taurus: “I have”. With Taurus Rising, you are attracted to Scorpio types, since Scorpio rules your 7th house of partners. Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign of the zodiac and corresponds naturally to the second house of earned income and resources. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


GeminiWith a Gemini Ascendant, a person appears to be knowledgeable on a variety of subjects and very adept in communicating anything currently occurring in his immediate environment. He is witty and clever, his perceptions are quick, and he tends to dominate his circles intellectually. Gemini expresses himself well and easily. Though he may appear as superficial, he will usually have a comment about his views of the moment – whether or not it is asked for. Since his mind jumps from one thing to another so quickly, his words act as a grounding device for his thoughts.

Gemini’s most noticeable characteristic is his ability to talk himself into and out of situations and make it look simple. He is an original and creative thinker with the ability to visualize his ideas and express them eloquently. He tends to identify himself with his ideas. Because he is so dexterous with his hands, this is another excellent outlet for implementing his ideas. Nervous tension is generally present in Gemini, due to the high voltage of his mental gymnastics. Similar inclinations would be found with Mercury in the 1st house. Key phrase for Gemini: “I think”. Gemini Rising attracts Sagittarius, ruling the 7th house of partners. Gemini is the Mutable Air sign and corresponds naturally to the third house of ideas and communication. For an in-depth look at Sagittarius, see The Scoop on Sag’. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


CancerWith Cancer as the rising sign, the image is of a family oriented person who is supersensitive to the environment. She is prepared to cater to the needs and wants of the public, and knows intuitively what it is they want almost before they do. She is protective and nurturing and as Cancer rules mothers, all of the motherly instincts show in this sign, regardless of whether in a male or a female chart. Feelings play a big part in her life and she usually relies on her intuitions when making decisions.

Because Cancer associates possessions with emotions, she has an excellent memory. The personality is moody, changeable, and temperamental. An element of self-protection causes her to “clam up” when she feels emotionally threatened. Her ties are strong in close personal relationships and loyal herself, she can be possessive of another person’s loyalty. With her closest family, emotions run deep. The Moon in the 1st house shows similar qualities. The key phrase for Cancer is “I feel”. Cancer Rising attracts practical Capricorn, ruler of the 7th house of partners. Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign, corresponding with the fourth house of nurture. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


LeoLeo on the Ascendant shows a proud and dignified personality. He can be very demanding of attention, and would like always to be either the entertainer or the entertained. He is full of vitality, warmhearted, loyal and honest. He also has great faith and confidence in himself along with superabundant will power. He “knows” he was born to be in a position of leadership and authority, and at times he will enter into and try to dominate a situation without an invitation. When given a position of authority, he will bend over backwards to prove himself worthy and he usually doesn’t remain in a subordinate position for very long.

Although not a self-analytical person, Leo is aware of the effect he has on others, and studies what to do to create a better effect. He likes to look his best and will go to great expense to do so. He dresses for effect also, but shows good taste in doing so. In general, a Leo likes to do things with a flourish and the world is his stage. Having the Sun in the 1st house gives similar qualities. Key phrase for Leo: “I will”. With Leo rising, you are attracted to Aquarius types, governing your 7th house of partners. They support your creativity and expand your awareness of just how much you can truly achieve.

Leo is the Fixed Fire sign, ruled by the Sun and corresponding naturally to the fifth house of creative desire. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


VirgoThe Virgo personality image is of one who gives great attention to detail, and is every bit the perfectionist. Especially in her work, Virgo is organized and efficient. She is analytical, and critical in an objective way, though at times she may tend to become so involved in trivialities that she misses the significance of the issue as a whole. Virgo attracts to herself service type job assignments that many people would consider petty or a nuisance to deal with. To her way of thinking though, someone has to do it and she seems to be the only one around who will take the time and patience necessary to do it right.

This brings up the subject of martyrdom – though most Virgo’s are too intelligent to allow them selves to be put in this position – this is the sign most prone to it. Virgo is meticulous about cleanliness, neat in appearance, and concerned about her health and body. She adopts diets and health maintenance programs to keep herself in top physical condition and may be a walking encyclopedia when it comes to vitamins and supplements. This is because she’s aware of the need to make practical use of natural resources, whether physically or in nature. Mercury in the 1st house shows similar tendencies. Key phrase for Virgo: “I analyze”. With Virgo Rising, you are attracted to Pisces types. For all your practicality, Pisces idealism is your balance.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign, corresponding to the sixth house of service and the ability to utilize resources practically. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


LibraLibra ascending gives a charming and gracious manner in social situations, which is readily apparent. This individual is attractive, either in looks or another facet of the personality. Libra gives the impression of being more interested in you than in themselves. Diplomatic, they will often be found in the position of mediator between two people.

Libra wants to make everybody happy – and this often gets them in trouble. They can easily put themselves into your shoes (and, anyone else’s) and understand just how you feel. Great believers in fairness and justice, they are able to see a situation from any angle. Decision-making is sometimes a long and difficult process. And, even then, they will sometimes wait for someone else to make the decision for him, or until absolutely forced. They often take the path of least resistance.

Beauty, balance and harmony are what Libra’s crave: with people and surroundings. Inharmonious conditions can have an unfortunate effect on the physical health and mental state. They often have natural artistic talent and a knack for beautifying their environment. Cooperation with others is the focus of Libra’s individuality and they are the socialites of the zodiac. As a rule, they don’t like to be alone.

Venus in the 1st house gives similar traits. Key phrase for Libra: “I balance”. Libra is drawn to “Aries types” as shown on the 7th house cusp of partners. The partner must somehow stand out and Aries as the initiator usually does. Aries also helps balance out the indecisive tendencies of Libra.

In their homes, Libra’s are great organizers, with a place for everything and everything in its place. They consider themselves the real authority or master of the home and may be exceptional disciplinarians.

Libra is the Cardinal Air sign, corresponding with the seventh house of co-operation. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


ScorpioThe Scorpio personality isn’t easy to pin down. Highly secretive about her own affairs, Scorpio is quite curious about yours! She has a knack for getting out secrets and other confidential information. She is intuitively aware that change is inevitable and that the next one may be right around the corner. While one aspect of change is the tearing down of the old – the other is the rebuilding of the new. Scorpio’s function lies in both these areas. She can be just the person needed in times of emergency or upheavals because she faces a crisis with great calm. She’s collected and resourceful, showing tremendous staying power when involved in a cause she feels is worthy.

Disliking weakness, especially in herself, she puts forth great effort and sacrifice toward goals. She is (on the inside) vaguely dissatisfied with some aspect of her present situation, and would like to build up enough conviction to feel that an alteration or change is desirable. When a Scorpio’s intensely emotional nature becomes linked with her romantic desires she can become possessive and jealous. Her sensuality is usually quite apparent through her personality. Pluto in the 1st house reflects similar tendencies. Key phrase for Scorpio: “I desire”. With Scorpio rising, you are attracted to Taurus, governing your 7th house of partners. They enjoy the finer things in life and with a knack for improving conditions you provide continual opportunities.

Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign, corresponding to the eighth house of deep transformation. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


SagittariusWith Sagittarius Rising the personality is enthusiastic, optimistic, and always forward looking. He has absolute faith, and never loses his exuberance for life for very long. Even when things go wrong he can usually find a bright side, and identify a meaning behind why something happened the way it did. The Sagittarian has many philosophies and because he understands that our motivations and thinking has everything to do with where we eventually stand, his insights can often prove almost prophetic. On occasion the Sagittarian can have his head so up in the clouds, however, that he overlooks something right in front of him.

Details he could easily live without and he has to make a conscious effort to stay on top of them. He has a tendency to jump to conclusions, and to overextend himself in his commitments, time, and goals. Honest, straightforward, and outspoken, occasionally, one of his spontaneous comments offends or hurts someone, and he is startled and apologetic when he realizes how his words were taken. Unfortunately there may be a time or two when he won’t even notice the damage he’s done. Jupiter in the 1st house shows similar traits. Key phrase for Sagittarius: “I see”. With Sagittarius rising, you are attracted to Gemini, the sign governing your 7th house of partners. Gemini furnishes a great deal of input for your theories.

Sagittarius is the Mutable Fire sign of the zodiac, corresponding with the ninth house of distant vision. For more, see: The Scoop on Sag’. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


CapricornCapricorn rising gives an image of an ambitious person intent upon achieving material security. She takes into consideration anything to which she has access, to facilitate her in her upward climb to success. Because of her prudence, she is adept at utilizing any information she comes by. She may appear as aloof, cool, or at least reserved, especially on first impression. Anything she does has a purpose, and is done to reach a practical goal. Patience, discipline and hard work help her to reach the goals, which were set early in life.

Though her journey may be slow, she is sure-footed and never changes direction. Organized and systematic, she is capable of handling heavy responsibilities and obligations. Her reputation is very important to her and she feels a need to develop herself fully. For whatever she contributes, she feels she deserves something in return, and she wants to feel appreciated. Saturn in the 1st house shows similar tendencies. Key phrase for Capricorn: “I utilize”. With Capricorn rising, you are attracted to Cancer, governing the 7th house cusp. Cancer’s nurturing qualities help balance out a serious business sense.

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign, corresponding in the natural zodiac to the tenth house of the career and professional goals. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


AquariusWith Aquarius rising, the personality is of one who functions primarily on a mental plane. His pursuits are intellectual, and his independent viewpoints usually tend to run against popular belief. He may be ahead of the times or possibly brilliant, but others do tend to get stirred up or shocked at his way of thinking. He is original, creative, and unpredictable in temperament. He often feels that others do not comprehend his ideas and this annoys him. Aquarius finds his security through the company of other people where he can exchange ideas with them. He dislikes hypocrisy, phoniness, and imitation and those with whom he becomes friends will always have his loyalty.

He is usually involved in some kind of group concern – an organization or club – where everyone benefits equally from the group goals achieved. Aquarius is people oriented and the brotherhood of all is important to him. Because he is a believer in equality, of all the signs, Aquarius is the one most capable of truly platonic relationships. Uranus in the 1st house reflects an equally unusual personality. Key phrase for Aquarius: “I know”. With Aquarius rising, you are attracted to Leo, governing your 7th house of partnerships. They become a central force in your life and can help you bring your ideas into fruitful realization.

Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign, corresponding with the eleventh house of group endeavors. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.


PiscesThe Pisces personality image is ethereal and mysteriously charming, almost fragile. She appears to be in touch with a plane of consciousness that most of us are unaware of. Not a materialistic person, she will often put her faith and energy into a situation that others consider a lost cause. To her, though, nothing is ever completely beyond redemption. Compassionate and sympathetic, the reality she feels is just as real to her as is the material world that most people live in. She possesses an inner peace and remains calm, poised, and collected under even the most trying circumstances. Visionary and sensitive, she is extremely responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. She is able to perceive the pain and suffering in others lives.

Pisces will often choose to devote all her time and energy to help someone desolate, and does so with no thought of reward. She may even work under undesirable conditions to help lighten the load for others. Pisces is usually quite artistic – especially through music or dance, but including acting, painting, etc. Unselfish and devoted, she is blind to any defects in those she loves. Neptune in the 1st house inclines to similar qualities. Key phrase for Pisces: “I believe”. With Pisces rising, you are attracted to Virgo, governing your 7th house of partners. Virgo’s practical nature helps keep Pisces in the here and now.

Pisces is the Mutable Water sign, corresponding with the twelfth house of the subconscious. Learn more about your cosmic calling at House of the Sun.

Now that you know your rising sign, you can assign each of the remaining signs to the proper house of your horoscope, as outlined at Astrology Novice, to learn more about yourself.

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