Sixth Sense

Intuition & Psychic Ability in the Horoscope

Do we all have what it takes to become psychic or develop intuitive faculties? What astrological keys may be found that are influencing an awakening Sixth Sense and an evolving spirituality upon our very entrance to the new millennium?

Variables in the natal chart reflect natural psychic and intuitive abilities as well as development potential. It’s true that we all have the outermost planets somewhere in our nativity, associated with psychic and intuitive ability. We also have the water signs placed somewhere in the chart, also shown to be highly influential in such matters, but do they have enough stimulation to show real talent? And of course the Moon, ruling the senses, is a key element in the ability to pick up on the intangible. What about the horoscopes of psychics such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and Nicholas Culpepper? Maybe there are clues there…

Water Signs & Houses

In checking the indicators of psychic ability, the water signs are often prominent; sometimes by their positions on the angles of the chart, other times by several planets occupying the water signs. The water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are delegated to the 4th, 8th and 12th houses respectively, in the natural zodiac. These signs and houses all deal with psychological material arising from deep within. If it is not the water signs themselves that dominate the chart, it may be planets placed in the corresponding water houses.

The issues of these houses are certainly the least tangible and generally the least understood areas of the chart, especially the 8th house, ruling occult matters and the 12th, ruling the subliminal. It is of interesting note that the definitive words for “occult”, an 8th house subject, describes 12th house issues; words such as “shrouded”, “secretive”, “hidden” and “obscure”. See the houses.

Having prominent water signs or houses, however, is not enough to assume extraordinary psychic or intuitive talents exist. The natural planetary rulers of the water signs must be considered. If prominent and fortified, they are even greater indicators of psychic awareness and intuitive ability than highlighted water signs.

Neptune Dissolves Boundaries

Neptune, ruler of Pisces and the 12th house, is ultimately the planet connected with an ability to see beyond the usual barriers. Ruling the imagination, if prominent in the nativity, Neptune stimulates a tendency toward fantasy and daydreaming along with the ability to visualize clearly and in vivid detail. Neptune represents the dissolution of boundaries and if linked with personal planets such as the Moon, can show a special capacity to transcend normal limitations.

With the Lunar influence to Neptune, images receive the emotional fortification required to penetrate the shield separating the dense level of the material world from the ethereal and spiritual planes. There, anything can happen. From that spark of emotional intensity and the ability to envision a picture as if a reality, the picture is projected into the higher realms where it is blessed to shower down. Such an individual soon learns that what begins as fantasy can be brought into reality by believing and this aspect is a plus for artists and creative people. Many will experience this trait early in life but for others the talent may awaken at any time, as shown in the overall progressed chart. The aspect of Moon and Neptune gives the ability to easily put creative visualization techniques to work. It really doesn’t matter the type of aspect. Any aspect will create a link to the qualities of the Moon/Neptune essence.

Pluto Penetrates

The next planet that is instrumental in psychic awareness is Pluto, ruling Scorpio and the 8th house. Pluto is quite a power planet in such matters when strongly positioned. First of all, it shows a proclivity toward probing beneath the superficial. It gives an innate understanding of the power of thoughts, as though they are tangible things. With development, such an individual is able to charge a thought with such dynamic power of will that it transcends material limitations. The powerful forces of Pluto are best utilized in a way that brings benefits to others; it is much too profound a power to be used for selfish motivations. Well configured, the urge and tendency is to put such powerful abilities to work for the benefit of many and personal fulfillment follows.

The most exceptional psychic and intuitive talents are usually reflected by an angular position of Neptune and/or Pluto; that is, occupying the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house. In addition, at least one of them is usually closely linked either to a luminary or the Ascendant. The link to a luminary is most often the Moon, ruler of the senses and incoming stimuli, but may also be the Sun, ruler of the individual purpose and ego urges. The Ascendant has similar qualities to those of the Moon, influencing the color lens through which we receive stimuli. The specific type of aspect to one of these points by either Pluto or Neptune is of secondary importance. Squares, producing great energy, are actually more predominant than the easier aspects in the charts of noted psychics, prophets and those with highly developed intuition.

In addition to these factors, it will usually be found that Venus plays an important role in the chart configurations, often linked to a prominent Neptune or Pluto, to show the harmonizing element of love. A Pluto/Venus connection reflects exceptional healing qualities and potential.

The charts of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Nicholas Culpepper, Fred Kimball and Madame Helena Blavatsky each conform to these guidelines. Between them, they could see and read auras, communicate with animals, diagnose and heal disorders as well as prophesize years into the future. Click chart for a full view.

Edgar Cayce astrological chart by Celeste Tea

Edgar Cayce

Nostradamus astrological chart by Celeste Tea


Helena P. Blavatsky astrological chart by Celeste Tea

Helena P. Blavatsky

Edgar Cayce’s chart is a beautiful blend and very reflective of his super-ordinary abilities. The Moon on the Midheaven with nearby Neptune assumes prominence in the chart and is instrumental, by configuration, in reflecting Cayce’s profound ability to psychically enter a body during trance to find the source of disease.

Elevated, and in a powerful sector, the planetary blend shows what he would become known for, reflecting the status and reputation he would create. Strong support to the pair comes from Mars as well as from a stellium of planets in the Pisces 8th house. In a water sign and house, the latter grouping is dually watery. Even his Sun, the other luminary, falls in Pisces, increasing the Neptunian influences.

The planet of healing, Neptune, with the Moon in Taurus shows exceptional sensitivity, which is very strongly linked with healing abilities, even to the point of rebuilding body tissues into a more enhanced state. Inspiration gave power for such highly idealistic conditions to take hold and manifest within the patient. Pluto is also elevated in the chart and greatly assists. It represents the ability to isolate and delve to the source of imperfections. Pluto aspects the Ascendant and falls in Taurus.

Venus, ruling Taurus, becomes instrumental and through these combinations, the overall indicators in the chart are of an 8th house nature.

We see how all this is tied in with his actual work, shown by his Saturn ruled 6th house. Saturn in the 8th house is sextile his Moon. Mars in Capricorn shows a slow but determined hard worker. For all that he did, Cayce did not reap material prosperity for his work and lived meagerly for most of his life.

Then look at how the stellium in Pisces assists both of the earlier themes. Venus in Pisces represents love at its most elevated level, completely unselfish and in fact self-defeating at times. Blended with the discipline of Saturn, and especially the discipline of Saturn combined with the mental processes as indicated by Mercury, Cayce could control his mind to the point of going in and out of semi-conscious states at his own direction.

Note that the North Node adds great strength to that last group of features. It is also in Pisces, having natural affinity with the 12th house, a water house, and with Neptune. It is also sextile the Moon. With South Node in the 1st house and North Node in the 7th house, Cayce gave much of himself; made many sacrifices, on behalf of others. Link to more on the influence of the Moon’s Nodes.

Cayce’s Leo Ascendant speaks of royalty, and he was of royal demeanor. No one can even dispute his unusual abilities. Uranus in the 1st house shows one of unique image. In fact, Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant and the Sabian Symbol for this degree of Leo: A carrier pigeon comes swiftly through the early light of a morning and flutters to the feet of a group of fanciers. Amazing.

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She Sees Dead People

Now, let’s take a look at Marylin’s chart. Although she’s had none of the limelight of these other gifted intuitives, she has had unusual mediumistic experiences since the age of seven. Her brother, Jimmy had just passed away at the age of nine. A week or so later, Marylin was in bed but still awake. Her brother came into her room, hosted by a multitude of spirits and told her to tell Mom not to worry; that he was happy. Marylin told him that they had just gotten his picture back that day and that it was sitting on the piano. He said he had to go and waved at her; she waved back and he and the others floated upward and out the corner of her bedroom ceiling. Hearing her daughter talking to someone, her mom came into the room in time to hear her saying goodbye and see her wave.

Marilyn astrological chart by Celeste Tea


The thing that upset the little girl most about Jimmy’s visit was that he’d changed his clothes. He’d been buried in a dark blue suit with a white carnation and when she talked to him, he was wearing a white robe with a red carnation. She had a lot of questions about that the next day; wanting to know why people in heaven change their clothes. When her mom asked why she had all these questions, Marylin told her about her brother’s visit the night before. Her mom was upset that Jimmy did not come to talk to her himself.

Looking at Marylin’s chart though, it says exceptional reception from the twilight realms. The potential is found in her natal chart with an elevated Neptune linked closely to Mercury in Pisces and the two are in mutual reception. The Moon rules and occupies the eighth house with Pluto attending. Each of the occult houses are ruled by water. At the time of her first visitation, the Moon, Neptune and Mercury were quite active in her progressed chart and her daily chart also reflected clearly upon an unusual form of communication with Mercury and Neptune duplicating their natal relationship from the angles.

Marylin has had visitations from spirits ever since that time. She can either see or hear them, or both; gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Once, when she stayed overnight at her Aunt Lillie’s, a “gray lady” came out of the wall, came over to her bed and tucked the covers around her, kissed her on the cheek after rocking the bed for awhile and then went back into the wall. This caused quite a stir the next day when she asked her aunt who the gray lady was and explained what happened. Well, she never got to sleep in that room again. Upon checking into it her aunt found out that a lady who often wore gray dresses had hanged herself at the top of the stairs next to that bedroom. Marylin says though that she was never afraid of her; she was pretty and nice and she knew she would never have hurt her.

When she was twelve, Jimmy came to her again. This time he brought their little sister, Clara Mae, who’d just died at the age of three. They were just on the other side of a fence and holding hands. Marylin started to climb the fence to play with them but Jimmy said no, it wasn’t time yet, but to tell Mom he was all right and taking good care of Clara Mae. Once again her mom was upset because she’d been trying so hard herself to make contact.

The variety of her communications has escalated over the years. At least once a year she receives a bouquet from heaven and she says they are the sweetest smelling flowers but even if someone is sitting right next to her, they can’t smell them. Christmas angels revolve and tinkle without the help of candles and most recently she’s had communication with her deceased husband of over 20 years, who turns on or off the lamp next to his favorite chair to let her know when he’s there. Marylin is a retired nurse who worked with dying veterans in a VA hospital. This theme is clearly seen in her natal chart and her extraordinary reception to the unseen realms was a special asset in her work.

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Medium James Van Praagh

James Van PraaghIn a recent issue of Horoscope was the birth data for James Van Praagh, collected from him by a client of Loretta Glowaty, who wrote the article. His recent book, Reaching to Heaven, I enjoyed very much. A lot of things simply rang true, but about the time his third book came out, rumors thickened that he was only in this for the money, not a true medium at all. Fortunately, we can now find out what his horoscope says. Click the chart for a full view.

James Van Praagh astrological chart by Celeste Tea

James Van Praagh

Going by the criteria earlier on this page for gifted psychics, his chart features fit and go well beyond the criteria. There are seven planets in the water houses with a five planet grouping in the eighth house. Pluto connects to both luminaries; a close conjunction to the Sun in the eighth and a trine to the Moon in the twelfth. Neptune also links to the luminaries and is elevated with Jupiter in the 10th.

Though his chart also reveals assisting aspects from Venus and Mercury, the Neptune and Pluto links are undoubtedly most illustrative of his approach and ability to receive messages. Psychic Sylvia Browne has said that when she begins a reading, she says “hit it God”, and then she delivers the impressions that come through whether they make sense to her or not. Similarly, Van Praagh appears to be “listening”. In each case, faith seems to play a large part of the process. Expectancy, anticipation and faith.

Neptune on the Midheaven suggests that he would become known as an intuitive and linked with Jupiter often reflects great wealth; sometimes material wealth, sometimes spiritual wealth and occasionally, both.

His Midheaven is of special interest, falling exactly aligned with the fixed star Spica, a star of luck, fortune and victory. The North Node also falls here, so it is no surprise that he’s come into magnified public notice. (More can be found on the fixed star Spica in Horary Astrology.)

Another prominent feature in his chart is that his Ascendant falls in an Aries Point degree and what makes this more dynamic is that his Sun makes an exact trine to it from the eighth house, showing that he would become well-known and touch the lives of many.

Van Praagh’s appearance and features even match his chart. With his Sagittarius Moon rising near the Ascendant, his face is round and he has the worry lines associated with a rising Moon. This adds to his sensitivity and impressions from stimuli around him.

With Jupiter’s influence on the rising Moon, ruling Sag’, he has the wavy hair, arched eyebrows and portliness associated with the sign. He also shows the outspoken and truth-seeking nature of the sign, operating much on faith, though he may never feel he is living up to all his responsibilities.

Link to more about planetary influence on appearance. More can be found on the fixed star Spica in Horary Astrology.

The Twentieth Century Connection

Now, from about 1942 until 1997, Neptune and Pluto have been transiting in sextile, so everyone born during those years have this link in their charts. And, in an opportunity aspect, it shows the ability to tap into the best of both Neptune and Pluto. If one of these is in aspect to another planet, the other often is too and these combinations show the best way to develop the potential through allowing all the planetary vibrations to blend in harmony. I believe the long standing sextile of Pluto and Neptune is the underlying force behind the current spiritual awakening. We are waking up to extrasensory perceptions as a group. The individuals from this recent era with these planets prominent are those that will lead and set the pace for our entry into the new millennium through various forms of guidance, inspiration and visions. They will act as teachers and guides for all who wish to make this evolutional transition toward tapping into new consciousness and a sixth sense.

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